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Liberty of the Seas
Freedom of the Sea
Independence of the Seas


jackson reed says:

Loved your video but in the future can you tell us when restaurants cost money

Colleen Widdows says:

if its anyone’s first time going on this cruise i want to let you know that its a really fun cruise you can get room service off your tv btw!!! your never board your always on you feet looking at all the shops and finding out new things!!! the best part is going to the show look at show times because there every night and its sooo fun to watch with family and freinds they had ariel stunts, plays, ventriloquist ( i got to go on stage with him) and more i highly recommend this cruise there service is amazing i also recommed going to the buffet (wind jammer) its ssoooooooo good!!! 5 stars for this cruise!!!!!

Carey's castle of Awesomeness says:

I’m going in October:) can’t wait for the waterslids

Josh Aguirre says:

Just got off the ship today

The Meme says:

I’m going in July!

keenan duff says:

I,m going late November cant wait do anybody know have much is the restaurant.

Rblxmeets says:

omg im going tommarow i cant wait :))))))))))))))))))))))))

Emily Fowler says:

I have been on the ship and I love it and we are going again and I am so excited

Andri Witjaksono says:

Im going there tomorrow

Micah King says:

Do they play new movies in the theater?

Vanessa Barnett says:

going in May 2017. can’t wait! Family Suite 8500

Regina Lozano Fierro says:

im going in april 2017 but, is their free ice cream?

Michael Amos says:

The wife and I was on this sailing. taken Sept 10th, 2016 we pop up in 3 different locations. Funny thing is that I have NO memory of this guy doing this yet he walks right by us.

301Bassin says:

How do you afford this many cruises? I want to go on a whole bunch of ships but my parents say it takes 2-4 years to save up and it sucks lol

kyle sullivan says:

your kids are so lucky that they get to go on all these cruises

Julius the great says:

you didn’t show the night club

omgitsjulia xx says:

Dat laugh doe hmmhhmhmmhmhhm

Colleen Widdows says:

im going in october!!!!!

Barnaby Brown says:

Just booked on the Anthem of the Seas and after seeing this idk if I regret my decision or not xD This one looks so dank as well man :l

NEB Barnes says:

When we went on our first cruise we went on the Voyager of the Seas. It was AWESOME!!! But I have to say that I am a little saddened by the fact that you have to pay to eat at Johnny Rockets now. We didn’t when we paid. My husband only paid for the malt. Its not much money so they should have just left it free to eat there. Reservations is good cuz it was so crowded when we went. We are planning on going on this ship in about 5 years. We want to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with our best friends Myron and Tara. Cant wait. And at the rate that time flies, it will be here before we know it. But Cruise One, are YOU all cheaper than vacations to go? We will be needing 2 rooms, together for 2 couples.

sergel02 says:

That intro music is really nice. Anybody know the name of it?

Ben Howard says:

Hey Jason you need to walk through the quantum of the seas

Daniel Sandoval Velázquez says:

Is anyone else going in this ship in august 2017

Connor Bloop says:

Going on July baby! 5th cruise with Royal Caribbean. They always do a great job!

Cheryl Young says:

I want to find a cruise test has smoking areas that are not in the shed somewhere

Rblxmeets says:

I’m going this morning OMG I CANT WAIT

Rafaela Hi says:

No I wasn’t there the same day as u. At windtamers there was a ginger bread house, u guys didn’t have one.

Ivix Xivi says:

+CruiseOne gr8 video and very good editing! What camera and What program did u use to edit?

Rafaela Hi says:

I was on that boat when u posted that video and a few days before that too

taylor 1234 says:

I’m going in late November

David Farris says:

How do I contact you to save money,I booked my cruise already.

ricky Kraus says:

at 16:09 looks like she is getting ready to smoke why?

Kaitlin Denton says:

See you in February

Fabi says:

OMG i just found your channel..great info! we are kinda new on cruise, but we love Royal Caribbean great stuff for kids.

darkwalls247 says:

I just tried to reach you on phone. I need to book a cruise. Do you have an email that I could send my request to? Thanks.

Camden Hudspeth says:

I just went in march 2016 with the new upgrade out of galveston

Fuc Off says:

Hi What is the discount? And what is the pay for you?

Henrique Guimarães says:

Such an awesome walkthrough like always, Jason! Great job!

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