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MSC Divina cruise ship review. MSC cruise line launched the Divina in 2012 to try and get into the american market. It was a great looking ship but for some reason it did not appeal to north americans. Then they made wipe sweeping changes on the ship in 2014 and 2015 to change all that.

did the changes on the MSC Divina improve the experience? well let’s review the MSC Divina and find out for ourselves.

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Runxi says:

I actually wouldn’t mind if the food was all European. That would so cool. But not very nice staff would be a big turn off for most people. So glad that they have turned everything around. Good for them. Still their name is not as big as like Carnival or Royal here in the US. They need to get their name out there.

Disineyfreakz says:

they will now have this and the seaside in the US

Jennie Spooner says:

so cute how he says Eye tallian

jason B says:

nice review, some good and bad points nice

Gail Abert says:

Thanks, Don for the review. I had only heard not so good things about MSC so it was nice to hear some positive things. 🙂

Billy Saunders says:

My wife and have sailed on the MSC Divina twice this year and loved it. We cant wait to set sail on the MSC Seaside in May.

popatop912 says:

Sailed on her earlier this year. Had a really good time on her. Cabins were super nice.

Peorhum says:

Canadians and Americans are little different though too which likely did not help things much. Canadians are more European like in many ways. Canadians don’t like being bothered, they like staff around for when needed otherwise “leave me alone”. It is something Walmart had to deal with when moving into Canada. Canadians like burgers and pizza but are more into a BBQ or a nice steak. Canadians are little more between an old meat and potatoe of Britain, mixed with a French menu diet, not as big on Mexican foods. Canadians don’t need as large of portions as Americans do too. Canadians are little more quiet too, I won’t bother you if you don’t bother me. otherwise party on. As for entertainment I find Canadians again like to be left alone while they watch and don’t like stupidity as much. That said Canadians can still enjoy themselves on ships designed for the US market. As a Canadian, Princess seems best suited for Canadians but hey, a cruise is a cruise…enjoy.

Dancing Traveller says:

very nice, i havnt thought about MSC but now a new option, do you know what their terms or catches when it comes to the free children under 11yo?

Joshua Whiffen says:

Hi have you been on a P&O cruise and what did you go on if you did .

Ottawa Homes says:

glad they made changes. I went on this ship the 1st year and really didn’t like it

A. O. Gilmore says:

I loved the Divina, especially the pizza! 🙂 And the shopping is better than NCL

KarrenK says:

I love this ship

ngg23 says:

Went on a different MSC ship about 7 years ago ship was pretty, food sucked could never find any outside of meal times, had lobster that tasted like dish soap everyone in my group had that, entertainment was terrible, really bad Opera singer every night put us to sleep during the show every night. I was 17 at the time so I was free with a parent purchase of an adult cruise. Kids area was non existent we took over one of the night clubs for 45 minutes a night then were rudely kicked out to make way for the adults and the alcohol. We missed 1 port entirely and were diverted from a different port to a neighbouring port on another day was told by a staff member that they never go to the original port. Most of the staff was rude and arrogant and after talking to a couple of nicer staff found out they were grossly under paid and most looked down at the American clientele. The friends I made on the ship and the people in my cruise group named it “My Sh*tty cruise” By far worst cruise I’ve ever been on. I’m glad they made these changes so they didn’t die. Still don’t think I’m going to give them another shot because I’m close to a top tier on one of my favorite lines.

Movieboys says:

your leaving soon for you cruise right?

Keith Bresnahan says:

Sailed on her the last week of July 2016. Beautiful ship, and the food was amazing. Every crew member we encountered was very friendly and their attention to detail was on point. Our cabin was a forward balcony and was really nice. A complete lack of music and events on deck (by the pool), as well as no real ‘nightlife’ was a huge disappointment. The nightclub would have been cool if it wasn’t filled with European teenagers at 10pm. Had a really good time, but would probably not sail with MSC again.

Voice of reason says:

so that’s why they have lower prices than I thought they would

QualityChildcare1 says:

I just sailed on 11th of November and I Loved everything about this Ship, but the food. In my opinion the food was not good. I ate salads and fruit mostly.

flynn kim says:

very cool to know that they have learned and improved! i had always thought it was a beautiful ship but was put off by the service reputation; now i won’t be! great video as usual, Don!

IR Love says:

Thank you so much for reviewing the Divina Don. I leave on this ship in 6 days with 13 family members. We are so excited!!!


Don, do you have any recommendations on how to find a good travel agent, outside of the normal avenues such as asking family and friends for referrals? For example, what would be a “red flag” when it comes to dealing with travel agents? I have no experience using an agent, but I see the value in using one to book a cruise.


Cool. Sounds like a good ship for a family.

Sue loves cruises says:

I like the kids sail free part

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