Coco Cay (Royal Caribbean’s Bahamas Private Island) Tour & Review with The Legend

The Legend shows you around Coco Cay, which is Royal Caribbean’s private island in the Bahamas. This video takes you around the islands beaches, bars (including the floating bar), waterslide, aquapark, food, cabanas and more

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Clint Novak @clintnovak
Drew The Intern @drewtheintern
The Legend @inthelooplegend
Little Spoon Kenny @intheloopkenny

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Pay Less says:

Do you need a passport if your coming from us ?

Emily Goosherst-2020 says:

I’m 17 and going on a cruise in December here, any tips?

chibicat3 says:

Coco locos were soooo refreshing compared to the piña colatts

Idannia Blanco says:

someone got kill @ 8:30 minute not a friendly place. lol

Lauri Carlson says:

Happy Halloween to you guys in the loop

Rj Cali says:

Cell phones work??

Laura hampton says:

Does anyone know if any food is free on the island if your part of the cruise?

MarkLIVE! Drones The World says:

It feels “fake” as hell everywhere you looked. Lol. Plus the everywhere you go has a price tag on it. Lol. But the point is to relax, drink, and have fun and get in the water.

CoasterPro says:

The stingray excursion there is really awesome

joyce hewitt says:

Make a bigger one I wouldn’t.t good

Dottyb B says:

You always do a great job with your videos and reviews. Very thorough and helpful. I just subscribed. 🙂

Damani Baraka says:

I don’t care for private islands owned by the cruise line. They charge what they want,no negotiations. On other islands you can negotiate or take a private tour for 1/4 the price. Just make sure it anything’s goes wrong you still get back on time with a couple of hours to spare. You’re held hostage on the private islands.

GachaXPiper says:

This is great thanks! what ship did you sail

Shayne Nolden says:

Thanks for the video. We are going in a few weeks and wanted to know what to expect. Are there lockers available. I hate to just leave my stuff on the beach while we are swimming. If there are lockers…is there a charge? If there is a charge, how do you pay for them: cash/change, credit card, ship card? Thanks!

richard none says:

i love that island i have been on it many times also right next door is NCL private iSland great stirrup cay also fantastic island both are building a dock so you wont have to use tenders anymore
richard in the tropics

Michael Sweeting says:

Should have salt water pools!

CoasterPro says:

I frickin love that island and all of it’s wild chickens running around!

Doug Miller says:

What time is coco cay open till?

Stanley Russell says:

Just left there last week on the 17th had a ball

Stephanie Ware says:

was there vegetarian options for those hat do not eat meat

Adam Rust says:

That is one awesome looking place. Will be headed there in March of 2019 on a 3 night cruise from Orlando. Cant wait.

Laura Mahan says:

What was your first choice of private island? Talked so fast lol

Jevon Thompson says:

Where do you book the cabanas?

Timo Tatro# says:

Hate to be nickel and dimed by companies…. Upcharge Upsmarge

Garcia Andres says:

This might sound like a stupid question but hey is there anyplace in this island that the food is included with the cruise or do you have to pay extra? If the food is not included with the cruise then is it really expensive or good price and do they accept debit cards?

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