AIDAluna Onboard Cruise Review

After cruising on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL), and MSC, I decided to try the AIDAluna, which is the German brand of Carnival.

AIDAluna Ship Tour:
coming soon!

AIDAbella Ship Tour

The TRUTH About Crui$ing

Norwegian EPIC Transatlantic Cruise Daily Journals

MSC Magnifica Balcony Cabin

RCL Liberty of the Seas Promenade View Cabin:

RCL Navigator of the Seas Balcony Cabin:

RCL Navigator of the Seas Tour

RCL Mariner of the Seas Tour

The Truth About Crui$ing???

Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island
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Vicky Skye says:

hope u dont mind.. topic of aida ships came up on a carnival forum so i shared ur videos

Totallyprofesionelgamer says:

Sorry I comment on your videos so much , I just have lots to say and I’m glad that for once someone takes the time to read my comments

Brian Dill says:

Morgan – enjoyed the video.   Hope you do another one on the AIDALuna where you give us your opinion on the stateroom you occupied.  Thanks for all your helpful advice.

Spatenpauli says:

Bitte auch in Deutsch bringen. Wann warst Du an Bord. Wir waren vom 12. – 16. 04. 2015 an Bord.

efbeVideo says:

Very interesting view on AIDA! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Andrews says:

This was really helpful as I was looking at this line. I’m okay at reading German but I don’t speak it (or write it) that well. Is there a lot of smoking on the ship? That’s one thing I always worry about on the European lines.

Nikol Johnson says:

Xoxo great video

jparekh18 says:

Do you have a full time job, or is this it? 🙂

Spinatmädchen says:

Japp, bitte auch mal auf Deutsch 🙂 Interessantes Video, mich hat sehr überrascht, dass das Essen so gut ist! Dennoch reizt mich AIDA einfach nicht – wie du schon sagst, zu wenig Möglichkeiten an Bord. Da bin ich doch zu großer Disney Cruise Line Fan 🙂

akdreaming says:

great video!! I’m really looking forward to the full ship tour:-)

Projectile Vomiting says:

Morgan, would you think it would be better to go on royal Caribbean for a fun holiday (fun stuff like entertainment) or aidaluna thanks in advance.

Bruce Johnson says:

Sorry, but in the words of Corbin Dallas. I only speak two languages. English and bad English. I guess what would steer me away from Aida would be the lack of options. Do I need planned activities? Probably not, but I would like the option of participating in them. I’m all for a relaxing day but I still like to have the chance to get involved in something and since I’m on a cruise and am here to get a chance to do things I wouldn’t normally do, I would like to be the one to make that particular choice and not have it forced on me. I understand, even if they have planned activities, its the ones the cruise lines offer, but at least I would have more than just the one choice of relaxing and hopping that I don’t get bored with it.
Positive side, I like the idea of a full gym. I very much enjoy a good workout.
Not sure what cruise line MSC is, though I’m sure sooner or later I’ll come across it in one of your videos.
Thanks again for making these videos. Your time and effort in making them is very much appreciated, at lest by this old dealer.

Peter Grebe says:

The Food is great but mostly almost cold but hot!!!

AIDA does not have an English website to book on 🙁

thejokerspeaks says:

Great Video Morgan, very interesting!

Lucas Versteegh says:

MSC Crociere is a cruise line from Confederation Helvetica (Switserland). Not Italian. And yes they speak Italian in CH and yes they speak German and yes they speak French. And yes they do not have a connection with the sea or the ocean so there cruise lines are in Italian harbours.

luvmywetpets says:

I think ill stick where I’m comfortable, and ” Cruise Like a Norwegian!” Thanks for sharing it was interesting!

Kreuzfahrtalbum says:

Danke für das interessante Video! Ich soll ja hier posten, wenn ich finde, dass Du auch welche in deutsch machen könntest. Also bitte.

Aurax LP says:

Das schiff sieht nice aus

Scott Taylor - REALTOR says:

Excellent review Morgan. Sounds like a great cruise line for me. I think NCL RCL have too many planned activities, which in itself is fine, however, on those cruise lines with so many planned activities, I feel like I’m always missing out on so much if I don’t go to every activity to the point where I almost feel stressed-out if I can’t fit them all in. Not to mention trying to get a group together if your traveling as a group. Perhaps I’m more of a “lay by the pool” sort, however, I do like good quality shows and interesting ports of call. RCL & NCL tend to be more focused on their ships then their itineraries. For frequent cruisers this can be a problem.

Oliver Szott says:

I think you should cruise with Holland America Line. I absolutely love their onboard activities, and food selection. The ships our considerably smaller, yet large enough to have great options of things to do.

Superstar Candy says:

i’ve seen that ship in new york with the norwegian breakaway

neil clifford says:

great review … Love the food pics, and I don’t need the bingo.  LOL Weird about the pools, or lack thereof …

Nikol Johnson says:

Love the sneak German language

Grant Jewell says:

Yes, it would be cool to see a review for one.

Aurax LP says:

Weite welt ist das beste restaurant

Oliver Szott says:

Trivia is my favorite on cruises

DiamondSword gaming says:

You are really good at german

Grant Jewell says:

Have you been on any Carnival cruises?

Gorbi Strunz says:

I’m german but I’ll try to write in English. I’ve been cruising with Aida 12 times now and would like to share my experiences with your annotations. For the price, booking a cruise with Aida is a always some kind of lottery. There are different price models and if you’re very flexible and able to book shortly before your cruise starts or if you catch a special offer you can make real bargains. There are also a lot of special prices and promotions at attractive rates for a limited period of time. Aida is expensive if you book at “premium” (catalogue) rates, but for almost all cruises there are sooner or later offers that are a lot cheaper than premium rates. Tips for crew and most drinks for dining are included in the price, which are not on RCCL, MSC or Costa. And prices of NCL have gone up since they upgraded to all inclusive.
Smoking is not really a problem, it is only allowed in designated areas. I am very happy that it is no more allowed at the anytime bar which is the disco on board. On my earlier cruises it was a big problem for me so I avoided the disco. I am not happy that smoking is allowed at the staterooms’ verandas, so if your neighbour is a big smoker and you are not that could make your veranda pretty much useless. But for price reasons I usually book an interior stateroom and travel more often for the saved money so this is not a problem for me.
Food is very good at the buffet restaurants, at least for me. I feel no need to go to the gourmet restaurants that are not included in the price. Especially breakfast is excellent compared to the US cruise lines, at least for my “german” taste.
One more thing that might be interesting for you, Internet on board is now affordable. There is a social media flatrate for popular networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and some others (price depends on length of your cruise) or there are Volume based packages without time limit at fair prices. The price for 250 MB is about 24 Euro, for 500 MB about 37 Euro and for 3 GB about 94 Euro if you book in advance and you can upgrade to a higher package on board.
I totally agree with you that Aida’s current fleet is not offering the possibilities that the big American cruise lines do. If your destination is primarily the ship and not the ports of your cruise then Aida is not made for you. I am also missing a big pool for real swimming and the possibilities of the big US ships. For example I like the rope climbing yard with “The Plank” on Norwegian Getaway. And I also would love to see some water slides on future Aida ships.

statezero says:

Hi morgan i was wondering if you have any videos on rating of the food’s cruise ships youve been already? If not i think its a good video to have! Thanks i always enjoy uour videos

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