Carnival Breeze Tour & Review ~ Carnival Cruise Line ~ Cruise Ship Tour & Review

Watch as we tour and review Carnival Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, the Carnival Breeze, and the vessel’s interior staterooms, balcony staterooms, grand suites, Tides Pool, SportSquare, Sky Court, mini golf, ropes course, Carnival’s Seaside Theatre, Beach Pool, Carnival WaterWorks, Twister waterslide, Drainpipe waterslide, Serenity Adult Only Retreat, Cloud 9 Spa, Camp Ocean, Circle C, Club O2, The Warehouse Video Arcade, Thrill Theater, Breeze Atrium & Lobby, guest services, shore excursions, Fun Hub internet cafes, Dream Photo Studio, Photo Gallery, The Library Bar, The Mezzanine, art auctions, Ocean Plaza, The Lanai, The Fun Shops, Winner’s Luck Casino, Liquid Nightclub, Sapphire Dining Room, Seuss at Sea, Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast, Blush Dining Room, seaday brunch, Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, RedFrog Pub, Bonsai Sushi, Plaza Cafe, The Taste Bar, Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ, RedFrog Rum Bar, BlueIguana Tequila Bar, BlueIguana Cantina, Guy’s Burger Joint, SeaDogs, Lido Marketplace, Pizza Pirate, Tandoor, Cucina del Capitano, Piano Bar 88, Limelight Lounge, The Punchliner Comedy Club Presented by George Lopez, Ovation Theater and Playlist Productions shows. ~ Visit Our Website:


Tyler Williams says:

I’m going July 2018, popular cruising do you have any pointers or tips for me?

Javier Hernandez says:

hope this does as good as royal Caribbean, doing a 10 day cruise for Christmas later this year.

DAT Vlogs says:

U r like my fav youtuber because I can trust you not saying anything inappropriate…

Shalom Oyawe says:

I’m so excited cuz I’m going to this cruise

Ali401x says:

This was my favorite ship!

Jared Allen says:

is the carnival breeze the the biggest in the carnival fleet?

Jeff Foster says:

Oh my word. I had to turn this off after a minute because I couldn’t stand to listen to that voice any longer. EVERY sentence has the same intonation and inflection. This is probably a good video to watch if you mute the audio.

Isa-Belle says:

I already went on this cruise 2 years ago but thought I could bring back awesome memories with this video and I did Good Video

Shawn G says:

The guy who voices these reviews is REALLY annoying!  The videos would be a lot more pleasant to watch if he would tone down the gawk and stop pausing after every 6-7 words.

Dan Chamberlain says:

We will be on our Cruise Nov. 21, -29 wonder if it will be decorated for Christmas?

CruiseTipsTV says:

That’s a serious bucket in the water park!

C.D. Simpson says:

I love the voice overs very professional

Duck says:

My family and me are going on a cruise I’m excited it’s my first time my parents have been once this will be ther second time and my first really enjoyed this couse it’s a tour couse I have Never seen inside it

Roland Barcenilla says:

Beautiful video! What camera and movie editor?

Bailey Menn says:

I love the carnival breeze

Autobot Diva says:

Im ready!!

e-roz S says:

Amazing video,I just have one question once you pay for the cruise is everything one it free?

Kiano Fisher says:

nice video

Evie Garces-Foley says:

Thank you for creating this! My family is going on our carnival breeze cruise over spring break and this is getting me so excited!

Tina2tu says:

I’m getting on this ship at the end of July. I’m so excited

Hayley and Hope says:

I just got back from this cruise today and I made a good friend I really miss them I’m going back pretty soon this video made me super excited even though she might not be going!!

Wes McElravy says:

Thank You!!!  Look at possible Cruise on the Breeze in April 2016

odorf aculep says:

Best review out there for the Breeze.

Greg McAusland says:

Wow what an amazing variety of food venues! I’m going n Cunard next month, beginning to wish I booked Carnival….

Tatum Adrian says:

I went on this cruise in December and let me tell u it was the best thing that had ever happened to me! U should rly go the food is amazing, and there’s 24/7 soft serve icecream! Still have dreams about it and pray and wish I can go again!

Laemato says:

Im going here in 3 weeks im so excited

Naomi Egbuna says:

Amazing video! My family and I will be going on carnival breeze in July. Thank you

abrooker01 says:

The casino was also designed by Farcus (although more toned down). I appreciate the gaudiness of his designs since I’m on vacation and want to feel like royalty and luxury, however, his designs are sometimes so gaudy that some ships are tacky/ugly and that’s a bad bad thing lol.

Donut Care says:

I’m going in 1week!!! I’m. Exited

Fatima Navarro says:

117 days I’m ready

GreenBoy says:

I’m going on this July 30th 2016 super excited! great video!

jack grayson says:

Bruh where the review at though

Elouan T says:

What about hasbro the game show

DarkPassenger223 says:

Leaving in 2 1/2 Days on the breeze

Ian says:

Going on this cruise in about 20 days. You already know I’m hyped

Miniace says:

looks just like magic

SISreviews - Kids Videos For Kids Toys, Play & Fun says:

We LOVE cruising and we love the Carnival Magic! Great job!

KayKayKayla Xx says:

I’m going on the Breeze from the 29-4 so thank you!

T. HOLA says:

I showed my parents this video, and then a few weeks later they say were going on a cruise!!!!!!!! were going on October 31 – November 7 I’m so exited!!!

Alan Escalante says:

Im going there on thursday after my b-day

Chris Bloom says:

almost a good video. I had to stop because of the guys voice.

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