Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship Tour and Review: Cruise Fever

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Check out the Carnival Breeze on our video tour of the ship. We sailed on a 6 night cruise out of Miami and enjoyed a cruise on the Breeze to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico. The Breeze is Carnival’s newest and biggest ship and comes in at 130,000 tons, capable of holding over 3,600 guests. Let us know about any questions or comments you have about the ship.


-{MRS.J}- says:

My husband & I’s first time was on Carnival Breeze to celebrate my birthday *(May 21 2017)*. Everyone was so friendly and so much fun.We had the most fun in the casino.$$$ Guys Burgers & Blue Iguana Tacos are the best!!! 🙂 We definitely enjoyed & loved our time on the boat. After one cruise you will definitely get #CRUISEFEVER……..(already planning our next carnival trip)

Kaden Potter says:

What time was that first clip taken I’ve never seen nobody out by the pool.

Sylvie Phillips says:

I am going on the Carnival Breeze in 10 days I am sooooooo excited this is my 5th cruise not to brag but I am on gold status so I get a gold card I am going with my grandparents,parents,aunt,uncle,brother,and my cousins thank u so much for giving a tour and I have one question for the younger kids club what is the age limit???

Brayden Bledsoe says:

Gonna try to not gain any weight when I get on the breeze. Can’t sidetrack off my workout/diet plan.

Yaboi Sugarnips says:

What’s a fun 2.0 upgrade

Wicked Prayer says:

great video!! very informative. Thank you.

Jaelyn Edwards says:

Getting on pretty soon

Kourtlyn Booker says:

Does anyone know exactly how the wifi system works ? I saw the rates were about $160 per 400 min, does that allow you to use the wifi anywhere on the boat ? Thank you for the help..

KG says:

can I get pussy on it

Caroline Searls says:

carnival is one of the worst cruise line. sailed twice and I always wanted to get off.

Lecia Hobbs says:

Very good video

Rodsheed Spencer says:

i miss this cruise very fun and relaxing when i went for 6 days it went by fast

Olivia Wilkes says:

I’m going on the breeze tomorrow so excited seven days to consume Honduras and Belize, leaving from Galveston second cruise for me third for my parents and I leave today at 3 on a plane yay soo excited

Holly VanWagoner says:

We are leaving Sunday on the Breeze out of Galviston TX!! We have a couples massage scheduled… Question is, do we get to sit in the hot tub in the couples massage room? Shall we allow more time before or after? Is that something we were supposed to schedule and pay more for? Will we get to use the sauna? hot tubs? those kinds of things?

Art Cat says:

Why am I on this vid even though I been on this carnival ship

Oksam926 says:

Thank you for a professional, high-quality tour of the ship. This is the best tour I have seen in a very long time.

Yaboi Sugarnips says:

And last question you pay per person but do you pay for the food to

AJ Writer says:

This is the best ship tour video I’ve seen yet. GREAT job! I only hope I can do half as good of a job as you when I go next year.

Crusher says:

The breeze isn’t the only ship with a rope course. The magic has it also.

A Girl With Dreams says:

Same design from Magic

Zohal Zemarialai says:

im kind of scared how shoud i face my fear before i leave??

Connie Bachofer says:

Can’t wait. See u Sept 25

Kelly Marie says:

oh god this is awsome cruise

New Yorker says:

Do you have to share the thalossotherapy pool with others or are there options for privacy to have the pool to yourself by appointment?

Manuela stella says:

so nice

Nicholas Henton says:

we’ve be on the Magic twice this seems identical, just newer

Spiderstone31 Gaming says:

im going on carnival breeze next week

Jared Allen says:

does carnival have there own private island?

Liz Andrews says:

Went on this ship last Spring. My brother actually proposed to his girlfriend in the dining hall. definitely recommend

Jake Cooper Vlogs says:

I’m going next week we are going to Cozumel Bahamas, Jamaica

Yisleisy Cardenas says:

its really fun

LeahBunny says:

Thanks! I’m going here in 2 Days! This really helped!

Roshill K says:

Are those burgers and taco places free included in the ships price. Just curious as I hear mostly only the buffet’s are included.

Laketa Williams says:

Disney cruise is better that carnival I been on both of them disney have better show and more fun try it once

DancingGymnastForever 101 says:

I’ve been on the two cruises both carnival carnival elation and carnival breeze I love this cruise and I love the slides also they have AMAZING burgers on the deck at that restaurant and breakfast buffet is VERY good too. Also I’ve been through the serenity and it is actually very pretty; prettier than picture. The sky course is fun too I was in the blush dining room and our waiters were very kind. I highly recommend this cruise!

Yadhiel Alicea says:

cant wait to go tommorow

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