Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Cruise Review.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Cruise Review. Coco Cay, St. Thomas, St. Maarten. Hated St. Thomas because I can’t understand anyone, and they drive on the wrong side of the road. And that’s the AMERICAN island! St. Maarten was much nicer. Might have to relocate to the French or Dutch side. Lots of food, lots of fun, too many days at sea. Recommend WESTERN Caribbean instead. Video shot on a Samsung S7 Edge – the shakiness is the image stabilization. Hope they’re working on that. Please leave YOUR comments and thoughts below. Thanks!


ae4xo says:

did you not like it as good as other time you went on that boat?

Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:

This is great!

Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:

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Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:

This is great!

Ruishon Burnett says:

Appreciate the inside view of Freedom of the Seas. The commentary was a little suspect, though.

Matt B says:

I love your cruise review you make me laugh every time.

Ronald Boonstra says:

Haha…..been on this one. Sept 2015. At least we had better weather!

tryllejens says:

wow… this is basically one long tutorial of how to be really ungrateful

Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:

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le10017 says:

Going through a bunch of videos to prep for our eastern cruise. You provided some great info. I think my daughter would love the butterfly farm tour. You got me thinking about the whole dining experience too. I’ll try the fine dining first, but like you, i’ll probably prefer the flexibility of the Windjammer.

Side note,i have the s7 edge too. looking forward to taking some pics and vids. And honestly, thre wasnt’ much shaking on your vids. You should see the other phone. Sammy’s is one of the better ones. thanks again for posting.

Jesse Armstrong says:

I feel sorry for your wife.

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