Boarding a BRAND NEW CRUISE SHIP! – MSC Seaside Tour & Review w/ MSC Cruises

We’re spending the week cruising around the Caribbean on a brand new cruise ship, the MSC Seaside! First up, we’re taking you on a tour of this massive ship. 🛳Huge thanks to MSC for partnering with us on this video! 🙌

Learn more about the MSC Seaside and book your own cruise!

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Glen Courtney says:

I was on that ship last October last year it’s more then a year old now it’s amazing

TheGrowGeek says:

Love the video. this video is the reason we are going on MSC Seaside which drink package did you get?

gillian owens says:

I like waterparks

purplefreak3 says:

I wouldn’t considered it “brand new” it only new. Would have to go on it within the first couple months for it to be brand new. It almost a year old since it launched in December 2017.

Robert Budafai says:

Great video! We did the same itinerary 2 weeks after you with two kids. We loved it. Planning the next one but 2 weeks at this time. This ship is amazing. Thanks for sharing again!

Wen Parker says:

Right at the beginning of this video, I would be quite pissed if my balcony room is right behind the big MIAMI sign, or am I just being stupid this is just part of the video but not something physically mounted to the ship?

Emma Forsythe says:

I love that you guys are not spendy and yet don’t complain about costs/seem overly cost conscious. It’s like this very nice acceptance of the reality of things being more expensive in certain areas and for certain things and yet not “look at me in my business class seat and fancy lounge”. More like, normal spending without complaining I guess. Not “throwing shade” or whatever else the kids are saying these days, at anyone, just saying I enjoy the way you handle money and money conversations in the vlogs I’ve seen to date.

julini says:

Can’t wait till my next cruise, hopefully soon.

Sub to pewdiepie says:

Cool but it isn’t brand new I got on it on the 2nd of June

Tina Fanshawe says:

I have just got of msc seaside x

Mike Farnham says:

“New” = 1 year? Hmmm

Marius R. Jensen says:

Do you have to pay more to access the gym if you already have the wellnesspackage?

Hanka Briatková says:

Hi i very love your video, can i ask you – is the zip line free on the ship or how much is one ride, thx

Shannon Margaret〈3 says:

Does anyone know if the zip lining costs any money?

Peruna ! says:

Im going to Seaside in next summer! i cant wait, specially after this video 😀

Jorge Miguel says:

Very cool couple! Fit and having fun.

Skull Breaker says:

I’ve beeen to the msc seaside on February 17

Lenny Knight says:

Very Nice job editing your video! Compelling enough to make me look seriously into booking on MSC!

Remus Tan says:

are all the drinks free?

MullaDJ says:

“includes paid promotion”

Meh. I’ll skip this one. No point watching if I can’t expect honest reviews.

Daniel Wu says:

You guys are awesome! Love your vids but btw how did you guys shoot those shots of the ship at 4:05?

Zoltan Babai says:

We’ll be on this ship in… 58dayssss!!!!
Great video, makes us waiting even more 🙂

Ashwin Engelhart says:

very nice editing. awesome video. tnx for sharing

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