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Hi Cruisers, we are back with more MSC Seaside goodness. It’s day 1 of our fantastic Caribbean Cruise on the breathtakingly beautiful MSC Seaside. We’ll give you more looks at this fantastic ship in this day 1 vlog. If you missed our mini MSC Seaside review where we list our favorite spots on the ship, you can check it out here:
We start the vlog off with a look at our pre-cruise morning in Miami. We quickly pack up, and call for an Uber. The trip to the port is super smooth, and getting situated at the terminal takes no time at all. Once we board the MSC Seaside we are taken aback by the awesome atrium. Seriously, it is super cool, but before we have a chance to lift our dropped jaws, we are approached by a friendly MSC crew member that helps us schedule our specialty dining reservations right in the atrium. Then our lovely guide Maria whisks us away for a brief ship tour. After a brief visit to the spa and fitness center we head up to the Yacht Club. MSC kindly invited us to visit for lunch, and I have to say it was quite spectacular, but at the same time didn’t feel pretentious. Rain crashed our sail away party and laid the smack down on our son’s plans to hit the slides in the Forest Aquaventure area. He did manage to get in some swim time though, and had a blast. We decided on Teppanyaki for our first dinner aboard, and we’re glad we did. It was so fun! It’s more than a meal. Teppanyaki on the MSC Seaside is full on entertainment. They do a great job, and the food is terrific. After dinner we visited the Disco and arcade. They were both surprisingly deserted. Of course, that just means more silly fun for us. We close out the night and the vlog with a visit to Venchi. Venchi is chocolate heaven on the MSC Seaside. If you love chocolate, you won’t want to miss it.


J Dura says:

Can I tell you how much I have been looking forward to these vlogs and you did not disappoint. I truly enjoyed this Day 1 video. Thank you for doing what you do. For taking us along on your precious time with family. Keep ’em coming….the look on your face with that hazelnut surprise drink. Mr. CTTV as usual does an amazing job.

maria regalado says:

Great vlog, would like to know where you get the blue star bad that you could attach to the luggage .

Amanda Burns says:

What a great way to end a “sweet” sail away day! Yes, with kids always have a plan B and roll with the punches. Dinner looked amazing and fun! And it even looked like ya’ll had some crew eating with you ! Can’t wait to see Mr Sanchos! Great job Mr CTTV on the editing too:)

Kirsty Evans says:

On most ship i now they dont do deck 13, or on uk / us ships, i didnt know that deck 17 was unlucky

George Rego says:

Great vlog. Can’t wait to see the rest of your adventure.

KCR305 says:

KCR305 The editing is amazing – great job!!

stuk71 says:

Great video, thanks – I am on the Seaside in two weeks. Do we get to see hubby in the next video?

Mae Mae says:

Fantastic vlog, Sheri and family! You are doing an excellent job of showing cruisers the atmosphere and experience they should expect on the MSC Seaside. We all appreciate your honesty, your insight, and your enthusiasm! It was so much fun following you each day on your “mini Instagram stories”!

Adrienne Dastgir says:

Like the video your husband does great job editing. MSC Seaside looks like beautiful ship. Those stairs could be dangerous

Mimi Cole says:

That is a great point about missing deck 17. I don’t recall an unlucky number growing up Italian, but I know about lucky #13!! As a matter of fact on my gold baby charm bracelet from Italy (a common gift to have and add on to) one of the charms is an elaborate 13!

MsKestrela says:

Aw, yeah! Dance like no one is watching! Jr. has got some moves! What a fun first day. I can’t wait to see the rest of the cruise.

Kiki Bleu says:

Junior Cruiser is getting big!

thejokerspeaks says:

OMG that Teppanyaki looks delicious! Gorgeous ship, the decor speaks to me more than the other fun ships, plus I’m very interested in the European food and entertainment. Speaking of Aloft, we just applied for status match from our Starwoods Account today, hopefully pushing us to MSC Gold.

Craig K says:

It seems like this ship with it’s very modern design and funky aesthetic is aimed more towards a younger person or younger families. Would love to sail on this ship.

La Lido Loca says:

Great first episode! What a ship! Loving that edit! – Tony

Ginger Johnson says:

I have seen so many disappointing reviews.  Good for MSC & CTTV for showing how to enjoy the ship!!!  What a great way for your family to enjoy the end of summer.

Debster Lee says:

So since you have been on the Seaside and NCL Bliss, which one did you prefer (and I know you were only on the Bliss 2 days so may not have had time to explore everything)? Thanks!

Katie Williams says:

Great video! Looks like a great time with your family which is what travel should hopefully be. Thanks for sharing with us!

Janet Ortega says:

We always enjoy other countries’ cultures and food. If we wanted all American we’d just stick to the good ole USA. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Looking forward to more of your cruise.

Wendy Horvath says:

I have a love/hate relationship with cruise stairs but we rarely do the elevator. Even my 71 yr old mother takes them ❤️

Dustin Porter says:

We booked the Seaside a couple weeks ago and I’ve been waiting to see a video on it from you! Thanks 🙂

Kandace Barbee says:

That ship is gorgeous!
Thank you for making these videos. You all do a great job! It’s like a little 20 minute vacation and I’m right there having fun with y’all! Excited to see what’s to come.

Jo W84it says:

Loved this vlog Sheri! You’ve convinced me to take my boys to teppanyaki .. I wasn’t so impressed with the food when I tried it previously but I’d forgotten how much of a “fun show” it is. Can’t wait to see what happens on Day 2!

KCR305 says:

Great video.

Paul Melnick says:

Fun video. Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Rich G says:

I’m sure the best part of it so far is watching your son have so much fun.

Mastiff Mama says:

The food is making my mouth water

Sarah says:

wow thats a nice ship.. now i have to check it out some more lol.. thx for the vid 🙂 have a great time

keesha_okc says:

Thanks so much for sharing! Looks so fun!

Cache Addict-Mel *Mel Stowe says:

Wow, beautiful ship. Thanks for sharing.

carolyn berkeley says:

I stay at Aloft Buffalo airport often when I fly. I just love it there!!! Thanks for sharing!!

KCR305 says:

Nice that they have a kids price…. family friendly =)

Diane Rich Diane Rich Photography says:

After watching this video, I think I want to go on this cruise instead of the Norwegian Bliss to Alaska. We’ve never been on a cruise, I’m so excited!!!

DOUG and NIKI says:

VLOG question… How early do they let you get on and tour the ship so there is no one there?

Aimee DeSanto says:

Did you notice that the entire pools were all 6ft and therefore difficult to just relax in it unless you held onto the side or had to just tread water constantly?
Is there smoking allowed in the Casino or any other part of the cruise?

Makayla S says:

I literally just got back from a cruise on August 5. It was absolutely amazing!!! We did a royal Caribbean cruise we where on the ship ” Allure of the seas ” i would totally go back it was great!!

Sophia Adamo says:

I went on that cruise it was amazing because the slides and the activities there

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