Dining on a Cruise Ship: What’s Included? Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

When on a cruise ship like the Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas, there are many different dining options. Take a walk around and see them all!

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Jun Glo says:

Great video, thank you! We are going to the S. Caribbean on the FOS in May. Can you take food from Café Promenade off the ship for lunch on beach?

XboxPharmacy says:

if you’re vegetarian I definitely would say just stick with the Buffet. I ate a cagneys steakhouse on the Norwegian spirit and I have yet to have a steak that good. the main dining room food I’ve found is sometimes a little better then the Buffet too.

Doctor Ya Ya Creator of Ecstasy says:

You brought up a very interesting point with the DEDICATED cupcake store. The “specialty cupcake” fad came and went. It was a hot thing for like one year and RCI decided to build out an area dedicated to this fad and I’m guessing they really would like to get in a time machine and re think that. I would expect this venue to be gone at next dry docking. It’s taking up valuable retail space and I have no doubt it’s not turning a profit like they hoped it would. Common sense is why pay for it when I can get it for free one deck up!!

Abi Walters says:

the nom noms hahahah

Halsey Robert says:

i want to go on a cruise someday how do i choose

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

Ref 9:36 – Yea, that buffet lineup looks reeeally great!
From reading the comments below, a lot of people shared that the reason they like to eat at the MDR is because the wait at the buffet line is long, and that it is always a pain to try to look for an available table after getting the food. Is this your experience since you have mostly eaten at the buffets?

Ref 11:01 – Restaurant outdoor seatings
Yea, RCCL sounds like they are really behind the times with this … and this is also why I am going with NCL. 🙂

Also, just from watching vids for RCCL ships (the newer mega ships), I think their interior, the “Promenade” area, is like a giant mall in the city, with many of the mall regular venues like Sorrento’s and similar mall-like fare. When I go on a cruise to get away, I want things that are different and novel, not the kind of stuff that is available to me everyday and everywhere when I am at home.

Lastly, what I don’t get is people’s love for cupcakes! It’s just a cake with cream on the top; other than this, there is nothing special about them–taste the same as the comparable cakes in regular format (like slices).

Sustainable Sierra says:

Will I, as a vegan, be able to enjoy the food on a Royal Caribbean cruise?  According to the menus in your video, it looks like a challenge.

Deidre Swanstrom says:

Enjoy your videos, my brother fell over laughing over your how to fall off a cruise ship video. Like the way to describe the different dining options on the ships. Our only room service is the morning breakfast my wife likes in the room. I prefer to go to the upper deck for a coffee and a bit later the buffet breakfast. Understand about the outside dining, the best place to watch a ship come into a port is with a coffee at a table in the open air.

Stuart Twiddy says:

we love the MDR. we eat breakfast lunch and dinner there whenever we can!

Sue Dalsing says:

I like buttercream icing on cake. You get that at the cupcake cupboard and usually nowhere else on the ship. I don’t like the cheap whipped cream icing that you get on most cakes. Also, the free ice cream on the pool deck and in the buffet is usually soft serve chocolate or vanilla or maybe strawberry and the ben and jerry’s is….ben & jerry’s.

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

Ref 4:32 – One of the main reasons for going to the specialty restaurants …
Hmmm, Morgan, I will be cruising solo comes June; I have heard that the specialty restaurants on NCL Escape have awesome food, and I was going to get the UDP so that I may eat at a few specialty restaurants during the cruise. Based on what you’ve said, then it may not be a good idea for me to do it then … since I will be dining solo (romantic & intimate atmosphere and solo sounds kind of strange, haha)?

Evelyn Bui says:

You start out saying you’ll show what’s free but so many are charged.

PinkHawk191 says:

I will be having some Ben And Jerry’s on the cruise me and my mom are going on in a couple days on Royal Caribbean is because I have Celiac in which I can’t have gluten. Ben And Jerry’s is one of the only places for dessert that is safe for me to eat at.

Alc Klur says:

The quality of the food in the dining hall is better

Morgan Meader says:

Breakfast in the main dining room is really grand. Everyone should try it and see if they like it. The service, the rich foods, the selection, the view, amazing!

Alex Bisou says:

Thank you, I want to travel away and I was wondering how do I pay my meals. Great video!!!

karateday says:

My reason for choosing to purchase a dessert or food from specialty areas is simple, not every dessert or food is available everyplace on the ship. Think of it like buying a car, if you want a Mercedes, do you but a Ford instead just because their both cars? Variety is the spice of life!

Lewis Thick says:

Ur boss is calling why ain’t u at work?

kelly reimer says:

Vision and Allure of the seas each have a Johnny Rockets

Nicky Collazo says:

What song was playing at 9 minutes?

Mark Mitch says:

great video !!!! i heard breakfast at johnny rockets is free?? can you confirm this?

RacinZilla003 says:

I was on Freedom of the Seas 5 years ago and despite having only been on it for one week, I long to return just for Johnny Rockets D:

gategirl2262 says:

Your videos are awesome. I got a cupcake from the cupcake shop due to allergies and they could make it so I could eat it. Don’t have any in the windjammer or pramanod I can eat. Did it once half way through.

k. rich says:

I sure would like to go on this cruise bc carnival pizza was trash…so nasty

Ethan hsu says:

Washie washie who gets the refrenace

Kevin Kevin says:

I’ve cruised on RCL, Disney and Carnival. Carnival has won us over with multiple cruises. I’ve done Johnny Rockets on RC, but we prefer Guys Burgers on Carnival. Awesome burgers and fries without an upcharge.

captainjag12 says:

FYI for new cruisers there is really no reason to spend all that extra $$ on upcharge restaurants. There are as many as 8 places to eat for free and the food is great!

Paul Gill says:

Today me and my family came back from a holiday on the stunning Freedom Of The Seas around the Med and having watched your video on what is included and what is not I went with a confidence of where to go to stay in with my ‘All Inclusive’ budget.
I believe it is totally worthwhile eating at the large elegant Galileo’s/Leonardo’s dining room, the food is so nice and very posh that we ate every night there in Galileo’s. Three courses that included fruity soup as a starter is an absolute must and they will bring you a second helping if you ask! Not the forgetting the fine dining quality of the other two courses.
The Windjammer is standard ‘All You Can Eat’ fayre but in my opinion is not of a high standard in terms of cooking as that of the main dining room, for example I found the steak tough and difficult to swallow. We spent every morning there as the breakfast had such variety and was very nice. Chocolate milk was in addition to the fruit juices that was chilled in ice and a very welcome start to the day.
We did not eat at Sorrento’s especially after eating pizza in Rome and the home of pizza in Naples.
I believe that there are enough places that provide lots of different options within the all inclusive section, but the non inclusive restaurants did look nice for a special occasion and those we spoke to who eat there said they were very nice.
I would also like to add the drinks package; we paid for the alcohol package as we knew we would drink enough to warrant spending the cash. Cocktails come in at around $8 and go as high as $14 each but the alcohol package only goes as far as $12 and anything higher you have to pay the difference, not something we were told when buying the package. In fact we were told it covered everything but bottles of wine and champagne also have a limit on your drinks package. The Coca-Cola drinks bottles for the kids are great in theory, your kids can go to any fizzy drinks machine and top up with a wide variety of fizzy drink among them are some I had never seen before. In reality, they work for a few days and then stop recognising the cup and deny you any drink. You then have to stand in a long queue at the main desk whilst they sort it out on the system until they do it again the next day. This was a problem for many this last week and whilst you can fill up at the poolside bars it is still a nuisance.
A few complaints there but I think that if you do your homework and read many reviews then you will be as ready as you can ever be. I do agree that (unless you want to visit those restaurants and shops) there is no need to fork out for a muffin or ice cream or posh meal when there are places that provide it all in your prepaid package.
Love your videos, very informative and very watchable. They gave me a lot of valuable info that I was extremely grateful for.

TriceBKnowles says:

We’re going on Independence of the Seas ( Sister ship of Freedom) in December 2017. I’ve always wondered if the Cup Cake shop and other eateries in the promenade were included in the cost. you are the ONLY one who answered those questions for me. I knew about the specialty restaurants but no one could tell me about the promenade and specifically the cup cakes! Thank you!! Very helpful! Thank you thank you thank you!

Michaela says:

Navigator of the seas December 22nd out of miami

Cameron Powell says:

The num-nums XD

Thank you Jesus says:

I’m Irish okay, but why would anyone pay a couple of thousand dollars for a cruise and then pay extra for food when the food is plentiful in buffets and the other areas this man is presenting to us? Wise is to eat well for free and save dough for some nice presents for your wife and or family, right?

Charnell Pinckney says:

Ummm, just wondering, why didn’t you cover Jade Sushi with Chops and Giovannis?

H A Bracken says:

On some of the RC ships, there’s outdoor seating at the Windjammer. At least on the Jewel of the Seas. The smaller ships.

Kimberly H. says:

Great video! We always go to the restaurants with the upcharge. With it being just my husband and I, we find the chaos of the buffet and the small dinner menu in the Main Dining room not to our preference. Plus, we’re there to spend quality time with each other not other people. We don’t drink alcohol so the smaller, quieter restaurants are our splurge! For breakfast, we usually do room service and eat on the balcony. We’ll be going on our 3rd RC cruise in November! First time on Freedom!

Halsey Robert says:

if i take my man purse to a cruise ship buffet can i put cookies and desserts in it to take back to the room?

annie mynoa aguilar says:

Thank you so much, I’m leaving to my first cruise this december and i was so nervious about what was included. Thanks again

Beth Campbell says:

We LOVE Johnny Rockets and would highly recommend the extra charge for it!

Stuart Twiddy says:

dude at 4:15 couldnt look back enough!

BlayzedBlue says:

Just subscribed. Very informative videos, and you’re a good presenter. I’ve been thinking about taking a cruise the last few years, and wanted to know everything involved. You’re helping a lot. One question: are any of the restaurants/bars, open 24 hours?

Susana Escobar says:

Great video do you know if they sell bottled apple juice or different juices

ZackAttack Missouri says:

Great video. Chops on Allure if the Seas and the Brazilian restaurant are both phenomenal

k. rich says:

Omg real ice cream!!!!! And cupcakes???? Yes!!!! I must go

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