Celebrity Equinox 2018 Tour & Review with The Legend

Join Molly & The Legend as they show you around the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship. This tour and review video takes you to the pools, theater, bars, restaurants, lawn, stateroom cabin, shops and much more.

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Patrick9629 says:

Great video Legend, just got off MSC and have to give my liver a break. How about a in the loop group cruise someday?

John Easton says:

Other than salad, I saw very little that vegans can eat (dairy and meat-free).

Jack White says:

Celebrity food is much better than Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean is about the same as Carnival in my experience. Maybe RCI a little better than CCL, but costs much. much more.

They serve Asian food on every cruise that I’ve been on, because they have Asian passengers, and because Americans like it too. Doesn’t have to do with the ship’s other itineraries. And many cruises I’ve been on have the separate suite and upcharge foods.

I’ve been on a few Carnival cruises, and it seems they all had the muster drill in all the public rooms. I know the last few ones did at least.

I like the mystery goo on the wall. 🙂 Quick and easy and it smells good.

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures says:

Nice ship.

Youk says:

Great video guys. We’re sailing on the Equinox next month and found your review very helpful. I think we have the same preferences in bars. One question, we have the classic drink package and wondering if upgrading to the premium drink package is worth it?

Brynn Strahan says:

I’m on one right now

Don Kemp says:

Great tour. We are old farts leaving on a 7 day Celebrity Equinox tour in just under a month. Really helpful.

Lisa Kilmer says:

Nice video! I enjoyed watching, we leave on our cruse Friday and this helped me to see what’s in store!  You are entertaining.  I love how much you love the cocktails!

K A says:

“And you can get bacon by itself!”… my kinda woman.

Frank Pyatt says:

Great Review! Looking forward to our excursion in January 2019. Is there a cigar lounge on-board?

JesseMoreno!! says:

Imagine sleeping after a fun day and you wake up to a raging tsunami in the distance coming your way

Kristal Sims says:

It looks like a great cruise if you love to drink

Zach Stammen says:

Did the ship itself feel older or dated because the buffet looked dated to me

Ken Strite says:

Here’s the answer to your NASA question. http://www.rsmas.miami.edu/groups/rccl-shipboard-program/

Mythical Gamer YT says:

I went back to this cruise back in 2013, my first ever cruise, that’s sad 🙁 thanks for bringing back all the memories

Laurie Bee says:

I don’t care what ship you’re on…when you’re making food for 3000 people its difficult.
The ship is beautiful.
You can’t compare Celebrity to Carnival or NCL. That made me laugh.
I will be cruising on this ship for halloween.

Amber Dean says:

Better than Carnival food… sounds like a serious insult if you ask me! I would expect great food from Celebrity, that really makes me sad to hear you say the food “looked pretty” but lacked flavor. Bummer. Nice review.

Coaster Labs says:

Soooo… It’s basically a giant bar that happens to float???

Nicholas Elson says:

Good and honest review.
I’m looking forward to our cruise on this ship in May. Thanks.

HarrLable says:

Sounds like kermit

Themeparkcentral 305 says:

Looks like a fun cruise ship

Brian Altschul says:

Great tip on getting to the deck through the gym.

Mary Smith says:

Tks 4 the video. Good job! Cruising on Celebrity Equinox Jan 26, 2019. I’ll know what to look for …

Kristal Sims says:

The best looking buffet ever!!!

Donna Pearse says:

I have been looking into doing a Celebrity cruise. This video now makes me say I definitely will. This ship looks awesome. Definitely have to do the Premium Beverage Package. I want to try all the bars you went to and see the cool fountains

Demon with a Glass Hand Nemesis says:

You have a good voice!

Luke Borden says:

Actually if you didn’t know this Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean. 

“In 1997, Celebrity Cruises Ltd. merged with Royal Caribbean International to become Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which operates Celebrity, Royal Caribbean International, Azamara Club Cruises, Pullmantur Cruises and CDF Croisières de France.”

“As of March 2009, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. fully owns three cruise lines: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Azamara Club Cruises. They also hold a 50% stake in TUI Cruises and 49% stakes in Pullmantur Cruises and CDF Croisières de France.”

Demon with a Glass Hand Nemesis says:

That device is the self -destruct equiptment.

Brynn Strahan says:

This one

Sarah K says:

A lot of Ageist comments here.
So, “old people” don’t like uber modern up to date pop music? and “old people” play bridge? Perhaps, here in Portland, Oregon, I just live in a hipster culture where even people in their 60’s, my parents age, are badasses? Who knows!? In a few years when the younger ones consider you “old” and expect you to sit in the library, listen to “old” music and play Victorian card games, I hope you consider your skewed perspective from these days when you were borderline “young” in your early 30’s. Ok I realize I’m laying it on thick and for that I apologize… but…
We spend the majority of our lives as a “so called older person”. I am still in my 30’s too but having taken an aging class at university, I’ve carefully thought about our cultural views on aging much more than the average bear. In a mere 10 years, which will go by lightning quick, how will you feel when people start suggesting you are “getting old”? It’s not cool right? You won’t feel old and people can suck it right? Please stop contributing to our cultural discrimination and stereotyping of adults with a certain amount of experience. Other than that, I really liked your video, so thank you!
Also that dining hierarchy sounds super lame don’t you think?!?

David Swinford says:

One of the best amateur cruise ship videos I’ve ever seen. Great work.


20,000 dollars later

Airplane Mad says:

We have the classic drinks package , what’s included? Great video !

AngelaTwinSlots says:

Great video, I’m doing the 7 night Western Caribbean leaving June 2 and this has got me even more excited!!!! TYFS …what’s your absolute favorite ship and itinerary ?

MrRycher says:

Another Great Video! Love all your Cruise Videos. Seams we have similar tastes, so I always look forward to your reviews of the various ships for future planning.

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