formal night on a cruise ship review

formal night on a cruise ship review. just what do I need to wear on formal nights on a cruise ship? I get this question a lot. So here I give my thoughts on formal nights on a cruise ship and review what you can wear. and what not to wear on formal night.

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Tom Ewing says:

I believe that was Rick Steves in the elevator.

KarrenK says:

I love dressing up

Voice of reason says:

while I’m a casual person I do like formal nights I will admit it

Sue loves cruises says:

I love formal nights it’s a nice change

I Have Cancer says:

love the tux t shirt lol

Mary Elizabeth says:

I love formal nights. It is so nice to see everyone dressed up. It actually makes me feel good being all dressed to the nines. It makes for an elegant evening.

Kawanna Hardy says:

Formal nights sound like such fun. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t cooperate. Tfs

Tom Ewing says:

My guess is he was making the same point

250maine says:

Is that Rick Steves @2:54 ?

jason B says:

nice little video. like that you didn’t take a side that you have to do it or not to do it

Ottawa Homes says:

not really my thing but I do see the appeal for some

Jr Meuth says:

i have done the formal night before just i was told that you have to wear like slacks and a something like a dress shirt on a non formal night liberty of the sea is all

bluecardholder says:

To be honest can’t really be bothered with the formal nights, and end up in the buffet. I’m on vacation to relax and not wear a tie or suit so I leave it to those that want to dress up.

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

I am a sporty and casual person regularly, yet I love to dress up too (and see others in formal attire) for special occasions. It’s like a prom, or going to the ball, or attending a nice classical concert or ballet performance in Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall (this would be just concert.)

Actually, I would love a classical concert on my cruise, but since I will be going on the Escape, there probably won’t be any. Oh well, at least they will definitely play some classic metal and rock, from what I’ve seen in other cruisers’ vids. 🙂

Jennie Spooner says:

I always enjoyed formal nights ..where else could i wear my gown ..I just love it its very fun ..and it makes for great pictures with all the photographers around with fantastic backdrops and props .Or take your own …Hey Don can we see a picture of you in a tux ?

QualityChildcare1 says:

Thanks for the heads up!

balzirus says:

Every now and again it doesn’t hurt to show a little class.

Movieboys says:

I tend to avoid these as I don’t have very nice suits

Halsey Robert says:

I hate getting dressed up 🙁

mattcolver1 says:

I enjoy them. It also gives my wife an excuse to buy a couple new formal dresses before every cruise. Years ago I bought a tuxedo. I was renting one for a friend’s wedding and nonchalantly asked how much to just buy it. It was $200, only double the rental cost. So I just bought it. I’ve worn it on multiple cruises. Last year I decided to mix things up and wanted the James Bond look so I bought a white dinner jacket on Amazon for less than $100. Comfortable dress shoes are a must. Too many dress shoes are uncomfortable if you’re used to wearing sandals or sneakers all the time. Shop carefully for dress shoes.

Disineyfreakz says:

some of my best memories are from formal night

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