Cruise To Cuba on Royal Caribbean”s Empress of the Seas – Aug 7, 2017

I used my Gopro camera to film this vlog and it’s a little bit shaky but I have a lot of footage from Havana and around the ship, plus my own review and travel tips to Cuba at the end of the video.
For travel information to Cuba or on any other Royal Caribbean Cruise please contact International Tours and Cruises at 215-293-0391

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Troll Games 1 says:

I was just on that ship

_SeAn_ says:

I have a condo in Key West at 23:55 you can see the white buildings dat is it

Beatriz Atiles says:

Can you do the US dollar exchange at the cruise

Milwaukee Mike says:

Two thumbs up! I love your videos. Keep up the great work.

evilkittie2103 says:

At about 15:01 your daughter had on THE CUTEST outfit. I die!

Silvia Diaz says:

Thank you for sharing this. And thank u so much for explaining the whole “you cant lay on the beach all day” concept. Too many americans think they’ll show up & lay out, and many dont want to understand that thats not how it works. Your segment at the end was excellent- i didnt know about the tourist currency. I look forward to your next cruise!

Sathandra Camplin says:

Hi I would just like to know if the visit is only for Americans or does that qualify for people from other countries?

Imogene Weston says:

Same thing happened to me. The woman touched inside my toiletries bag with those gloves. Swiped my new backpack. And I have TSA.

Katrina Frazier says:

Miss u have saved the day with ur vlog! thanks! im so happy u shared ur trip and I am booked on and Empress of the Sea ovean view with obstruction looking at the lifeboats i was so worried but seeing it from your perspective and experience the room is not bad, i see sun light! and thats good enough for me! thanks again!

Jeannie's channel says:

Hi, I enjoyed your vlog very much. Thank you for sharing it. I’m going on the Empress in a couple of weeks and I’m wondering how much American money you exchanged. Was it enough and how much you recommend exchanging at a time? Thank you in advance for you help.

sierra johnson says:

Thanks for this!

AlohaVacation says:

Love your natural style!

Dawna Seawell says:

When you went to Boosterlandia where you still on the Royal Best of Havana tour?

nesa1095 says:

Hi! Thank you much for the video! I will be on that ship in October. Also going to Cuba. It’s my first cruise and I was wondering how the restaurants work. I saw you go to the buffet and that said it’s included but what about dinner. Where did you eat dinner? Is that included. I prepaid gratuities when I booked and I don’t even know what that covers!! Lol

Cameron Palma says:

Do you have any advice for taking this cruise with a 19 month old baby?

Kathy Bird says:

Cemetary well cared for

Raver Magik says:

Your table was 420? Thats cool. Your daughter (im guessing thats your daughter) does not look please with you filming her lol.. A TIP for all americans going to cuba.. if your flying into tampa to go to the ship if you go to the currency counter in the tampa airport and exchange your dollars for Swiss Franc’s (CHF is the exchange symbol) You lose like 2.8 cent in exchange.. When you exchange the swiss franc for the CUC you get that 3 cents back in exchange and they do not charge you the 10 percent charge due to it not being usd. so you really dont lose anything in the exchange. Just a tip for anyone going… I want to go however its probably going to be next year. Thanks for all the details on the cruise. thumbs up for the vid.

Nelvin Largoza says:

Thanks so much for your video… we leave on Sept 18th sail. I found that your opinions and videos are true and honest! Not expecting much about the ship as we focused on the destination! Thanks again!

RogersVLG says:

You’re very entertaining, thanks for the video

joelh's vlog says:

go on oasis and see how much you get lost i went on it last winter it is huge you shold tri it

Damond Gordon says:

Great video! I’m not going to Cuba but I am traveling on the Empress next year. It was great to see a glimpse of life on a cruise ship. This will be my first cruise and vacation ever. Thanks!

Ashiraya M says:

Thanks for awesome review about food on board.

Paul McCullough says:

Excellent video review! We are doing this itinerary next year on Empress, but with Cozumel in place of Key West. I loved your commentary… some parts made me laugh… overall though very informative. Being a cruise blogger and reviewer myself, I truly wanted to know what shape Empress was in, and this video helped me understand that she looks very good! Thank you! (

Chagrin Valley-Web says:

great info, thank you!

David dk Kerr says:

Extremely odd… yet informative. Going on a cruise to CUBA is there a better ship to go on?

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