Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship Full Tour & Review – Deck by Deck

Check out the beautiful Celebrity Edge in this video tour of the 1st Edge Class cruise ship by Celebrity Cruises. Deck by Deck tour from the Magic Carpet, Eden, Theater and Thermal Suite to the Infinte Verandas of the staterooms. Walk through the Rooftop Garden and see the amazing Resort Deck and Solarium.

Read our first impressions of Celebrity Edge here:

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*Celebrity Cruises invited us as guests aboard Celebrity Edge on this sailing. All opinions are our own.


Angela Mathlin says:

The ship is amazing Beautiful rooms

MRS BS says:

Thank you so much for the in depth look at the Edge!! Well done on this video!! Can’t wait to sail on her!!

Ronald Slesinski says:

Beautiful video of an extremely nice ship. Great Job by Lisa L-P to finally get a team of women to design the interior of the cabin as well as their previous nice work on the toilet area. Seems to be a good mix of drawers and storage vs. Solstice class where there are only 3 drawers/regular Verandah and OV cabin.

Zoe Kinnaman says:

This is a very beautiful ship. I want to cruse on it

Alessandro Crescini says:

Ship Luxury

Alex G says:

Great review, I was also on the ship this week.. totally amazing vessel a bit out of my budget.. However, definitely the top premium vessel in the industry..

Peacecore09 says:

Wow, I SO wanna go on Edge. Nice tour of a wow inducing beautiful ship!

Kesha Ladell says:

I love your videos – has a new travel agent these videos are wonderful to view to help me share with my clients as well. This is a beautiful ship but it not kids-friendly but more adults only?

john nolan says:

Great tour of the ship! I will be going on this ship in February and am really looking forward to it, especially after viewing this video.

Emil Yao says:

Thanks for sharing. Great video and amazing ship.
Is it easy to navigate on board? Looks there are so many different restaurants, lounges….

Wes Chapman says:

Probably the most comprehensive tour of the Edge I’ve seen. Celebrity should use it themselves! This was a great introduction before our March cruise.

nicholas maloney says:

Awesome review! Quick question, so there is no full formal dinning room like on the Solstice ect?

uktech says:

Does this ship have WiFi? If so, what speeds can guests expect?

EMS says:

Beautiful ship.

Lannishaven says:

I don’t comment on videos EVER. I have to say THANK YOU! I’m a travel agent for a very popular cruise company and I always send my clients to watch your videos because I know they will call me back to book. I’ll have them on the phone and I’ll say go to YOUTUBE enter what ever cruiseline and put in the word CRUISE FEVER. As the video starts , I hear them talking saying ohh ahh , the kids get excited mom and dad get excited. I have older clients who don’t know how to go online. I walk them through to see your videos and they are amazed like always they see it “LIVE” . Not just some stock photos in a brochure or the cruiseline website . In no time flat I have a credit card in hand, without FAIL! Your videos helps me, bring guest in, and immerse them in their vacation and help them see themselves already there. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! This ship is no exception I’ve seen other videos of the Edge and I kept waiting for your video. NOTHING, no other videos brought it home as yours always yours does. I’m hoping to get on this ship for April for my B-day wish me luck! THANK YOU!!!! A BILLION TIMES OVER!!!

Bennett Schramko says:

Great video!! Love the extra space added in the staterooms. I’m sailing Dec. 23 with my family of 14. I have a quick question however: is there a mini golf course or basketball court on this ship? That’s usually a good family activity my family and I do on cruises. Thanks again for the video!!

Claire Freeman says:

I’m from the UK and have booked the sister ship Apex for 2020…literally can’t take in the beauty of this ship. However can you at Cruise Fever give any idea on how accessible the ship is from a disabled persons point of view. Couldn’t tell if the lifts accessed all levels and venues and whether there were ramps visible.

Sergei B says:

Thanks for posting this video, indeed very professionally done, kudos!
I have watched pretty much all of the available videos and read forums, yet I can’t find an answer on a simple question – is it possible to PARTIALLY lower a shade in the IV staterooms?? Not all the way down but just stop it say 1/3 or half way through?

Almon English says:

Wonderful video!! Best available so far. Your really filmed in a way that gives a feel for what it will be like on the ship. I will be on and August Med cruise. Can’t wait.

Paul McCullough says:

This video review of Celebrity Edge is SUPERB! Exactly what I’ve been waiting to see! Thank you so much!

linda jackson says:

this ship is amazing, i have already looked at the cost for 7 days they have a single stateroom with verandah. cruising on this ship i may have a wait a little while. The thermal spa is unbelievable. great video

Ken K says:

Beautiful ship but the entertainment looked awful.

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