Allure of the Seas Review – Full Walkthrough – Cruise Ship Tour – Royal Caribbean

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This video is about a Full WalkThrough tour on Royal Caribbean Allure of the seas. It’s one of the biggest cruise ships.
Oasis of the Seas Sailings…

Allure of the Seas Sailings…
Independence of the Seas Sailing


Nicole McCallister says:

With all of the different places to eat (the hot dog place, mexican place..etc)…Do these cost extra, or are they like the pizza place and included? I realize that the specialty restaurants would be extra, but wasn’t sure about the small quick service places. Thanks

Chuna Castillo' says:

con you gave your email?

Cheri Carney Reynolds says:

we go in april and can’t wait

Kathryn Mueller says:

Thank you for the tour video. It convinced me to book a cruise with your company. I’ve looked at a LOT of information online, and some is outdated. Did you know that there is now a $7.95 per room delivery fee for room service, except for continental breakfast? I cannot find how much it costs to play BINGO. Could you please let me know? Thanks again.

Oscar Leo says:

are the drinks and food all inclusive or you have to pay …

Chet Kenisell says:

Love your videos. We just booked online with Royal Caribbean, but would like to get the discount or perks if we add CruiseOne as our Travel Agency to the reservation. What kind of discount/perks should we expect? Will we lose all capabilities to book all of our own excursions, entertainment, dining, etc.? We’re kind of control freaks. 😀

KlibMastah says:

Suomi Finland Perkele! torilla tavataan!

4 super girls says:

What happens if you fall off the zip line are u on a harness

Berkay Berkay Akdağ says:

lets torpedo that ship

jahmod cook says:

my fiance and I leave on Dec 18th for my Graduation celebration. I can’t wait!

shane autin says:

go on January 7th so excited

naturepeedbump says:

Just took a cruise on the Allure and been on Oasis 2 times. We enjoy these ships , the only thing I would want to see changed is the two whirlpools that cantilever out should also be cooled and not just heated.I would have enjoyed these more if they had been 10 degrees cooler than the air temp

thatsJ201 says:

I would like to go on the harmony of the seas but I would like to board from Florida and all the videos about it are the ship is boarding in Europe

Zachary says:

Oct 30th see you there!

It’s will 35 Blogs says:

At 8:42 it looks like the ship is tipping

Table Flipping Fangirl says:

I’m going in January! Super excited

Lynette Strange says:

Nice video I also felt I was on the ship. I wish I could afford it! Thanks for sharing!

bone stone says:

going in September

alex says:

best review ever

Matvey Live says:

Yo man. You are doing nice videos. Keep up the good work, so you can reach at least 10k!

Amy Wilson says:

13:52 WUT

Will Crone says:

I actually was just on this ship 3 days ago on a 9 day cruise

sthung says:

Very very good video editing….informative, flowed well, and all I want to do is get on this cruise now. I’ll be calling you tomorrow.

VisualEntity says:

they need to make an documentary on the making of this ship and it’s engineering because it’s mindbeding how massive it is, it blows me away to see this thing floating in the ocean.

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