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Carnival Freedom from Carnival Cruise Line now touts a number of new Fun Ship 2.0 features and Playlist Productions shows. Watch as we tour and review the vessel’s balcony stateroom accommodations, Twister Waterslide, Stress Less Pool, Carnival’s Seaside Theatre, main pool, Serenity Adult Only Retreat, Spa Carnival, Endless Aft Pool, sports deck, mini golf, Camp Ocean, Dr. Seuss Bookeville, Seuss-a-Palooza, Circle C, Club O2, 70s Dance Club, The Centuries Promenade, Babylon Casino, The Warehouse arcade, The Millennium Atrium, shore excursions and guest services desks, art gallery, Pixels Gallery, The Fun Shops, Cherry on Top candy store, The Web Internet Cafe, high speed internet, Monticello Library, The Chic Restaurant, The Posh Restaurant, Habana Bar, Swingtime Jazz Club, Centuries Bar, The Taste Bar, Sun King Steakhouse, Viennese Cafe, Alchemy Bar, RedFrog Pub, EA SPORTS Bar, Freedom Restaurant buffet, Mongolian Wok, Carnival Deli, Fish ‘n’ Chips, Pizza Pirate, Swirls ice cream, RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, BlueIguana Cantina, Guy’s Burger Joint, Scott’s Piano Bar, International Aft Lounge, The Punchliner Comedy Club Presented by George Lopez, Victoriana Main Show Lounge, 80s Pop to the Max, Heart of Soul, Getaway Island, and 88 Keys: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano Show. ~ Visit Our Website:


Valerie Vargas says:

I love Dr. Seuss, if only I could be in that area if I were between 2 and 11.

Kamran Siddiqui says:

You sir! Have explained everything I could ever imagine that I would find on the cruise. This is the best review ever. Thank you very much.

turnipwars says:

I’m going on this ship in June and I’m so excited.

Pace Gaming says:

I miss it so much

awake in the garden says:

Love your reviews! Never stop!

AR T says:

We will be cruising on this ship in July 2016. This video was AMAZING!

Angrily Screaming Weiner says:

I got back from Carnival Freedom a few weeks ago
They Put a New Jurassic Park Arcade Machine Up.

Quintin Dockery says:

what type of music do they usually play

True Gamer191x1 says:

this ship sucks compared to breeze

Greg McLean says:

I shouldn’t have watched this…..the next 3 days are going to draaaaag on forever.

Konstantin Metz says:

Just out of curiosity! What gear do you use?
I really like the footage

jgodyssey says:

Thanks for the post.

Lauren Green says:

Before I get into my gripe about all of the things we did not like about our experience on the Carnival Freedom, let me start by saying that this review does not apply to the wonderful workers – room service, housekeeping, and dinner service. I should also preface by saying that we KNEW that we were going on an older ship in order to save money but DAYUM – this ship has probably not been updated in 20+ years! So think about it… pillows, lavatory, sofas, beds, yuck yuck yuck.

Here are the things we did not like about this trip – and I will say that I have already spoken with Carnival Customer Service who said repeatedly that they will not give us any kind of response, courtesy call, or customer satisfaction benefits.

* THE FOOD IS TERRIBLE – If you care about having fresh meat and produce in your food, this is not the cruise for you. Many people complained and apparently the Freedom has changed food vendors in the last year and the new one (American Table) is not as good as other ones. We even heard from other guests that they have had much better food on other Carnival ships, as I have had that experience as well. The buffet food looks like retirement home food (or Vegas buffet); the ice cream machines are dirty (we got a glimpse when they were refilling – putting yogurt in the soft serve btw); and we ate at our dining reservation only twice before we boycotted it the rest of the trip. My chicken looked like it was out of a Tyson’s bag; the mushrooms tasted like old fish; and nothing tasted right. The recipes seemed well-conceived and prepared but the taste and quality are horrific. Many said that their meals were barely palatable. The only food we liked was either fried (burgers) or that we had to pay extra for – i.e. the Sun King Steakhouse, the Seafood Shack, and room service. Don’t let them fool you with “free room service” – you can only get about 6 things for free.

* THE PLACE STINKS – the buffet area smells like a truck stop bathroom and wherever you go there are strange smells in elevators and stairs.

* NOT PEACEFUL – If you want to go on a relaxing vacation, do NOT book this trip. No matter where you go you are surrounded by loud people. Even on the “Serenity Deck” which is over 21 and supposed to be quiet, you will be surrounded by loud people.

* We went with the balcony room which is really the way to go because there are no peaceful places on the ship – sometimes, not even the balcony. We had to ask them to clean it though because you could hardly see the water through the glass

* ELEGANT NIGHT – They tell you to get all dressed up on elegant night, and then all throughout your dinner you are bombarded by picture vendors, dressed up pirates, and a loud annoying “dance” party put on by the wait staff in funny hats…. ugh WTF?

* EXCURSIONS on this trip are not accurate on their commute timing. They may say quick boat ride and an 1.5 hour bus ride to the Mayan Ruins – but it’s an hour boat ride and a two hour bus ride for 1 hour to run around Chitchen Itza before almost getting left behind. A lot of the excursions are like this because the boat cannot actually dock in Cozumel and Belize so do not book excursions that have multiple activities or long commutes.

* The spa is VERY expensive – there were very few options for less than $100, which is very strange for a normal spa

* The gym has no weight rack – basically all cardio, so it does not cater to health conscience individuals; military / fire / police; or you crossfit gurus.

Moral of the story – we will NEVER book with Carnival and probably never do a cruise again. This cruise is trying really hard to put lipstick on a pig and dress up an experience that tastes, smells, looks, and feels disgusting and old. This really ruined it for us and was a huge waste of money.

Sandy Albritton says:

Sailing on the freedom sept 17th … Can’t wait … We sailed on the magic last October … I know this bought is smaller but … Looks nice

Diego Saldivar says:

wow great tour of the Carnival Freedom, I’m going on this cruise in February

Tyler Andrew says:

I’ve only been on the Conquest, how does this ship compare?

RnBFAN06 says:

The best video of the Freedom! Can’t wait to take my first cruise on there in a few months. I think it’s hilarious when the robot-like voice says things like “Questionable salmon orange” in reference to the decor and how the promenade “reeks” of cigarette smoke. Thanks for keeping it real!

DoggoneNexus says:

Anyone know the music playing at 12:16?

Jayden Jones says:

going on this the 26th of this month!

Nick Ross says:

Lmao, that screen though.

SISreviews - Kids Videos For Kids Toys, Play & Fun says:

We LOVE cruising and we love the Carnival Magic! Great job!

Jillian Swadley says:

leaving for my cruise in 2 days

Alicia Fleming says:

going on Freedom for my honeymoon October 8th

Trent Mayo says:

Great review with good movement in your shots! Thank you for the guitarist shout out in “Getaway Island!”! Very fun ship, and proud to have been a part of such a great crew! Hope we cross paths on the seas or at another show in the future!

Alice Boulware says:

Thanks for the video I can’t wait till Jan

Raynard Allen says:

I just got back from the carnival freedom like 1 hr ago

FacelessBear says:

I just went on the freedom a couple weeks ago and it was amazing! I heard that the only complaint was that it looked old, which it didn’t look old to me

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

if you’re in posh upper, look for Jose, he’s really cool and has a family from India, very personal also

Allison Winters says:

Omg I was on the exact same cruise you were on at the exact same time! Jen was amazing. I miss her soooooo much!!

Eli Rustvold says:

Great Video! Just got back from a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Valor about a month ago. Already planning our next one for next summer. 7 Day on the Freedom!! Already Excited!!

Yazmin Gonzalez says:

What a beautiful video. Love your voice just took me in 😀 Thank You for this post.

danielle south says:

I loved this video this summer I’m going on this one only 20 more days

The Lego Manaic 518 says:

I have seen this ship docked next to the Magic in Cozumel, during my sailing

BellinghamsterTrail says:

I enjoyed this review of the Carnival Freedom. I think what I liked most was the LED video wall in the theater that really brings productions to life. The ship is attractive however some of it’s design elements reminded me of the interior of the Carnival Miracle if they lured Joe Farcus out of retirement for this one. Great Video!

Charley Watson says:

Is this cruise fun for a newly 21 year old?

kyara Arce says:

I’m going on July. Thank you for making this video it was amazing you explained everything really well

A Girl With Dreams says:

I’m going on this ship in May on the 13th! So excited!! Thanks for the review, it really gave me a background of what I am going to experience.

McKinley Cobb says:

I love carnival. This will be my 7th time cruising with them! I’ve been on the ecstasy, triumph, magic and Liberty. So this will be my first on the Freedom!

Manuel Perez says:

Thanks for the tutorial this is the best one yet!!

Nora Perez says:

I don’t know if you are the one narrating, but whoever it is they are annoying as hell I stopped watching this channel just because of him

Sheri says:

Awesome footage. Love those forward hot tubs in serentiy.

Yaboi Sugarnips says:

What’s fun 2.0

The Red Rampager says:

I just got off the freedom a couple of days ago

Yaboi Sugarnips says:

So this is a good video because I am going on this ship in a few weeks

runman1271 says:

The narrator sucks


hI I HAVE A QUESTION.What type of font you used for the name of CARNIVAL FREEDOM that is the original font used for carnival?.THANKS.

Lizzy Figueroa says:

Anybody rode on this, was there any Catholic Clergy/Priest on board that did mass that u know of?

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