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The Carnival Pride cruise ship is excellent! The ship’s staff is super courteous and caters to every need. The formal dinners each night are excellent the the captain’s dinner night with lobster is incredible! The buffet food is good and there is plenty of variety to eat or snack on throughout the day. You will never be hungry on a Carnival cruise =) The entertainment is well-planed and there will never be a moment without something do do. If you just want to relax beside the pool, that works too! The passengers aboard the Carnival Pride (at least from Baltimore to Bermuda) tend to be older. Some people dislike Carnival because it tends to be overrun with kids. That’s not the case with the Carnival Pride, at least for this destination. I highly recommend the Carnival Pride. It’s a great value and getting in and out of Baltimore is easy.

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IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

I’m jealous! You’re going to love it!

Heather Belt says:

I leave for this same cruise on Sunday, super excited! 😀

Rodney Morgan Brown says:

Yes indeed….Great Video from my home port of Baltimore. Hope to go out on her in 2018….Lord willing and the creek don’t rise…

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Thank you and please feel free to check out my other cruise ship videos too! I have a playlist for all of them on my channel. Have a happy holiday!

Jitaru Adina says:

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Lorraine Malich says:

Are there  a program for senior citizens on board?

A J says:


Trini Vibes says:

december 18th 2016??

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

I purchased it a month or so before the cruise

joeyfresh4444 says:

Me too, january 13th! Cant wait.. i hope it will be warm down south , i dont know what january temps are down there..

Will Vice says:

Will Vice is the best rapper from North Carolina. Check out the new song ‘Will Vice – Can’t Lose’ on my Channel

Catherine Hunt says:

Awesome video!

Bridgett R says:

Thank you for posting that video. It was really helpful!

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Nice! Feel free to check out my other cruise videos too. Also don’t forget Bon Voyage before sail if you plan to drink. It’ll save you a lot of cash. Pride really is a fantastic ship and crew! Have fun!

mrgrad07 says:

I’m a first timer myself, me & my parents r going on this cruise to celebrate new year’s day! i’m very exited & I can’t wait!

mrgrad07 says:

i’m a first timer & i’m riding on this very ship soon after christmas to celebrate new years day. I’m very exited & can’t wait!!

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Cool, yeah we’re younger too. I can imagine how being on a cruise with a bunch of old folks must have felt..LOL Gotta love the scooters! Those things were a blast and my wife and I are already excited to go back. Next time I think we’ll fly to Bermuda and rent a cheap house from a local and hit up a grocery store. There is so much exploring still left to be done in Bermuda! Carnival cruise line does a great job indeed!

Mark Sloat says:

Great review! We are going on the pride in April but instead we are headed to the Bahamas. Thanks for posting.

joeyfresh4444 says:

Me too! Cant wait.. i hope it will be warm down south , i dont know what january temps are down there..

Michael Buttaccio says:

Pretty interesting ship…Do you know many people it holds? We were on the Freedom, and that was awesome And I was also on the Dream…really enjoyed that ship

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Anything lower than Key West, Florida should be warm enough to swim year round =) Enjoy your cruise!

Jeff Taylor says:

At what point were you able to purchase the Bon voyage package, ie the liquor

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@Walter Wilkins My wife and I are in our lower 30s and we had a blast!

Heather Hall says:

We are going on this boat in 11 days! cant wait. any suggestions, we are a young couple from NY. Artist/musician

PhillyWiz says:

hmm I think iam go.. in june. my wife and is in sre 30s do u think we will have a good time

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Thanks! The Carnival Pride is a fantastic ship with a fantastic crew!

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