Royal Caribbean VS Norwegian Cruise Lines SMACKDOWN!!! Cruise Line Comparison

Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines are two of the giants of the industry. Watch this comparison to see which one wins in the end!

Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean’s Private Island

LEGENDary Journey (Legend of the Seas): Day 1

The TRUTH About Crui$ing

Norwegian EPIC Transatlantic Cruise Daily Journals

RCL Legend of the Seas Tour

MSC Magnifica Balcony Cabin

RCL Liberty of the Seas Promenade View Cabin:

RCL Navigator of the Seas Balcony Cabin:

RCL Navigator of the Seas Tour

RCL Mariner of the Seas Tour
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Bowie Fernandes says:

Now days people love to seat in my time dining because if they seat on a same table every day n be served by the same waiter every-evening then they have to tip him in my time dining u seat on different tables everyday so shortening the chance of tipping

Cheryl Young says:

I agree I just want to eat when I’m hungry not on a schedule and the buffet is fine for me

Austin Lewis says:

I know this video is old, but i agree with you. Royal caribbean is trying to catch up now with waterslides, but they really should’ve had them from the start;)

Coasters & Company says:

I can only imagine the number of asshole passengers on a cruise ship with 6000+ passengers allowed on the ship.

josh says:

update video

Stuart Twiddy says:

that smackdown sound clip is the worst ever! lol

BL10 says:

Hi Morgan, you should do an updated version of this video


I am very athletic who the heck wants to do a rope course on vacation dumb idea and not fun to do and is an eyesore to look at!!!!

Travel Reviewer says:

I like the fact that people have to get dressed up, but I get the fact of Americans being lazy

The truth Hurts says:

Horrible video

GTA 5 Pro's says:

sorry I go with royal Caribbean

Aimee Ward says:

We’ve always cruised with Norwegian, but recently we cruised with them for the first time in 9 years and it seems like NCL has definitely gone downhill. While I realize people just want to relax and do whatever they want on vacation, the dining room on the Dawn seemed to have zero dress code. Just my opinion, but a family should NOT come to dinner with 4 kids in their soccer uniforms. That’s what the Garden Cafe is for. NCL used to serve the drink of the day in a nice souvenir glass (we still have the one from when we cruised the Sun in 2007), but this time it was all plastic cups all the time. Now if you want the souvenir glasses you have to buy them in the shop for about $25.
At least NCL is starting to crack down on chair hogs. If your stuff is left on a chair for longer than an hour it will be removed.
I would like to cruise again when we get the credit card paid off (one of these days), but we’re definitely thinking of RCCL. While we like the Freestyle Dining on NCL, I’m told a lot of cruise lines are going in that direction.

scootyboy2 says:

I booked my first cruise with ncl for august of 2018. Does Norwegian have a formal night?

Brad Johnson says:

While I have not been on a RCCL cruise, I have 19 NCL cruises under my back to include 3 crossings and B2B cruises. I have a co-worker, though, that swears by RCCL, but I am a NCL fan all the way and you may have mentioned this already as I haven’t had the pleasure, or the time , to watch all of your very cool videos, but if you stick with one line you accumulate status (and PERKS) which can be very nice!

Katie Frazier says:

Hey Morgan! I just cruised on Norwegian for the first time on the Epic. Another large selling point for me is the Haven on Norwegian. We have gotten suites on Royal Caribbean, and there was not much special treatment for the extra cost. Norwegian gives you priority to check-in, boarding, dining, shows, and customs. There also is the Haven, with its own private pool, restaurant, and tanning deck!
On Royal, all that you get is access to the concierge which books your excursions, but that’s kind of it. The price difference in cruising from Norwegian to Royal Caribbean on suites is not much different, either, and usually leads to RC being more expensive. Just my 2 cents! : )

tominator3 says:

Royal Caribbean has some pretty badass watersides on several ships now.

Donald Trump says:


nicholas parisi says:

Traveled with NCL and enjoyed the Breakaway and Getaway for the dining options, atmosphere and itinerary.
Very disappointed with my last cruise in the Baltic Sea.
New 9 day cruise… first few days were spent floating in the Baltic Sea.
Why you ask, Captain (Master) explained that the “Getaway” was to big of a ship and could not risk attempting port
canceling 2 ports.
4 days in the Baltic Sea on a 9 day cruise
NCL ” Profits over passenger Satisfaction”

666ross says:

We were on RCL’s Anthem of the Seas last month and they fully implemented MyTime Dining there. We were able to either make reservations in the main dining rooms, but on 3 days we did not and were seated without reservations within 5 minutes. It was a nice cruise. Decent but not spectacular food, but their Wonderland restaurant really went above and beyond with menu and presentation. We certainly didn’t go hungry. Not a fan of tendering and and off the private island with 4000 other people, we went late to avoid the line and then it started raining on the island we had to wait an hour in line to get back off. They advertise a lot of amenities (bumper cars, rock climbing, the skydive wind tunnel thing) but its either waiting in line forever, being turned away, or being shoulder to shoulder with the crowds. Speaking of crowds, and this isn’t RCL’s issue, we sailed out of Bayonne and damn, the ship was chock full of whiny New Yorkers. Soooo annoying to listen to all the complaining and screaming at the kids. But we got some nice weather and we had fun among ourselves, and it was a good price so we didn’t worry too much about the typical cruise line nickel and dime overpricing for gratuities, photos, and drink packages. Still, though, we just booked the Norwegian Breakaway for next winter and we’ll do a head to head comparison there. Thanks for your video.

Lynne Williams says:

I met my best friend travel buddy at a set dining time on a Disney cruise.  I prefer set dining to meet new people

Briana Soto says:

Who is watching this in 2017

Cheryl Young says:

I love NCL but I haven’t been on anything else

Dawn Clark says:

Do you have enough experience to do another SMACKDOWN video?!!! Please, please, please!!!!!!!

selvamani dhanasekaran says:

liberty of the seas has some waterslides even harmony of the seas have waterslides


hi morgan, is there articular reason as to why your vegetarian. Like my cousin is allergic to meat and gluten, but is there any particular reason?

Emma Cruises says:

I have always been the biggest fan of NCL but I am taking my first Royal cruise in October. I wonder if it’ll knock NCL off the top spot for me?!

matt wilson says:

i agree


Went on NCL once never again horrible staff and service and the food was horrific way more activities to do on RC than NCL!! Royal Caribbean is an innovator in the cruise industry everyone else has copied their ships!!!

ShadyShinichi says:

Ask for a table for 2, we don’t ever sit with others, been cruising for years. Dining is much better in Disney. the thing with Norwegian is the Dining rooms all had the same menu which was a letdown and made no difference where you ate.
For us.
1. Disney Cruise line
2. Royal Carribbean
3. Carnival
4. Norwegian. ncl is nickel and dime for us.

Konor Sacks says:

what a updated version with all the cruz lines

James Decelis says:

Id love an updated one on cruise liners for 2017 🙂

Coolblasterz says:

Royal Caribbean has slides too. Did you miss water slides on the harmony, adventure, liberty. And symphony of the seas

Stéphane Michon says:

Now that i have experience the casual dining experience on NCL (always have the choice of 4 or 5 different complimentary dinning) When ever you want, with who ever you want. You can even have breakfast and lunch in the main dining or many other restaurant. (i’m not a buffet fan) I Wouldn’t have it any other way.
Dinning a 6:00 PM with stranger is over for me.
NCL is influencing the industry with this idea and it’s a good thing.

Sebastian palacios says:


dalafond says:

I was always a Royal Carribean person but since our first NCL cruise we have switched.  The anytime dining…the waterslides the cruises that include beverage and specialty dining and private island have swayed my opinion….NCL #1


You can not be taken serously at all!!! Because of a water slide a cruise line is better lol!!! Harmony has a water slide and many more things to do than any other ship out there. I just went on Oasis of the seas and will be going on Harmony next year!!

Charles Byers says:

In the past three years we have sailed on Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. All similar size and ports. For us, for a lot of the same reasons, we would rank them (1) Norwegian, (2) Carnival (shock, I know), and (3) Royal Caribbean. 2 and 3 are very close.

James Cho says:

There is no lobster on NCL on the cruise we went on 2017 May 23! We were v. dissapointed including the cabin we were given. We will not be going on NCL anymore! RC is way so much better including food, lobster and room.

Heather Myers says:

Morgan, what do you think about all the premixed drinks on NCL? Never been on either RC or NCL, but looking at both for our next cruise, and I’ve heard that is a negative for NCL. Do the drinks taste bad, or anything?

Firecracker says:

All the RCL ships are fantastic! Everything about them!!

Name not found says:

Personally, Royal Caribbean is my favorite cruise line. I just went on _Liberty of the Seas_ recently, and it was outstanding.

Ollie A H says:

This was so one sided

Tommy Nolan says:

Bruh you only have to dress up one-twice royal and it’s still pretty flexible with the times

Chris Helms says:

agree 100% that NCLs approach to dining is far better.

George L says:

This vlog may be a bit old but the comparisons is almost on par.

Alex Radomski says:

I disagree my family has never sat with strangers and you don’t even have to dress up If u don’t want to. And royal Caribbean has fleets all over the world so from china to Australia to the Mediterranean Sea.

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