Tour of Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Ship OASIS of The Seas Feb 2017 HD

Mostly Complete tour of the beautiful OASIS of the Seas. We went on a 7-night Western Caribbean Cruse with RC in Feb, 2017. It was a great time. We stopped at Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico. I put this together for my kids with an iPhone 6+ and a GoPro Hero 3+… I figured I’d share it here in case someone else wanted to take a closer look at this amazing ship. Enjoy.


julle huu says:

fuck that i woud not bring my family to that death trap how to hell you get out if that shit tilts like 40 degrees or more you fucked

Marko Staba says:

I would never ever wish to spend my vacation i a place like this…

miguel gonzalez says:

Was this an all -inclusive trip? I noticed that none of the guests had any armbands on.

Amir Dave Monceda says:

in the night is nice to have light

Hindi Movies says:

what is the background music name

Ian Hudson says:

I’ve always wanted a cruise on Oasis, and this may be the closest I’ll ever get. Thanks for the tour!

Eric Sanchez says:

Cool video. Does give one a better sense on what a cruise is like. Never been on one but am curious

Craig Souder says:

These ships are getting bigger and nicer but at the same time they have more things aboard that they want to charge you for. RCI seems to have their hands out more that other cruise lines ive been aboard.

Ankit Budakoti says:

great video bro

Josh Rosenblatt says:

Background music used?

dave says:

great vid!!!!!! best and most enjoyable thus far. Many thanks

Kim Surette says:

Best video that I’ve seen so far.

Amir Dave Monceda says:

oassis of the seas its so nice to build

Roblox Gamer says:

All food is free on board?

Hello There says:

Thank you for this video! I have been wanting to go on this ship. Great video

Jaden Gounden says:

Thanks very informative

Mohit Rajput says:

9th wonder of the world for me

Charles Smith says:

Great job on the video. very nicely done . We are going on the Oasis in 3 weeks and i have watched this half a dozen times or so.

Eric Hannes says:


Suhal Bansal says:

nice info bro

craw0808 says:

Nice boat… had a good time overall but some of the crew acted extremely rude… Had to report one establishment for service issues.

TMHF says:

Old guy checkin’ out some booty @ 10:58

jns1014 says:

Great video! We are going next week, same itinerary. Thanks for posting! Best video tour I have seen!

Loading...... says:

How much did the trip cost u?

Jellybeantiger says:

Great for all the narcissist rich people,sobs,:-(

Sami Kazim says:

How much will cost for something like this?

Davis Mubali says:

Congratulations for travelling with the ship Mr.

Didith Brillo says:

I wanna be in ship someday

Slania Idos says:

Bruh are you Australian? it’s promenade how you pronounce been change to promenad to promenaid

world traveller says:

this is one of the better oasis of the seas videos that i have seen. thank you. i have always wanted to cruise on this ship ( i have done the liberty of the seas and nagivator of the seas) i am hoping the canadian dollars will go back up soon $$$$$$$$

Monokuma says:

Coming soon to an ocean floor near you.

Jellybeantiger says:

Ridiculous really,get on a ship and do stuff you can do at home,rather be on a ship where you get a feel of the sea.

Rich 91 says:

is that the owner of vice at 4:42

Sharky Pe says:

It would be Horrible for this ship to sink….

Dream Dimension says:

very entertaining video, thank for posting this.

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bestamerica says:

oh nooo…
very pretty but this cruise ship is a not good design and not safety…
dont go there

Michele Miller says:

Would have been nice to see your Room!

LadyJoy A says:

U did amazing with this tour of the ship

Charles Smith says:

where did you get that song?

Tofrus says:

really nice video, thanks

mamaswagg100 says:

Loved the video! Thanks for sharing!!

Darlene Robertson says:

Thanks for the great walk thru of the ship!

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