Holland America cruise line review

Holland America cruise line review. Holland America cruise line is truly a feel for old world luxury. they are still one of the only cruise lines to do world cruises on a regular basis and has some of the best dining at sea you will ever find.

Should you take a Holland America Cruise? Well here’s my thoughts on Holland America Cruise Line as I review the good and not so good.

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melanie collins says:

I’m so excited! Going on the MS Oosterdam in January. This sounds perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very good. Be good to see footage from those upcoming trips… ?

CP140405 says:

We’ve avoided Carnival and Disney because of the party/kids clientele and gravitated towards Celebrity and Princess, but now I’ve seen this video, it may be that I need to look more closely at Holland America….

Our next cruise… Fort Lauderdale to Chile aboard Celebrity… a month from now…

jason B says:

I want to try one of their alaska cruises

Karen B says:

How would a Holland cruise compare with Norwegians haven? My husband and I wanting to do our first cruise. We are empty nesters so we aren’t looking for slides and rock climbing. We’re more into luxury and pampering.

hittingtax26 says:

Holland America is for yuppies!

Steve Birkin says:

Sailed Hal on the westerdam thro the Panama Canal,it was a fantastic cruise ,the staff are fantastic,the food is brilliant,could not fault anything at all,we have only done British cruise liners previously,but we will definitely be going on another HAL cruise

Steven S says:

I hear “old world” and I think of Steerage Class and First Class on separate decks!

Voice of reason says:

they do look like nice ships

melanie collins says:

16 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!! MS OOSTERDAM

MrToryhere says:

Quick tip. It’s pronounced “Bucking-um” not “Bucking- HAM”

acappella says:

I watched a popular cruising review of the Koningsdam (the first of the bigger, Pinnacle class ships soon to be followed by the Nieuw Statendam) and that was enough to convince me to try and switch from Celebrity. I love the idea of all that beautiful music, as well as the astonishing World Stage! In July of this year, I’m taking a bucket list cruise up through the Norwegian Fjords all the way past the arctic circle to the North Cape ~ ! Gotta say I’m excited about it —   🙂  Love your vids, Don.

jackiedanny1 says:

Did Alaska and New Zealand with them and couldn’t fault them. The things I liked the most was the lack of kids, lots of lounges to sit and watch the sea roll by, the food was great, the service was great, the entertainment was good every night and I loved being able to walk around the whole ship on the outdoor deck . The room was very comfortable I had a balcony in Alaska and outside porthole room in New Zealand bed was very comfortable and lots of space.

Baron Harkonnen says:

Whatever you do, Don’t buy anything from the Jewelry Shops or Art “Paintings Auction” on board ship. SCAMMERS Selling Fake Stones, Reproduction Art RIP OFF ‼️

aero5712 says:

Holland America has an American feel to us.
Princess seems to have a southern European feel. HAL also has premium built ships. Princess built ships often have what appears to be thinner metal ship sides as the rectangler weld seams can be seen. The only thing I was disappointed with on HAL is the Buffet where you can eat as much as you want, but the buffet selections are handed out to you by the staff and are usually small portions..

Movieboys says:

I don’t know if I could put up with classical music and jazz for an entire cruise

Bruce Macdonald says:

Can’t wait till Oct. 2018 for my Venice (bucket list) to Fort Lauderdale 26 nights on the Oosterdam

Mary Elizabeth says:

I love the old world charm and sofistication for cruising. Sets the stage for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation! I know Cunard is like this but I did not know that about Holland America. Thanks for sharing.

Disineyfreakz says:

it’s too bad they don’t do a better job for kids on their ships.

Valerie Foster says:

Holland America sounds perfect when we need to unplug and feed the soul. A way to recover self a little bit from our fast paced lifestyles, and a way to tap into the beautiful things. Stop and smell the roses if you will. This is a cruise I could imagine myself going solo on.

Christine Riley says:

I prefer small to medium ships

bass13mary says:

I’ve been on the Zaandam and the Statendam. As the crew says, “you’re on some Dam ship.” My mother collected all of the Dutch delft tiles I am making into a table. They bring Naturalists onboard in Alaska to speak about the glaciers and wildlife. The Dutch night is fun and lots of chocolate. The crew also put on a show.

Jakob Tawney says:

Can you do a review of River Cruises and their benefits, cons, and which lines do them?” Thanks

Steven S says:

How do you compare Holland America to Crystal Cruises? My mother-in-law only does Crystal — 2 years ago she was on a 17-day cruise onboard Symphony (Crystal Symphony isn’t RCCL Symphony of the Seas) from Iceland to Russia’s White Islands and Norway before taking a side trip to Highclere Castle where they filmed Downton Abbey.

Sue loves cruises says:

great cruise line

Hot lips51 says:

We went on Holland twice for the Panama cruise. First time we were the youngest (60 yrs) on that cruise, the second time still the youngest (63) and the Norovirus went through it. My next Holland cruise will be when I’m 84 God willing.

I Have Cancer says:

wow 117 day world cruise would be something

lnwtepz charoen says:

How do you compare Holland and Princess
Old luxury vs contemporary luxurious??
Quiet vs Fun & Entertaining??

Ottawa Homes says:

have not sailed on them yet but now i might

Carol Vialogos says:

Thanks Don for reminding me of my first cruise which was on the Holland America ship. And what I remember is all the wood on the ship. It was gorgeous. The food was to die for and I thought every cruise would have the same level of Cuisine but I’ve been disappointed. I’m retired now so what you describe sounds like heaven to me andI have the time now. All I need to do is get the money together. Thanks again.

Thad Shingleton says:

Thanks for the information Don.
I agree with your thoughts. Sailed on the Oosterdam to Alaska
From Seattle in 2015. Great experience!
The food was excellent. Beautiful ship.

KarrenK says:

those are some pretty nice staterooms

Author Kenya Wright says:

Thanks so much!!

Gail Abert says:

It’s been ten years since I was on HAL and I just loved it! Sailed twice with them including an Alaskan cruise/land tour. It was 1st class all the way and I really felt taken care of. They don’t do the 10day Alaska trips out of San Francisco, so we have been with Princess the last 8 yrs., plus Princess has the Calif coast covered for those of us that aren’t flying to ports. 🙂

Boyd Taylor says:

Just got off the New Amersterdam. First the negatives, you can’t get a soda before 8 am. The staterooms are very small. The food on the Lido deck never changed in 16 days. If you don’t like seafood, your up a creek on some nights. The dinning rooms took forever to get through a meal. Three hours hmmm. Not a lot to do on sea days. The classes they had were great but they needed more. Good things. The staff was wonderful. They remembered our names and what we liked to drink. Comfort was everywhere from the wonderful beds to the chairs in the show rooms with the drink holders. Plenty of elevators and easy to get around the ship. The shops could have offered more clothing, but other than that they were fun. Again the staff was great. Would I cruise again with Holland. Maybe. I don’t really like cruising so it is not all Holland fault. Just my opinion.

Kathleen Crigger says:

Sounds like my kind of cruise. Lots of food, relaxation and places to see!

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