10 Days 2017 Alaska Grand Princess Ship Tour & Review (Things I liked & Did Not like)

Juneau Alaska 360 walking tour :https://youtu.be/qqL_0IX0Vh8
Room tour: https://youtu.be/5TJ1BnSt4IU

After being on my first Alaska Tour with my family I wanted to share with you a tour of the Grand Princess Cruise Ship and the amenities it offers. I Share with you some tips on saving money and some hidden gems on this Ship

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Rita Hill says:

great information.

Kelvin N says:

good videos

Lynn Kihara says:

This is the first time I have seen your video, and I found it very helpful as I will be going on the same boat in 2018.

Mark James says:

Ships now have air scrubbers to cleanse the air coming from the exhaust. A ship is just like a large semi truck but with stricter requirements from what I understand. The exhaust stack also double as kitchen vents!

hokeynding says:

Nice job TK! I’m definitely going to book a trip. What do you think is the best season to sail?

Hirumi says:

Thanks for the info TK !

mychunkaandme ok says:

Thank you. Have been reading bad reviews about the Grand and we leave Sept 25th for Mexico.

truetype80 says:

Woulda been nice to see the room

Hal Rac says:

Thnx for the video, a lot of information, and welcome back

rdrflsh says:

I really enjoyed the video, a nice change. Haven’t seen anyone do this before. But then I’ve never looked either.

Kathy Curry says:

thanks for the memories of the Grand.  have been on her twice to Hawaii

richard ratner says:

I love cruising, looks like you enjoyed it too TK, kind regards, Richard U.K

Dawn Bachmann says:

I’ve been watching many YouTube videos for Grand Princess and this was by far one of the best! Good tour and excellent commentary. I’ve cruised 8+ times and this will be 2nd time to Alaska and your tour was still very helpful – I wanted to learn about this ship.

Craftybilliejs says:

Leaving today thanks for the information I know it will be of great value.

Chemy Torres says:

First time I see a _review_ like this, very informative actually, I think I need a little of that.

Nice video, good point made by your son.

greyman003 says:

Congratulations on the video. I have never taken a cruise although I intend to. Excellent advice regarding wifi and flight mode. I will be taking your sons advice, he is very wise.

Suzanne Hoffman says:

The # l3 on a ship’s deck is skipped as in a hotel.  The little pool on the aft deck is for adults only….peaceful.  Also the water served in a glass is free but the bottled water has a big charge. Princess is a great line because it will let you bring in a some bottled water and soda drinks in your suitcase. I have been on the Grand Princess 3 times but didn’t even realize there was a basket ball court.  Have not done the Alaskan cruise…makes me want to go!  Thanks for the great video.

Kevin Bragdon says:

Did you see whales?
Also, good call by your son. “Order dessert.”

rajdeepchelsea says:

Nice trip. I liked your honesty about the ship’s pollution.

Patsy LouAllen Jones says:

Great tour, thank you.

ilaphroaig says:

To me it looks like a nightmare. Just a floating amusementpark. Brrrr.

truetype80 says:

Damn, I can’t even imagine being on a boat like that,it’s huge

1SWTMAX says:

Excellent video with a lot of information. Thank you.

Nachiket Bhandare says:

You Certainly Must have enjoyed Your Trip Sir..

Paul Bjorlin says:

Nicely done. Most your negatives are not negative to me. Food is not a problem for me, I have lost weight on every cruise I have ever taken because I watch what I eat and I do a lot of walking and exploring. I never worry about internet because when on a vacation I use none of it I am on vacation I never use a phone either. I do agree about the exhaust. Oh and a 10 day cruise is a short one for me for instance my next one is 57 days. I never do less than 14 and they are usually much longer. I do appreciate your honest opinion and review.

Daniel Kirk says:

Amazing review tk we’re booked on a cruise to the Caribbean on the britannia with p&o it looks pretty similar to the grand princess looks like you had a good time

Kai Graham says:

I think that the craziest part about it is that the lady in the bottom left corner on 3:13 is uncanny to my grandma because we had gone on this exact ship around the same time this video was uploaded

David Thomas says:

WiFi should be free, that’a a ripoff….if you go to Disney wifi is free . I don’t like that.

gandyands says:

I took this same cruise on the Grand Princess in 2016. There were three of us – myself, and my two boys (one was my son and the other was my nephew).

The cruise was wonderful – and literally everything with the way the ship was run was wonderful. It was this cruise that hooked me – and I have already been on two since and have five more booked. All with Princess. I did take a cruise prior to all of this with Carnival. That was not a good experience for me and it took a number of years for me to book the Grand Princess 2016 10 day Alaska cruise.

The Grand Princess is an older ship – but there is continuous maintenance and improvement going on. It was refurbished after our cruise….missed that!

There are so many activities on such a cruise. And I surprised myself by trying out things I would not normally have done. And enjoying them. The food in the any-time and fine dining rooms was very good. The boys tried anything and everything and the staff was amused to accommodate them. The scenery was great. I found that I was the active one – so I was constantly out and about around the ship. The boys would have been better off if they had been younger than 18 or older than 20. There is a BETWEEN age that one has to live through (too young to enjoy adult clubs and offerings and too old to join the teen clubs.) In spite of that – they did OK and it was fantastic seeing how much pleasure they got from talking to people at lunch and dinner that are from around the world.

The only things to watch out for, that I am sensitive to (since all of us are different) are: 1. The shopping hosts and continual shopping activities (I learned in that cruise to ignore them completely – not attending their events – except for the art auctions – which are fun even if you do not buy, etc). 2. Don’t forget to turn off your internet connection – or your minutes will vanish. 3.) On the Grand Princess – on the hidden bow area on the promenade circuit there is a ghastly vent that dispenses cigarette smoke from the casino – just hold your breath and pass it quickly.

Your comments are great – and will help so many people.

About the food – I am not a huge fan of buffets – so I usually go to the service restaurants. I take the stairs and do not have much alcohol so I do not have much trouble with weight gain – in fact I come back in MUCH better shape…. I did use the buffets (which seem to be where the crowds are) a couple of times in the mornings – But I did appreciate the nazi-like devotion of crew members to insist that buffet users partake in the hand sanitizers at every entrance. So far I have not been sick on three princess cruises. And hope the trend continues.

Thanks for your review –

Carlito says:

Did you go to alaska, Tk?

An Dy says:

Very well done, TK, enjoyed it!

Renji11 says:

Thanks for the tips. Experienced the same problem when traveling last year on a ship, those buffets get old after day 6 lol.

Kaprice Crawford says:

Thank you for the tips! We are going on the same cruise and the same ship in September, 2017. Your review was quite helpful. Can’t wait, so excited!!

karateday says:

Note: Give loved ones your itinerary, in case of emergency, lock your phone in your room safe, stay off the internet, have a drink, eat as much as you want, meet new people, learn to communicate face to face again, swim, walk, relax, repeat, and leave the world behind. YOU ARE ON VACATION!

banditman 1250 says:

Nice video , what camera did you use ?

Jason Justiniano says:

Welcome to my home state TK. Nice video, I’ve never taken a cruise in my home state. Thanks for sharing.

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