Harmony of the Seas Virtual Balcony Tour, Royal Caribbean’s Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Take a look around my virtual balcony cabin on the Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas, and check below for other cabin tour videos.

NCL EPIC Balcony:

Liberty of the Seas Promenade View:

MSC Magnifica Balcony:

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fofi091783 says:

Remote control

KT Zed says:

Hi Morgan. Have you ever stayed in an inside cabin (without the virtual balcony) and used the “forward cam” channel to judge weather, daylight etc.? How does this compare?

Sebastien Mau says:

50 millions Merrit

PsychGirlRaven says:

Great video! I hope you figured out what the extra remote control was for.

Cruise Central says:

Is this room suitable for a family of 4? I see there is a queen-sized bed and a sofa, but does there happen to be a bunk bed by any chance?

Shelley Roach says:

Great video. We had this type of cabin on the Quantum but this one seems bigger. Our bed was not to the side, it was face on with the front door and screen on the side wall where your desk is, which I think made it look smaller. I like the layout you are in, seems much nicer.

Monya Irving says:

The virtual balconies are nice. Thanks for sharing this video !

Sarah says:

Im on all three ..fb, youtube and just added you to my twitter as well.. 🙂

Denise Knox says:

Great video!

Johnna King says:

Very nice! I’m a fan. Thanks for the info. I would love to go on this ship!

joseph smith says:

great video , did you ever figure what the second “remote control” was for ?? 😀

Shinger Exploit says:

Actually, Allure is bigger by 1 ft 1 inch. They got an extension for 2 feet (I don’t know why..) in February 2017

r a c o o n says:

Love the video! Your adorable!

wendell johnson says:

remote control!

benny leong says:


Yosbany Montano says:

The Harmony of the Seas is an amazing, beautiful ship!

Blogging Trucker Trusted Reviews says:

I’m going on this ship in February…..

Nicole Hanifan says:

How do you know if the inside cabin has that feature or not?

Its YoMama says:

Obviously they cheated in description about balcony. that’s just my opinion.

DiamondSword gaming says:

The camera is at the front

Cesar Archila says:

yep, first vídeo i’ve seen from you… suscribed 🙂 what a cool room!

CupcakeMafia says:

I”m so glad the bathroom has a glass door. The shower curtains on carnival are so annoying , i almost fell through it while taking a shower once 🙁

Άννα Μπούση says:

finaly someone mentioned about crap bathrooms curtain.god I hate them to!also i agree so much with you about the design for cruise ships and rooms etc.we have been on NCL epic to!May ’15!

Borax says:

I’d like a virtual ocean breeze.

lucontin says:

Congratulation for your videos, you give good information, thanks.

bushyconn says:

Do you see the storm when it happens, or is it always sunny? I love to watch the lightning playing. Is there any sound on the virtual balcony??

acappella says:

I’d complain because every virtual balcony’s remote control absolutely must be in working order!! Priorities, people. S’kay, I was jumping the gun a tad re: the virtual balcony and as a result, I shall walk in a silly manner for a day. At home. Even if my cat is watching. <3

Sean Scott says:

very informative video as always Morgan… I am definitely a budget cruiser and was wondering if the virtual balconies were worth it..Thanks!! Glad to see you are having a ball on your cruise…remote control…lol

The cubing Chicken says:

We just got back from the NCL breakaway our first cruise with a balcony now my mom says she’s never cruising without a balcony again …..or a drink package .I loved the balkony

Steve H says:

I think the pull down bar in the closet is for putting a small suitcase on

Mr Tony Stank says:

We were lucky enough to stay in the Presidential suite. It was amazing, and super nice when you have a family of 8 and you’re traveling with another family of 5. (No we didnt all stay in the presidential suite xD) One of my favorite cruise ships so far.

myworld 41 says:

Hey Morgan great video!! Question… have you ever been on the Carvinal Sensation? Do you have a video about it?

Don's Family Vacations says:

would be really cool if you could switch the screen from outside view to a big screen tv at night.

Heather at the Helm says:

Morgan, do you know if the bed can be separated? I am running into a problem with the Oasis class of ships not having rooms with enough beds for me and my three kids. None of the rooms smaller than a suite have a pullman bunk that comes down and so we would either need to get two rooms or a suite, apparently. And I just know my sons would rather not share a bed and my daughter and I would prefer not to share a bed, so I’m wondering if that bed can be split.

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