Why I WON’T Go On MSC Cruises Again – Top 3 Reasons

These are the top 3 reasons why I will never go on an MSC Cruise again – Cruise Review

0:08 Welcome back to the channel, Derek Van Schaik
0:16 Which MSC Cruise did I go on and when?
0:20 I went on the MSC Divina out of Miami
0:35 The most famous MSC video I’ve made was: MSC Cruise Review: The Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need To Know (Link in description)
0:44 Do I hate everything about MSC Cruises? I will make a video review soon on what I love about MSC
0:53 The third reason I will likely never go on another MSC Cruise, is the ship’s layout
1:04 The type of cruise ship layout MSC Cruises have in the United States
1:20 What I like about MSC’s cruise ship layout
1:27 The second reason I likely won’t ever go on an MSC Cruise, is the ship’s long announcements
2:13 What someone accused me of in the comments of my MSC Pros and Cons video
2:37 Why it’s so hard to go to sleep after an excursion on an MSC cruise
2:50 The main reason why I won’t book with MSC Cruises again is that they put on the same type of show every night with just a different theme.
3:19 What I liked about the shows on my MSC Divina Cruise
3:42 Now about washed up performers on all cruise ships
4:15 MSC Cruises could be for some people but why there’s other cruise lines that are closer to what I’m looking for.
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MSC Cruise Review – The Pros, Cons, & Everything You To Know

Royal Caribbean vs. MSC Cruises, Which Is Better

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olga307 says:

Reply to No. 3-go on “Carnival Cruise Line”with big promenade, No. 2 respect other people from around the world who don’t speak English at all, No.1- you only we’re on one small size MSC ship, you don’t have a full picture of MSC fleet.You have a wrong impression. Try something else before you advice to others.

BlueBerryfluf says:

Your voice is so calming and I love it also you make good points and teach me about body language.

James Bolger says:

Dude: Accept the fact you’re a “Carnival Person.”

olga307 says:

As a past employee of Carnival cruise line I can tell:”On a cruise ships it’s all about SAFETY”, so be prepared to hear announcements 24/7,otherwise stay home

Thomas Dowdy-Winslett says:

I’ve been on three MSC cruises and will be going on another one in a few months. And want to share my perspective on why I enjoy MSC along with giving 3 reasons why I WON’T be watching one of your videos reviews again.
#3- I loved the shows on MSC and when cruising don’t ever go to the jugglers or magicians. To me, they are cheap fillers. There were some shows I didn’t like and will discuss that at #1. But anyone who will not go on MSC because of the entertainment doesn’t have the same taste as I do so why would I want to watch another one of your reviews.
#2- The announcements on the MSC cruises I’ve been on are far less intrusive than the Bingo, BINGO, BINGO!!!! calls I hear every day on some cruise lines. MSC provides informative and useful information – not calls to spend more money. I like meeting people from other countries who speak different languages and so announcements in different languages means it is more likely I’ll encounter more opportunity to experience people from other cultures. The last MSC cruise I was on, my neighbor complained almost daily about the lack of US sports channels (we were on a TransAtlantic). Finally I told him he should not have been on MSC if being away from US sports was so important. It appears you should be on the ships that have frequent announcements about bingo or art auction etc. that are in English only.
#1- One of my favorite things about MSC ship layout is that it has many different venues. I used to like RCI’s promonade but they’ve jammed so many tables and chairs, stages, and shopping kiosks in there, it is nothing more than a giant traffic jam with several bottle necks. The last time I was on RCI, I stopped going there at all. The Central Park area on the larger RCI ships is better but does not offer as many of the venue options as MSC. We would stroll around from bar to cantina to centrum to lounge until we found the place that we enjoyed until we decided to move on to the next. It was a great deal of fun. One place would have strings and the next jazz or blues and the next a comedian and the next soft pop. This ties in to my #3 statement about the shows – why didn’t you just go to one of the many other venues if you didn’t like the show. That is what we did when we didn’t enjoy what was presented in the main theatre.
Bottom line is that the reasons you selected for not going on MSC are shallow and ill-informed. The only good that I see coming from your post is that more people who complain about languages other than English being spoken will also join you in not sailing on MSC. They likely will not be happy there either as they’ll likely hear Italian, German, Spanish, and French also spoken. You and other’s who want a floating mall can go elsewhere and make room for those of us who enjoy the experience of MSC.

denis forges says:

stay in your comercial center at sea!! whith geant coke, geant pizza, stay whith american middle class please don’t come in european cruise or country is not for you man and sorry to disturb you whith our different cultur and LUNGUAGEs

Verónica Amadis says:

Which type of room did u have? Where did the cruise go?

WittleWittyWats says:

See, that is just weird about you complaining about the announcements, as everyone else noted you can’t hear those in your room (on most any ship)… makes me wonder if you were either looking for MSC to give you something or desperate for another point for your vid.

David Soler says:

I went to the same cruce, and It was fantastic….

Santiago Valencia says:

Well luckily when the announcements were on and I came home from a exoursion I tried to sleep the announcements werent on in my room.

Bombshell Conspiracy Theories says:

Why is everyone being so hard on this guy?? Honestly, its HIS opinion and HIS channel. There are too many crybabies in the world now. I hate people. That is all.

nitin rana says:

You’ll not be going on msc again won’t Change anything to msc or their business it’s the fastest growing cruise company for a reason of quality and luxury, stop complaining about small things dude this video was full of negativity common be nice

smelbo8 says:

Know what you mean by the ships layout, hate the layout on RCI explorer of the seas too. Too open no cosy areas

Marcus Andersson says:

3. MSC Meraviglia & Bellisima and upcoming MSC Worldclass all have “Galeria” which is the shopping mall layout you’re looking for. Even with a LED ceiling that changes apperance from stary night, Glassroof etc.

2. Can’t really be “Fixed” as you said they cater mainly to the european market and europeans do fly to Miami, Guadeloupe or such to cruise with MSC.

1. MSC Bellisima and MSC Seaview/Seaside i think has a new collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil to do shows in their new special restaurant, just to spice things up 😉

One thing worth mentioning though that depending on what your goal for your cruise is, if it’s being on the ship: RCCL or MSC’s newest ships = Not Divina but Seaview/Seaside/Bellisima/Meraviglia.

IF your goal is the ports and shore excursions and not so much spending all your time at the cruiseship, MSC everytime, because why pay 3x more to go with RCCL when most MSC vessels are just as pretty?

I work as a travel agent (Not for MSC though lol)

Otherwise nice videos about cruising! 🙂

Phillios R says:

Announcements weren’t in my room just public areas.
Some petty and ignorant statements there pal. Maybe your video should be titled “3 reasons why MSC doesn’t fit my personal tastes”

Daniel Ruggiero says:


Daniel Malta says:

Fairly quick and managed to cover a good range of topics. Thanks. Super helpful

Sorin Neacsa says:

Dear DEREK, opinions are welcome anytime, but you should take in consideration the other people around, even if they are less the 50%….but talking over 7 languages…names as yous VAN… are dutch, aren’t this felt bad if they will not understand the messages?
You know smth ? in Europe young’s, like you, still invite girlfriends on opera?
Its call diversity!
Lead opinions to what is missing to your age or society dont just blame and make it public, once again, its call diversity….

Oliver Kuchar says:

So what’s wrong about announcements in different languages??? – Looks like you are a typical american idiot expecting that everybody else is speaking english. Compaired to americans the most europeans are able to speak minimum english as a second language and use it when they visit US. Do you speak a their languages when you visit Italy, Germany France or Spain??? – Probably not!

TheVeganReader says:

On every cruise ship I’ve been they always had 2 different channels. One for informative announcements, which were only heard in public areas and one for emergency announcements all over the ship, including the cabins.

Randy Jackson says:

Well in their shows there is magic and acrobats. So your statement is not accurate.

Jakob Shkolnik says:

This is a good video. Thanks for telling dude

Anica Jumper says:

I definitely 100% agree with the announcements one…gosh it’s so long and the dinner menus are not very good for kids. it was weird stuff like peas and carrots on pizza. ew

NoHuskr says:

Can we get a oof in the replies

nenad stanculovic says:

3 stupid reason’s.

Mortal Gaming says:

I was on cruise with msc divine everything was perfect

Matthew Bassler says:

You should stay home or go to an all inclusive resort

Guinevere Werely says:

YOU are the gringe of he cruice

JanDragon says:

Really Bad Video

Elena says:

People are missing the fact that he’s explaining why HE won’t go on another on again

Doritos World says:

You definetly belong on a carnival ship for the rest of your life. If you’ve ever been on a real yacht you’d know the MSC ships are closer to the regal, fancy experience you get on a cruising yacht or a sport fisher

Daan Steevens says:

What a shit reasons

olga307 says:

MSC cruise ships are modern, elegant, stylish with delicious food and great entertainment

Max Playzz says:

I am going back know from msc sinfonia it was just fine

Fox says:

Very petty! I’d suggest you stick with Carnival or RCL.

StraTURK says:

If I were msc,I invite this fake jim carry and I announce to sinking in tanganica language while he asleep . . .

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