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Check out our Allure of the Seas cruise ship review and video tour. This is an Oasis Class ship and is currently the world’s largest, until Harmony of the Seas debuts in spring of 2016.

Quick Facts about Allure of the Seas:
1,187 feet long, 215 feet wide
225,282 gross tons
Maiden Voyage: December 5, 2010
6,410 guests (5,492 guests with double occupancy)
2,384 crew

The video tour of the balcony stateroom is at the end of the video, and it faces Central Park.


Muna ja Kana says:

What a ship! I love it! Why its pays almost 5000$! I dont have money to go on the oasis of the seas:( but how many days a one cruise taking days?

Keli Newton says:

This was and excellent review and it was very informing. I wanted to know if at Dog House do they have Turkey or Chicken Hotdogs as I don’t eat pork or beef.

ELcHaviTo says:


Symone Redmond says:

I want to thank you for creating this video. I’ve been on Royal Caribbean before (Independence of the Seas), and because of me watching this, this will be the next ship I will cruise on. Beautiful video!

Quick question though: have you cruised on the Harmony of the Seas, or Oasis of the Seas? If so, what’s your opinion, and do you have any videos of those two ships?

Monya Irving says:

Very nice video !

Cool Cat says:


Beverly Jackson says:

Awesome review!

Atlas Blitz says:

The second Titanic will be sink in 2018

Kellie Williams says:

My husband to be love this video shot very well great cinematography included all the caveats we were looking for can’t wait to hit this cruise in September!!

J Bassaletti says:

thanks a lot for this! got a really good look at what im about to be doing.

Swimdestroyerfazbear 401 says:

Shit, we might be going on a 7 night cruise on it

Itsryleehere • says:

I’m going next week!!!!

Keith Johnson says:

Thanks for your video

Nancy Pasquale says:

wonderful tour…thank you !

TheDarkKnight says:

does anybody know how any tons it weighs?

Stacey and Sienna says:

the biggest cruise ship in the world

Twain Driver says:

Very methodical coverage. Appreciate it!

James Davis says:

hopefully you see this, could you list the complimentary restaurants and bars? I’m going on this ship in 2 weeks. looking to save money

Anonymous says:

I used to think going on an Airplane and going to another country and going sight seeing was like the best holidays but i guess i have alot to learn, i now think a cruise ship is the best holiday for someone, literally everything is inside the ship, its like another town and you live in there too, so all you have to do is just wake up in the morning and be surrounded by happiness and no worries(except the ship sinking… which hopefully does not happen) and you dont have to worry and make a hassle about planning your journey to do activities or go shopping or to restaurants because everything is right at your door step, literally. This is do amazing. I hope one day when i have enough money, i will be able to go on a holiday like this.

Lila Donaldson says:

Can anybody use those soda machines or do you have to have the soda package??? Can you just walk up and fill your cup up?

Jim Beattie says:

Going on a cruise ship like this has all the makings of a horror movie. Trapped on a floating barracks with hundreds or thousands of obnoxious cabbageheads. Cruise ships are just floating pollution factories and the loathsome guests are pigs who throw shit into the water at the expense of marine life. these ships aren’t even sea worthy and should be banned. The repulsive patrons ought to be sent by boxcar to the tacony rendering company in Philadelphia for conversion into pet food. Only individuals with the lowest intelligence would set foot on a cruise ship. Just God damn morons who think they’re entitled to a vacation like this. What they should be doing is erecting decent housing for the homeless, something worthwhile to enhance their vapid lives

Ben Foster says:

Thank you for the intelligent commentary and no lame background music!

Zero Gravity Guitar Suspension - make you guitar is light as a feather. says:

great to get a personal tour with no hype

Cynthia Dehart says:

Look’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-bit MooseMan says:

I got a joke, the blue planet show in the amber theater

TommyvercettyGT says:


dimmi now says:

Thank you for telling us the price of the restaurants. i want to know what is free and what is not. Thanks!

Jorge Rodriguez says:

Awesome video. Thanks for the great, thorough tour! Psyched about booking a good long passage on this ship

irocksup123 says:

Great vid! I’ve been on the oasis and I’m going on the allure June 11th. Who’s with me??

Debbie Lehfeldt says:

Thank you

Jaelyn Edwards says:

Allure sounds so beautifal

shirleymae30 says:

Do the kids have to pay to play the arcade games ???.

thesiiiiickest says:

I really loved how you noted what was free and what costed money and even how much, thank you for the thorough review!

Marzone Citriis says:

I gotta tell you guys. Cruise Ships literally are definitions of floating malls.

karin kristine says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing!!

NeWx89 says:

Thank fuck for that message at 1:11 I was thinking of subscribing, but half a minute in I had forgotten about it. Thank the heavens you reminded me. No seriously, I think I’ve developed quite a hatred for those type of messages, two words “Don’t forget”, carving into my brain, video after video, implying I had an intent that I didn’t. Why is this type of sentence so popular to use. If I want to subscribe I do that based on the content. If you really want to mention it, don’t assume the audience intentions. Use “If you liked this content, consider” instead of “Don’t forget to”, and do so near the end of the video. This assumption alone has made me really dislike you as a content creator and I have just reached the tipping point after seeing this on so many other videos.

Connie Jakubowski says:

awesome video!

Isaiah Wince says:


Emmanuel Esteban says:

Can I smoke inside the cruise or there are specific places to smoke?

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