Royal Caribbean Harmony of the seas (The truth revealed)

This is a professional review of he royal Caribbean harmony of the seas.


Jason Fick says:

You’re stuffy. Dick.

Laura LaPorte says:

Travel tip the winter months. Go with a hardshell luggage for your checked bags. We left during a snow storm and people in our group who had soft shell luggage found their clothes were wet when we arrived in FL.

Luggage must have sat outside for awhile when being loaded on the plane. SW should have had them in a trailer with a cover but apparently not for our flight.

Megan Teachout says:

I miss the pool bar!!

Руслан. Путешествуйте с клубом inCruises says:

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Robert Maestrey says:


Joyce says:

Celebrity cruise ships are owned by Royal Caribbean and are their top of the line cruise ships. Others may be bigger, but the treatment you get on Celebrity is amazing. Personally, I would not go on one of the larger ships like the Anthem, Oasis etc. That is too much like being in a big city jammed packed with people. I have been on 12 cruises and have another planned for April. My favorite, so far is Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. When you mentioned the noise, I have learned to choose a cabin that is not above or below any of the common places such as the restaurant, any of the lounges, pool, elevator etc. It makes for a nicer sleep. Looks like you are all having a great time as a group and enjoying every moment. I now have to travel alone, but I do not mind, I just stay away from the mega ships.

Autobot Diva says:

no calypso band playing at pool deck. will go in the summer diffrent crowd

Michael Gonzalez says:

Great video looks like you guys had a great time.

chris laporte says:

Sweet trip !

John says:

That other ” scrappy ” ship in port is not a cruise ship. It’s a casino that goes out into international waters to take ur $$$. Six hr trip.

ProdigyMC says:

Were you able to get WOW bands while on board the Harmony of the Seas? There are many people who say they stopped selling them on board Harmony but others say they are still available. Did you happen to see them being sold on embarkation day anywhere or throughout your cruise?

Subhajit pet land Bhaduri says:

nice answer for nice people

Regina Albeek says:

Lousy? God help the people on that ship?… more like God help your shitty soul

chipmccloud says:

Did your group have the Deluxe Beverage Package? If so, would you recommend it?

Robert Maestrey says:

I’m pretty sure those people on the celebrity are blessed they are not on the same ship with a person like you… just for your info your not special because you are on the harmony ..

Megan Teachout says:

How early were your cabins ready?

Ice Daemon says:

Magnificent ship that is.

Bryce Vlogs says:

Welp I regret booking. Harmony of the seas im to stick to the best cruise line, Disney Cruise Line. Sorry Disney Fantasy.

mev202 says:

If someone asked me to draw my idea of hell, I’d draw this ship.

Bryce Vlogs says:

I went there on Fantasy lol but it rained.

Subhajit pet land Bhaduri says:


Steve G says:

oh those poor people on the celebrity summit! don’t you know that cruise line blows royal out of the water!

Hector Rodriguez says:

What a great video!

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