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Hi Cruisers, We are back to action and adventure in this MSC Seaside Caribbean cruise vlog. Today we are off to Atlantis! Before we go any further though we have to express our heartfelt thanks to the wonderfully sweet Keisha, Senior Aquarist at Atlantis, Paradise Island Bahamas for the behind the scenes tour. You can research Atlantis here: or call 1-800-ATLANTIS

Keisha was so kind and patient with us, and we are truly grateful for having met her. If you make your way to Atlantis, send some love her way for us.

BTW, If you missed any of our previous MSC Seaside Review videos, you can catch all the fun and activity here:
I start the vlog off with an early morning balcony view of our arrival to the picturesque Bahamas. After a few quick sips of MSC’s delicious coffee, we were off. Our first mission was to find an ATM, and then grab a taxi. We found these to be a surprisingly simple tasks thanks to the friendly helpful people we encountered on our way out of the port. In no time, we were excitedly purchasing our tickets to Atlantis’s Aquaventure waterpark. After a quick look around the beautiful Atlantis grounds, we meet up with our new friend and subscriber Keisha. Keisha agreed to be our guide for a behind the scenes look at Atlantis. This behind the scenes tour is open to the public, and we think it’s a terrific family activity. After our fascinating tour it was time to hit the slides. Atlantis does slides right. We had tons of fun on the “not so lazy river” and wore ourselves out on the thrilling slides. Our only regret is that we didn’t have more time at Atlantis. It went so fast, and we were all pretty bummed when it was time leave. That said, more fun awaited us onboard MSC Seaside, so we weren’t bummed for long. We had just enough time to get ready for the night’s activities which included dinner at the Yacht Club, and a show in the theatre. The show was terrific! We don’t want to spoil it for you, but we’ll give you a look at a few seconds of this action packed performance. Thank you all so much for following along with our adventures on this MSC Seaside Caribbean cruise. Stay tuned for more MSC Seaside videos including an inside look at MSC Seaside’s Yacht Club, MSC Seaside’s food, and a look at a Balcony cabin.

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Sharon C says:

Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. We will be at Atlantis in June (bringing Cassie & Joey on another cruise. 🙂 ). I’m going to show them this video – it will get them excited for sure —

Boat Lover says:

A typically great video! Atlantis looks way cool. I have seen many videos talking about packages bough on board and more than one said what they got was a quick tour of the facility and were then taken to the adjacent beach without further access. I have also seen a few vlogs that mentioned a next door hotel (Hilton Garden Inn or similar level Marriott property) where you can get a room for the day and get to use the Atlantis facilities. If you have a long day in port it would be awesome! Nice to be able to get a shower before heading back. I can’t verify either for sure but have seen both claims many times on YouTube. If true, might make it actually worth getting off the ship in Nassau!

Jade Springer says:

I’m going on this exact cruise at the end of next year and you’re videos help me so much!! i just wanted to say thank you and how much i appreciate you making these videos!

Amera On the Move says:

We booked a last minute cruise on the Seaside. You all looked like you were having so much fun that we decided to go for it! Thanks for the great information.

annette cintron says:

Fun fun

D Walker says:

The coolest sorry about your boo-boo

Theresa G. says:

Wow, what a wonderful exciting adventure you had… I’m envious…thank you for showing us this…

Steve Roth says:

Is Atlantis worth it for couples without kids? It seems like it’s mainly geared towards families. Also, Shannon wants to know where you got your performance shirt/rash guard.

Ryan Solberg says:

Yay I’ve been waiting for this one. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

bonnie bergstein says:

WOW – amazing!! What an incredible experience for JR Editor!! Good that his mom knows so many interesting people!!
Such a fun day!

J Dura says:

Seriously Mr. CTTV got skills….what an amazing video!!! I enjoyed every bit of this trip with your family. Just Wow and thank you!

Randy Gilpin says:

Great job as usual, when we get close to our next cruise I binge on your videos, it gets me in cruise mode. Next cruise is a 15 day on NCL where we have a stop in Cuba, can’t wait. Once again you do such a great job, thanks!

Kiki Bleu says:

It looks like you guys had an amazing trip and thanks for letting us tag along!!!!

Deana says:

How long are your husbands toes, my

Ms Maree says:

WOW! The beginning of this vlog is so nice, I thought for a moment that I was watching a movie! Mr CTTV, your editing skills are a 10+

WickedWonder1979 says:

This was so cool! Thanks Keisha for getting us the cool stuff!

Becky Hopper says:

I would love to go on this ship! It’s going on my bucket list!

liz maldonado says:

CTTV Team another Great Video. Thanks for sharing all the MSC videos of your trip. Planning January 2019 Cruise with MSC Seaside with the Fantastica experience and these videos are perfect timing! Got a question, Can you bring a case of bottle Water on the ship?

Carolyn G. says:

Any tips on how you guys keep water droplets off your GoPro lens? Sometimes I’m disappointed when I get back and find water droplets have interfered with my footage!

thejokerspeaks says:

We’re doing an Island tour next month, but I will keep this in mind for next time. Looks like a blast, both the tour and the water park. That guy is brave letting your son swing a machete near his hand!

Amera On the Move says:

Your son will look back on this time someday and realize what an adventurous and amazing life he has lived. You’re good parents, don’t ever change that!

Nikki Sultan says:

Ah! I loved this vlog! This last MSC cruise you guys got such amazing footage. Entertaining as always.

Scott Singer Cruises says:

Oh wow!! How fun was this! Thanks for bringing us along!

Tampistash says:

For the excursions… How do you get to Atlantis or any other one? Do we have to take a taxi? Is that a random taxi? Or do we get provided a taxi or a bus? And if it is through our own means then how do you make sure you won’t get in trouble with some bad people? Is there a tip for that? I’m leaving in two days.

WD Harris says:

Your kid hacking on that fish with the knife…..damn that guy was brave holding it like that.

Karen Schneider says:

Wow Sherry thanks so much for taking us along to Atlantis. What a memorable day

Judy Denni says:

Wow, Mike is a brave man!!!!

Gloria K says:

Hi Sheri ,
You had mentioned before in other videos that your preference was mid sized ships (which is also mine as well). Since being on Seaside would you recommend the larger ships to others who are a little unsure if its the right fit for them? I can speak for myself that I am a little hesitant because of the size of the ship and the amount of people that it would be crowded so I’ve stayed with mid and smaller ships. How did you find your experience with size and did you find it crowded?
Thanks so much and keep up the amazing job .

Shannon'sLife says:

I just got back from Atlantis a couple weeks ago and I agree about the water shoes. Even better I would suggest comfortable flip flops/sandles because water shoes do not have that much cushion and my feet were killing me by the end of the day because we walked all over the park. Even did the dolphin interaction which was amazing. By the way I love your videos.

Carolyn G. says:

That looks like fun. We were just in Nassau in August, but go back on the Bliss in March; now I really wanta to do Atlantis!!!!

Mother T says:

Looks like it was an amazing and eventful time on this cruise! Your husbands filming and editing skills are professional level! Thanks for sharing and until next time!

Clearly Claire says:

As a anti kid person ( don’t have any don’t want any wont change ever) Your son is AMAZING. So well spoken,positive,happy and bright. He, unlike most kids his age is not constantly walking around with his head in a device. He is a direct reflection of his amazing parents.

Nancy M. says:

Awesome! Brought back memories of my fun day there with my granddaughter. I appreciate your comments regarding the time needed there. Really important for folks to know.

Live Your Best Life For Life says:

When you guys go back please try the conch salad! It’s divine!!!

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