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This video is about a Full WalkThrough tour on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the seas.
Freedom of the Seas Sailings
Independence of the Seas Sailing

Oasis of the Seas Sailings

Allure of the Seas Sailings


ginalynmorrison says:

Nice video…. your laugh cracked me up

Matthew Tully says:


Alex K says:

Lowkey a pedo?

iscara irva says:

What if ISIS attacks it !!! boooooom tetris for ISIS

Justin J says:

I ate at the pizza place every day!

Yernaj Nataras says:

that’s not freedom that’s oasis of the seas



Ashlyn Urban says:

Alr let me ask … why did u use the same footage for the independence of the seas ?? U showed the same person jogging and ur kids watching movies . This is supposed to be freedom of the seas I’m guessing it’s not , no hate on you at all but I’m just asking why did u do that

Brsyden Miller says:

Loved that ship my stay was awesome

Catsie Games says:

do you still accumulate royal caribbean points if you book through a travel agent?

DJ Wolve says:

That’s OASIS OF THE SEAS, you are such a pleb

Sharon C says:

What restaurant venues, including ice creams, cookies, etc. are included, and which are for a fee?

Dennis Reyes says:

What are the perks if staying in Owners Suite (Diamond Crown & Anchor members)? Free internet?

BloxzGaming y vlogs says:

I’m going on that cruise in 2 months

Reef2480 says:

Can’t wait for our honeymoon June 2! Counting the days. Great vid

Will Reddish says:

Did you know that the food from the fancy restaurant is the same food from the windjammer cafe… and I know this because I went on independence of the seas and I got a steak from both and ate them… again taste the same

Juan Fer says:

One question, I can find there Sauna?

divya sapra says:

The ship looks pretty cool

Caleb Jackson says:

This is similar to the independence of the seas

Ludmila Dorfman says:

We’re doing the holiday ship this year – super excited!! Any additional recommendations for 8 & 12 year old kids? Or special ways to save on shore excursions? Awesome video – thank you!!!

Orlando Cruz says:

Ship looks bigger in the inside that it does on the outside., It looks so modern

Jelb8 Elberfeld says:

Can’t wait for the 31st of March!

Amarjit Singh says:

Hi, We want to book RCI – Europe from 7 nights…can you get me better rate…thanks. nice video. btw.. thanks

Red Robin says:

why would you book that room? cheap very cheap

Xnxkflro ok says:

cool ship

Keleah Brown says:

Everyone in the comments hates his laugh, I LOVE IT lmao it’s so funny

ladygwen22 says:

Thank you for making this video. Going on FOS for my first cruise ever. I have not been able to find your website nor the number you mentioned. Do you offer any special pricing for first responders? (EMT/Firefighter)

I hope I meet someone like you and your boys on my trip. You all seem like you know how to really enjoy yourselves and would make awesome cruise buddies.

dan mormino says:

Sailing on the freedom in august 2019, same week i sailed on harmony in 2018 actually. don’t know how i’ll be able to be happy with this amazing ship after being exposed to the luxuries that harmony had to offer! love the itinerary for my cruise! but a few years ago i sailed on independence and had a ball!

alan mather says:

We will be on freedom this summer, 1st time on freedom can’t wait, love to see royal not have Johnny rockets, I’d rather have them have a Jimmy buffet margaritaville grill on there be so much better, I did Johnny rockets in 05, it’s same thing I got at home it’s like a sonic hamburger store

Valeria Diaz says:

That is chupi cool

Potatis says:

Is the food and dessert in the promenade free?

Matthew Tully says:


Rita Guilbeault says:

Seven of us went on Freedom of the seas. It was my first cruise in 50 years. January 2011 the seas were so rough we could not tender to a port. I love to swim but could not because none of the pools are heated. They depend on the local climate to heat the water. Couldn’t swim until the last three days of our 10 day cruise. Had to ask for a refund of soda pop ticket because the diet coke tasted so terrible it was hard to drink.
Dining room food was usually just passable but I loved the food at the Windjammer buffet.
Consider your tipping to staff. We prepaid our gratuities, but the staff quite obviously wanted more. Handing out envelopes and puppy dog looks. Hand cash to them personally so it goes to the appropriate person for above and beyond services. I heard that the cruise line pays low wages because they expect tips.
The best entertainment was ice skating on board ship in the middle of the Caribbean, and I am from Canada.
Liked our cabin with ocean view but get a balcony for sure. Beds were comfortable. Room service was free then but apparently not anymore so it is deffinately not worth it.
Dresscodes are not strictly, strickly inforced thank God. Some people just don’t have it. Don’t show up in a bathing suit though.
Many children just left unattended to run around the ship. Very annoying, staff never cared nor did anything even in adult areas and pools.
Port excursions were expensive and usually sold out anyway. Port time seemed never enough not to feel rushed.
Royal Caribbean’s ships have very “flashy” decors that can be very hard on the brain. Lots of chrome, brass, bright colored carpets and lots of noise.
I do not think we got our money’s worth and will probably not use this cruise line again especially with all the claw backs and extra costs.

Erica Jiang says:

the ship is amazing

Eshal Ikram says:


ויויאן חזן says:

Hi Jason, I just paid for a 7 night cruise sailing on May 28th. I live in Europe and I’m sailing from Barcelona.
What did you mean by “It’s possible to change the reservation and do it through your company”?
I would appreciate receiving information and prices about shore excursions.
How can I get additional information about the different food options and its costs?

Unai H.T says:

I am from BRAZIL ,are u from gere too ?someone ?

Artri00 says:

would love to experience traveling on cruise ship one day when i am older

Danny Jane says:

We are sailing on the Freedom in three months. I was very interested to see this video to give me an idea what to expect, but your terrible shakey cam and jerky speedup/slowdown, fast shifting, and weird camera angles got me so sick I had to stop before you left the Lido deck. Next time you want to review a ship–or anything else–please have a little consideration for viewers who might want to watch without losing their lunches.

Andy Neufeld says:

I love the ship

Unai H.T says:

How much cost 5 nights??

Kate R says:

Tell me why he plugs like a million times

John Mooradian says:

We were on this in 07 and it was nice, but no comparison to the Allure, and we’re going on Harmony in October. We booked with icruise. I didn’t know about your company until the other day.


I’m doing a vlog on this for sure

jeffereyjohnson2007 says:

What is your website

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