American Constellation Tour & Review ~ American Cruise Lines ~ Cruise Ship Review [4K Ultra HD]

Watch a VIDEO REVIEW of American Cruise Lines’ American Constellation in 4K Ultra HD.
Discover its accommodations: Single Stateroom, AA Stateroom, AAL Stateroom, AAC Stateroom, AAM Stateroom, Veranda Suite and Owner’s Suite; activities: Ship’s Office and Vestibule, Lounges, Library, Cascade Lounge, Exercise Room, Laundry, Sky Lounge, Sun Decks, Pilothouse and Destinations; dining: Tea Time, Cocktail Hour and Dining Room; and entertainment: Lectures and Guest Musicians. ~ Visit Our Website:


Connie Van Epps says:

I actually love his vids, please do Norwegian Jade I dont know to go on it or not

Brandon Avery says:

$10,000 for an 8 day Mississippi cruise? I just don’t get it. No wonder their defualt prefix is “Doctor”. Thanks, but no thanks.

Chicken Fried Corgi says:

Was sold on this neat boat until I saw the pricing of the tickets. $5000 per guest… Phew. Just apply for that passport folks! Only $110!

Caiden coffman says:

The music was tooooooo loud it was hard to hear you speak

_SeAn_ says:

Looks more like a retirement home on the inside

David Woodbury says:

I do not know who the clientele is but I’m definetly running the opposite direction ! The ship looks like a cross between a 19 seventies Hyatt and a convalescent home, With a Massive dose of Palm Springs consignment store. The price point is ridiculous and laughable for what they are offering. Bon voyage

lidsman22 says:

That ship looks like something from a nursing home. Then I saw the people cruising on this ship and I could see why it looks like a nursing home. Everyone on this ship is very old. Does the ship shutdown at 8:30? I did not see any shops? instead of a place to book your next cruise do they have place pre arrange a funeral and check out the latest casket models? Thanks for the video. I may try this ship out in another 50 years.

The Flap Jack Aviation says:


john doe says:

It was a great review but I’m not a fan of the new tone of the video. The music mixed with the lack of enthusiasm in your voice made this video a downer.

Denny Chimes says:

While I understand that the clientele for American Cruise Lines tends to skew a bit older, was it necessary to design interiors throughout the ship that resemble that of a retirement community? This is a new build and I’m sure retirees and those near retirement age want to board a vessel that gives off the overall impression of a four star resort, not a retirement home. They missed the mark on this one.

Connie Van Epps says:

And Nieuw Statendam

planedudea380 says:

Not even a hot tub?

Nick Stone says:

Honestly, this is the ugliest ship I have ever seen. the interior looks like my grandmother’s house from the 1990’s. Can’t compete with the Euro competition when it comes to looks.

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