Disney Dream Cruise Review, Spring 2017

Cruise Reviews helps flush out the TRUTH about these cruise companies, their policies, their ships, and what your experience might be. Every other idiot’s review of these cruises has been a lovefest. Why? They’re on the take! Either as a paid endorser, or as a travel agent. Us? We don’t owe anyone, and no one owns us, so we can review these cruises HONESTLY and OBJECTIVELY. We spent close to three times as much on a short weekend Disney cruise from Port Canaveral aboard one of their older ships, the Disney Dream. Is Disney worth the extra shekels? Let’s take an objective cruise review focusing on the important stuff, and you decide for yourself. Sail along with our cruise tips blog here! https://procruisetips.wordpress.com/


BahamianSunflower says:

I really enjoyed this video! Very helpful and funny too.

Mom Vschild says:

LOL! Love these reviews!

Chuck Fresh says:

Man, I could listen to this bro’s voice 24 hours a day.

Bubber Nubber says:

The dream is one of the newer ships

Brevard Marketing says:

Best cruise review ever! Nice work!

Better Years says:

This was a great cruise review and extremely helpful. Thinking about taking the grandkids. Would be a pricey Christmas gift, but….they’re worth it.

Debby Murphy says:

We are leaving on Sunday for our cruise and I really appreciated your candid review. Looking forward to a great family vacation!

Dawn Clark says:

I have to say I have never enjoyed Disney food.

WDN Comedy says:

LOL Palo is OK. You did the right thing. GREAT video!

Olivia Black says:

LOL 14:39

Daniel Del Rio says:

Question. 4 night cruise on Disney dream. Verandah cabin for three at $2200. Sound good or should I do royal Caribbean oasis of the seas

Dapple Idk says:

The Disney Dream is actually one of their third cruises that made its maiden voyage in 2011 ^^ Your title also says it’s a Disney Magic Cruise review but this wasn’t about the Magic! Overall though this was by far a super amazing review. Very unbiased and it gave some insight to Royal Caribbean cruises which was super helpful! This is helpful for me, since I am going on a 7-day cruise on the Fantasy with my dad in May.

Cruise Reviews says:

Oh – and there was an EXCELLENT muster drill. Well thought out, excellent execution including life jacket instruction.

Molly Greathouse says:

BEST Disney cruise review on Youtube! Keep up the great work!

Tracy Stjames says:

The Dream is one of Disney Cruise Line newest ships.

Awesomesauce says:

GREAT job again Cruise Reviews! BEST cruise reviews on YouTube. Three thumbs up!

Staci Mills says:

14:39 LOLOLOL! You should be on stage!

Dawn Brook says:

If you had to pick Disney Vs Royal Caribbean who would you go for

Laura Laws Realtor says:

Your voice reminds me of the narrator from A Christmas Story.

Radio Takeover says:

CHUCKIE you should do this on our radio show! Nice review of the Disney Dream cruise!

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