Royal Caribbean Drink Package Review

UPDATE!!! Royal Caribbean has changed the rules and it is no longer required that everyone in the cabin purchases the drink package.

Thinking of booking an all-inclusive drink package onboard Royal Caribbean? This video explains how to decide if it’s a good value for you!
Thanks to everyone who took the survey! I’ve taken it offline now.

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Rachael Adler says:

Hi. You said the wine was capped at $8. Did you mean all liquors, or just wine?

Troy Davis says:

Nice video Subscribed!

world wanderer says:

great video, very informative and helpful – just one point, I object to the expression of the food and certain drinks “being free”. They are NOT free. You have paid a goodly sum of money for your cruise ,or resort vacation. All of the food & drinks(non-alcoholic& certain coffees) are INCLUDED, not free. They are yours for the asking because you paid for each and everyone of them. Say INCLUDED ,because that is the truth. Anyway, you are doing a great job, and I envy you because you get to travel for a living,..literally. Cheers, mate.

travis walden says:

seeing as this video was uploaded in 2014, does it still stand that not everyone in the cabin has to purchase a drink package? me and my girlfriend are going this September on allure of the seas so if i purchase a package for all 7 days will that cover both of us or just only me?

Lauren Millsaps says:

This is unrelated, but I was wondering if you had any opinions on staying on the ship vs going out when we dock in Nassau. It is going to be just me and my sister and we are both 21 year old 1st time cruisers. Im slightly nervous about crime, being left, not knowing how to get to a beach. Any advice?

Nyia A says:

This video is so informative Morgan! My husband and I are going on our first cruise in 5 weeks (YAY!) and we have been seriously debating about whether to buy a drink package or not. After watching your video and taking into consideration how often we will be docked, I realize we don’t need to throw that much money at RCI for a drink package. Thanks again!

Rupesh 045 says:

I’m going on RCI liberty of the seas cruise and according to their wed site they no longer require everyone in the room to purchase the drink card. the prices are a bit higher than what your showing so Im sensing an updated video is co ming soon.

pdarksage says:

Last time I cruised with RC, I bought the ultimate drink package. When I got my statement of charges at the end of the cruise, it showed that I drank well above the cost I paid for the package. Needless to say, it was well worth it.

ccamila chiappetta says:

Hi!! do you know if i can share a premium package with my couple? we want to buy only one and share it and I don’t know if we can do that

Cole Freer says:

I don’t drink alcohol that much so I’d just get the $19 package

Neicey A says:

I am going on the Majesty of the seas in August and if I buy a drink package and my husband buys a drink, why couldn’t he get another one within 5 minutes for me? Do they really know?

Josh Roark says:

so.. cocktails up to $12? unlimited or is there a cap? it would be worth $49

Ms. WW says:

Hey Morgan are you a Member of RC loyalty program? We just came back off Majesty of the seas and had a wonderful time WE RELAXED thank you for all your tips!!!

Nicole Woods says:

hey does anyone know if you have a drinks package with wine up to 13$ and you want a 15$ wine do you pay a supplement of 2$ or the full price? thanks!

Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:


Let's talk Transport says:

Would you Rather take a 12 Transatlantic cruise to New York or a 5 hour flight? My answer. . Cruise… 24 days with a balcony on a Transatlantic Cruise, my dream!

Timothy Hickey says:

Royal Caribbean does NOT force everyone in the cabin to buy the drink packages!! Also, some cruise lines have private islands they visit where you can use your drink package on that island. Example is RCCL’s Labadee, Haiti port.

stinger15au says:

As a airtraffic controller on land you can bet im getting value of the top package when on holiday.

My last 13night cruise I would say somewhere in the region of 110 to 140 drinks over the 13 days/nights. Several big nights at the club and the casino would have contributed for sure.

so yes it really does depend, they can be great value or not.

I did love not having to sign for every drink though

What The says:

You are officially living my dream man, legend.

Dude Eronomy says:

On Royal Caribbean, are you able to buy as much booze on board as you wish? Can you buy bottles of wine to consume in your cabin (from the on board sellers)? Thanks.

Sonia G says:

Hello! We did a 7 night Bahamas cruise for our first time (but not our last!!) this year. My husband had the ultimate package- he likes specialty coffees, I hade the premium package- I like booze, hard booze! I thought the package was completely worth it! We did bloody marys in am, my husband had coffees, too. Sodas at different points of the day. But we loved the bottled water for going off ship- one less stop onshore to make. We would pick up extras on sea days to save up for shore days, too. We also had pre-dinner, dinner, and dessert drinks nightly. We spaced out drinks to not “overdo it”. I may take more advantage of wine part of package next cruise as I am very wine un-educated. We even shared drinks with others once in a while and it was not a big deal. I really love RCI dedication to service and happiness of passengers. Thanks for great video/review as it added to my opinion that package is worth it!

R North says:

I find myself watching your videos over again. You help build excitement. Can’t wait to cruise Oasis of the Seas for 7 days. Next week I intend to enjoy fun in sun and a much needed vacation including unlimited drinks. This will be my fifth cruise and I look forward to not regret paying for premium beverages in advance. Drink prices add up quickly $$$. Before you know it, you’ll be saying in your Erkel voice, “Did I do that?” Purchasing premium package sounds like a good idea for me.

mumblebrain says:

not a big drinker so have pre purchased the soft drink package (about $10 a day) – trying to purchase as much as possibe before getting on the ship so there ia no bill shock at the end! Will pay as I go for cocktails (would be lucky to have 5 on my 14 day cruise) – my OBC should cover them + the laundry bills.

Ethan Calemmo says:

I think they offer freee water in a botte just when you have the package because of bottle returns on land

Peter Quodling says:

We just came off a “legend of the seas” 14 day run from Brisbane, Aus to NZ and Back – we looked at this, and for two people * 14 days * $49, it came to nearly $2000 extra – nope, we paid ad hoc and spent under $150 in total. What irked me, was we picked up some Duty free alcohol (and one would think that all alcohol aboard ship should be DF) two litres of Bombay Sapphire for $30. What was a shocker was ordering a Martini in one of the bards, and being charged $17, for it. More than the price of a whole litre bottle of BS.

But, that aside, we loved it.

Ian McNamara says:

Very useful – thanks – about to go on first ever cruise.  So if I buy just one soft drinks package (Royal Caribbean), will we get into trouble if we all use it?  How is it monitored and controlled?

MickyAvStickyHands says:

You should check out Syria in 2015.

kikky811 says:

Love your vlogs, very informative and fun :)After only cruising with Disney a few times we are considering Royal Caribbean. I’m assuming they changed their drink package in the last couple of years because their website doesn’t say everyone in the stateroom has to purchase it. Do you know if this has changed?It does say no sharing though… I wonder how do they enforce that?

Samone Brown says:

Thank you. Very helpful.

Tiffany Kent-Hickman says:

I just returned from a 7 day cruise, my drink package was $470 + $80 prepaid “service charge / gratuity” (the drink package was offered to me for free at booking as part of a special, I only paid the $80). I was curious as to whether it was worth it so I’d know whether or not I’d purchase it in the future so I kept every single receipt from every alcoholic drink I ordered all week. When I got home I added the receipts and it totalled $680.21….. and I actually held back some on drinking because the taxes on each drink was NOT covered and had to be paid at the end of the trip. So for me… SOOOOOO worth it!!!! lol

Miranda leaa says:

sucks cause im going on royal cruise and cause im from Australia it cost like 85 dollars a day

luckey313 says:

Great video! I am planning a cruise in January with 3 of my buddies. We have been debating the premium package. We think it would be a good value for us because we are all in our early 20s and are not far removed from our college drinking days. Also, my birthday falls during the cruise and we think that night could make the package worth it. The fact that Royal Caribbean raised their drink prices in 2015 makes it that more enticing.

Nikki B says:

I wish you could buy for your at sea days. those would be the only days where I could see it being worth it. also since I am traveling with a light weight drinker as my roommate I know I couldn’t convince her to buy the package.

Dawn Tucker says:

Thank you so. Much! I am going on my first cruise next may15-19,on the royal carribean Enchantment of the seas to Key west, Coco Cay,and Bahamas.i am definely doing the cheapest drink package. Because Its not a long cruise.thank you for the good tips.

Mc Kenna says:

Just got back from a Royal Caribbean Cruise…. worst part about the vacation? The Drunks. Ugggg!

P K says:

This was informative, but I believe you forgot a very important part of the drink package. It includes gratuities. At least it did when I did it a few years ago. That changes the math a bit

Endry Chen says:

I reviewed the packages, so basically even the most expensive ones is not even includes alcohol coctails. So it is extra then? Always everywhere on the ship? Thanx

Ryan Snyder says:

Here’s the deal on the drink packages; for the select package you have to have 6 beers a day to get your money’s worth, for the premium package, 6 cocktails a day. If you are awake from 10-10 that is 1 drink every 2 hours, assuming you spend the entire time on the boat. Also on RCL, you can rip shots for hours at the and as long as you handle yourself properly there is no daily limit to how much you can order. If you feel you didnt gety your money’s worth, order drink after drink at the bar and immediately throw them off the ship or smash them on the ground. The bartenders will continue to serve you more with a smile. Also remember that in international waters, anything goes as there are no federal laws. Feel free to impersonate a federal employee by dressing up like a mail man while on the boat!

Terry Cooper says:

I got the premium soft drink package (not a big drinker) that included the brewed coffee, all soft drinks, fresh juice at breakfast, and mocktails. Cost was $20 per day. We definitely got value out of that package. Somebody that we met on the ship (who is still a great friend 3 years later) did not buy any drinks package, and very rarely had no drink in his hand. He said it was cheaper for him not to have the package

Sarah says:

Im with you.. I dont bother with the packages.. and like you , have enough everyday without getting it.. Thx for another great vid Morgan

traceytracey1 says:

I was lucky– I made friends with people who had all inclusive drink packages. They bought me drinks every time we crossed paths so they wouldn’t have wasted money. Sweet!

bob scott says:

just one on the Allure of the Seas got the drink package some of the drinks I was drinking were 13.00 each definitely got my money’s worth

Goh KhengThong says:

Bro, NICE !
Thanks for your explanation and information.
I’m first time going cruise with family. I was blindly brought a cheap package.
When going to Cruise planning, Royal Caribbean page as me to add this and that(all need $$$) i started scare it is a drink water there also need pay after i paid almost 600USD.
I search around their page and around also can’t get any helpful information about what is free on board.
It is lucky to have your video mention ROYAL Caribbean basicly some food and drink is FREE. This is a big relief to me..
thanks so much !!

**anythings else is free or need plan on board ?

dkh1020 says:

Did the Carnival drink package as a single cruiser on a 7 day trip. Was totally worth it . Carnival limits you to 15 drinks a day and I just couldn’t see how anyone could exceed that but they did. Ran into a gentleman and his wife just before noon and he had already used up his 15 drinks for the day.I did the math, and as a single cruiser. worked out to my advantage. The inclusion of  bottled water was icing on the cake. Helped tremendously after a long day of drinking out in the sun. Not to mention, I’ve always been watching the budget drink wise on my trips.  doing so has always made me nervous. Now I know it’s a one time fee with no worries. Works out great for me. Believe me’ I’ve tried and never hit the 15 drink limit!

jenny b says:

do you have to pay a gratuity for every drink purchased.  We are going on the Navigator of the Seas in 2017

Renee Anderson says:

yes only because my husband drinks like a fish. NCL gives it away free for early booking

MATT BONE408 says:

How much of each kind drink can you get with the premium package

Randall Harden says:

First, I enjoyed your video and agree that for some people it may not be the way to go. With that being said, for others, it may be. I think it is important to look at the cruise you are taking. For example, I bought my first drinking package onboard a 5-night cruise to Bermuda. It is docked overnight on the island and you will use the ship as your hotel while there. It made sense to me for several reasons – mainly, the amount of time I would be at sea or onboard the ship. I like the idea if my frozen drink gets defrosted I could get a fresh one without cost, enjoying strawberry bellinis at breakfast, Grand Marnier or Bailey’s after dinner – but especially, the tastings of different wines at dinner time.

BradTheMighty says:

Went on a five day Caribbean cruise and got the deluxe one. Totally worth it. Paid for it self first night haha

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