Enchantment of the Seas Royal Caribbean Video Tour Walkthrough

Read our full review of Enchantment of the Seas here at Cruise Fever:

This video of Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas was shot in April of 2018 and shows about every part of the ship. The video starts with the pool deck and works it’s way down deck by deck from there. Check out https://cruisefever.net for more cruise tips and reviews.


TigerMotionPictures says:

Can’t wait

Adam Rust says:

Looks to be a very nice ship to take a first cruise on. I will be taking a 3 nighter to Bahamas leaving from Orlando in March of 2019. Thanks for posting this video for those of us who have never been on the ship before to see some of whats on it.

Luke The Explorer vlog channel says:

I’m going on that tomorrow

Diann Hazelton says:

what a great video! nice and slow for us to really see.

Fla Gal says:

I hope to hear lots of steel drum music when I go. I don’t want to hear music that is played on the radio.

supergeorgios says:

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Thierry dit karpov says:

thank you for your video hello from paris

Lindsay Drummond says:

It is nice if you want a smaller ship but they didn’t have everything open for a 3-day cruise. We all took runners and the wall climbing and jumper were never open due to “wind”. The children’s area was much smaller than it appeared on video and not really appropriate for anyone over six years of age. The food was really good and with little to do on the ship it was easy to attend the limited eating times.

Kevin Howard says:

Fun fact. she is the longest in her Class because they ripped her apart in the middle and added 73 feet. The company had planned to do it to more ships but the cost of doing just the one ship was astronomical that they decided not to do it again. (I think it cost them like $300 million to do). I suggest not using their internet. Its expensive as hell. it was like $9/hr or like $170 for the entire cruise. Um where is everyone? lol

Stephanie Mac says:

Sailing on EOTS April 8th,2019. 4 night Bahamas..

ShakaJacka Joe says:

Just booked my cruise May 17 to May 22, 2019 who else is coming?

joshua johnson says:

thats a grate cruise ship

Bill Campbell says:

Excellent video. Was on Enchantment in 2015 to the Bahamas. Some parts I don’t recall unless it’s been changed around a bit. Smaller and older than the others in the fleet, but was so at ease and impressed by a very hospitable and hard working crew. Thanks for this.


cool. thanks…

Alan Rothfuss says:

I just took a cruise on this ship and had a good time. But, this ship is in dire need of maintenance. The hull is literally covered in spots of rust, corrosion and wear. The stern is so dirty it looks like a freighter. The interior is very nice and well maintained – but the exterior is sad. Looks like a 20 year old ship that the line is putting little effort in keeping nice. In fact, in Nassau, they had to drain the kids pool because it started to leak. The handrails were all worn – needing refinishing. The ship is over 20 years old, and I suspect RC is slating it to be sold/scrapped sometime in the future. Its at EOL. On the upside, the crew was amazingly friendly, helpful and always smiling. Great experience (albeit the condition of the ship).

SFXGroup says:

I was on this board about 2010, heres the thing, its a 20 year old boat now, it was re-fitted before 2010, however you can see alot of the old mechanics and parts they tried to refit.

The newer boats all have automatic sliding doors, this one didnt, back when it was build that wasnt something they fitted, the re-fit tried to fit some doors like this but not all.

Also it was extended, the boat was cut in 2, then extended (the upper deck with those HUGE bridge walkways were the extended added parts), you would never know by looking at it, it was done VERY well.

It is a very nice boat, i really liked it when i was aboard, if its the same captain he would walk the whole boat between 1-3am, so if your on deck you will see him and he will talk with you, real nice guy…

Park1way Way1park says:

Nice, excited about going, great footage!

Dawn Tucker says:

gorgeous. ship. we went on her last yr in August. planning to go on the ship again Next October for Cozumel and Costa Maya

Dawn Tucker says:

we had a great time. everything was excellent from the food to the service

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