This is our Royal Caribbean, “Symphony of the Seas” Cruise Review. We went on a 7 day Mediterranean cruise on the Symphony of the Seas in August. This is a full review of OUR EXPERIENCE on board the cruise ship.


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Kim B says:

Give carnival a try. It’s so much fun. I go in 12 days on my 3rd carnival cruise and then again next summer

JMBandy says:

Love you guys! Totally agree with you Royal Caribbean is kinda meh lol. Disney is the best cruise line I ever been on.

Vlad says:

I had anytime dining out on Harmony of the Seas, and everyone was shown to the table and seated. But not sure, maybe that’s only for anytime dining guests

Garza says:

Amazing video!! Very helpful tips!!!!

Practical Perfection says:

I’m a travel agent and agree with both of your opinions on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Disney! Best time to sail (crowd and price wise) is mid Jan-beginning of March. (Caribbean especially) Norwegian Sky and Sun are all inclusive, and NCL’s other ships offer Free at Sea programs. Pricing isn’t bad at all. Francesco, you need to start a “Francesco approved” series!!!! Hi to Gio!! Much love guys!!!!!

Ryan Fontaine says:

First! Glad you guys enjoyed it!!! Such a cute couple!

Mr H says:

Great videos guys, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this one. We find that we are very loyal to one cruise line, Cunard and are always making comparisons if we stray from our usual brand, I think it’s a natural thing to do. Just one thing, the music was a bit overpowering on some parts, especially the first track which made it difficult to hear what you were saying. As always looking forward to your next video ❤️

Frances Serrano says:

Great review! Loved your vlogs from that cruise. We have been on 5 Disney cruises and next year will be our 2nd on Royal Caribbean. Disney’s service is top notch hands down. Royal is my second favorite cruise line. Let see what Harmony of the Seas will be like.

Yvonne Morales says:

I was on the Symphony September 30. The ship is beautiful but it felt like a mall. When you go Disney the ship feels more personal. At dinner I was very close to the waiters station and we heard them argue many times and it gets really uncomfortable. Also saw that many are not informed about the ship; I asked a few crew members and they just didn’t know how to answer my questions. Sad! The coffee is really bad and we had the specialty package. I couldn’t say much because I got what I paid for. Disney cruise is top notch and the service is superb! Good thing is we went late September and we were booked on tours and had a blast. I am going on Jewel of the Seas for Greece in July 2019 because Disney does not go, but I will not stop cruising with Disney. Nothing compares to it. Yes! I hardly had any desserts!!! Not good at all. Good thing I didn’t gain any weight. Lol

Preben Hansen says:

Do celebrity next time;0)

Kim Luarks says:

The stabilizers were off for a few seconds. No one on carnivals ship was ever in danger

Brian David says:

I had the same type of experience on the Anthom of the Seas I feel like its Royal…too many people on the ship and the same situation with the Solarium with it being full of kids and they weren’t enforcing the rules and the parents didn’t care…

Tracey Driver says:

Just disembarked from my 7-day western Caribbean, Halloween on the High Seas, Disney Fantasy cruise a couple of weeks ago and it left me feeling meh. I LOVE Disney, like you, and won’t let it deter me from cruising with them again. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions. Love you guys so I take them to heart! Side note, you should schedule a vlog followers cruise so we can all meet and do what we love most, cruise! 😉

Deb kin says:

Those cruise lines should hire you guys as critique experts. Then they can improve on the services lacking. You guys give a fair and honest opinion.

Michael Kechriotis says:

You had expedited arrival and they were still out of coffee…???

Kevin Griner says:

Red shirt guy is hot as hell

spud0606 says:


Lisa Jarvie says:

We went on Symphony of the seas and did the exact same cruise in September/ october and had an entirely different experience – nothing was too much trouble, staff were friendly/ helpful, and we were also seated at our dining room table on our first night. We had an amazing time, and didnt want to leave. All our shore tours were booked through the boat prior to cruising, everything was well organised and very easy , stress free. This is our second Royal Carribean cruise and we would totally recomend them-

Peter S says:

Symphony Of The Seas Arrives To Miami Friday !!!

John Doyle says:

YAY!!! Thanks for posting this review. Great to see both of you too!

Rob Martin says:

great info to know….loved it!!! HUGS TO YOU BOTH!!!

Michelle Phillips says:

Carnival is actually a lot of fun. I have been on about a dozen of their cruises and they were almost all fabulous! You should give them a chance.

insightful member says:

I’ve been on both Disney and Royal Caribbean sister ships to the Symphony (four times). Loved them both. The Disney ship does have better service but you also pay for that service with a much higher cruise fare. Anytime I had an issue on a ship, it was addressed immediately and very professionally. I’m going on the Symphony in Dec. and I’m thinking I shouldn’t have read you review. lol But then again, we can always find fault with something and if we’re fortunate enough too be able to cruise, we should just be thankful and make the best out of any situation.

spud0606 says:

Such a handsome BF!

carlosisin says:

Thanks for your “honest” review of the “Symphony of the Seas”. I’ve not been on that particular ship, but I can say that the RCCL Cruises that I went on wasn’t that bad. Hope you have a better experience on your future cruises. Oh, and make sure to forward this video to RCCL’s Customer Service Satisfaction Department at the Port of Miami. They need to hear what you are saying.

norcalemt02 says:

You need to try a smaller RCCL ship Mariner of the Seas or Navigator of the seas, better service.

Ashlee Stearns says:

This is my first video of you guys, so I don’t really know your personalities or anything but I do have to say that I think the comparison between Royal and Disney is slightly unfair. Of course Disney is going to have more free amenities and whatnot because it is a more expensive cruise line. I have a cruise coming up on Symphony (hence why I’m watching this video) and I paid less than half of the price of an interior room on Disney cruise for my room–and the one I am going on is longer than the Disney cruises of the lower price range.

I know you mentioned this partly, that you shouldn’t compare, but I think it would’ve been more fair to mention the price differences. Not saying that these Symphony cruises are cheap, or should be looked at as a lower end cruise, but it’s unfair to say that Disney has high expectations that are fulfilled without mentioning the price difference.

coraza naoro says:

I love Carnival n Norwegian cruise lines. Pple who have never been on any cruise out of choice have no idea what they missing. The shows, the unlimited food, the scenes and port of call. mannn

Alexandra Alvarez, My B&G's says:

Next Cruise line review…Carnival !!!

Evelyn Schairer says:

You got lucky. We went on Liberty of the Seas 2 years ago at the end of November out of Houston. We had gotten the drink package so didn’t worry about those prices. Only had one maybe twice for everyone. Had one ice show we tried to go to with our daughter who is in a wheelchair. Barely got her where she could see and not fall down stairs. As far as dining room had a hard time telling that tables they tried to seat us at didn’t work with wheelchair. We went on our first Disney Cruise the end of September. I can’t say enough about Disney. Sodas included. Cabin was for accessible with veranda aft was super spacious. Food was very good. Buffet was very good. No problem with people cutting in front of you. Had called cruise line ahead of time about seating in MDRs. They already had that taken care of. Not even a problem going down hallways with cleaning carts out. No problem with elevators.

Heather Forrester says:

Symphony arrives in Miami this week!!!!! I love your no-BS reviews.

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