Carnival vs Royal Caribbean…Which Is Better?

In this video in Marcus’ Corner, Marcus talks about the big cruise question. Out of Carnival and Royal Caribbean which cruise line is the best?

Check out the video to see his answer!


Entertainers Plus says:


047 says:

thank you for the feedback. i have try carnival in the past.But for my next one i want to try the royal caribbran. on my experience on the carnival, they are really good, and its like you said they are a lot of youngters in the carnival cruise.

Ngozi Campbell says:

I think Carnival is very friendly and helpful

limeyosu2000 says:

haven’t done RC yet but want to cause their ships are newer and bigger, but I have done 2 carnival cruises and staff is always super friendly! keep hearing that RC’s food is better, but I never thought Carnival’s was that bad. Carnival is def a booze cruise waiters can’t stop offering you booze, even when you sunbath! not sure if RC is the same way, but I really want to do one of the Oasis ships that are huge they look amazing.

tammy dibbell says:

I have been on 18 cruises….Carnival was our very least favorite…We prefer Royal or NCL

Lisa Piratzky says:

Have been on both Carnival and Royal. I will say I liked the adults only area on the RC ship. They had a small pool, not just a hot tub. Carnival is my favorite hands down. Everything from room steward, food and activities on and off board. RC was a stuffy, more older adult based, without a lot going on. Carnival was fun for all, young and old. On Carnival, we met lots of crew who were always there to provide you anything you needed. On Carnival we met the Cruise Director and frequently saw him around the ship. On RC, we never saw a cruise director, never even got his name. The shows and activities on RC left a lot to be desired. I could go on and on, but all things considered, I will not cruise with RC again. It’s Carnival for me.

KH353493 says:

You nailed it bro, we are long time cruisers on Carnival and we went cruised on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas last spring, we had a good time however the night life was muted. Carnival had a better party atmosphere however Royal has beautiful ships. Two totally different experiences.

SuperSxeMatt says:

Great video Marcus my girlfriend and I are turning 21 this year and planning on taking a cruise in 2018 I’m just curious on what one to go with. Yes we wanna drink and have a good time but I dont wanna go on cruise with a ton of little kids running around. We kinda are more relax type of people and not big into the party thing. Just curious what one wil the be cruise to go on.

Bonnie M says:

Great video Marcus and Yes I agree its all about what you are looking for ,,, I went on Enchantment of the Seas with Royal Caribbean in 2014 To Bahamas I was really pissed off the way they had the weekend set up and Port as They had the supposed Captains dinner on Saturday night when we are in Port in Nassau all night so we are hustling to get back to ship to get ready and dress up in our new Beautiful captains dinner dresses on and go to what was thought to be a spectacular Captains Dinner night …. Which was very disappointing because it was just like any other night the food was great I have to add but BUT …… When we would had rather went down to Senior Frogs and had a Crazy time with the rest of the people ….Captains Dinner should be spectacular and the last day while out at sea and heading home …I Love the Singing and Dancing of the wait staff there awesome they did not have on this ship They did many years ago when I went on Carnival small Boat US Dolphin that was a great cruise we went on 28 of us it was a Mothers Day Cruise 1997 cost us on $200 IT WAS FUN …Yes I like Both Cruise Lines

v bee says:

marcus I’m taking my wife on our first cruise next month .Budget wise and fun wise who would you recommend. ..?

zigg3 says:

good review thumbs up check out my channel zigg3

abdurakhim adi says:

royal not good anymore

badgeshands says:

You left out entertainment.

Geneice Mitchell says:

I love Royal

Jeremy Finnie says:

thanks dude you’re awesome !! answered most of my questions the right way good looks

Roberto Rodriguez says:

Thanks. Been on 9 carnival cruised and thinking about going on RCL

Bubu Dash says:

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Shaileen and Kurt Vlogs says:

Great video dude. We are looking into more cruises and were deciding between the two. Thanks again!

Zach Ott says:

I’ve been on multiple cruises (Royal and Carnival) and Carnival just does not compare to Royal. Royal Caribbean line is the best in business. Everything is clean and up to par. Idk what it is about Carnival but they can’t keep up. You can just tell the difference in the people that work on the ship and even who are passengers. Royal is just a nicer and better cruise line.

Bruce Monts says:

Thanks very insightful so bigger doesn’t always mean better when talking about cruise ships

Rachel Milton says:

My husband and I went to RC this past January for our 20th wedding anniversary and overall it was a good experience. The drawback was the entertainment. It’s not for black people. Next year we’re going to cruise with Carnival so we’ll see.

Kirsten Wall says:

Thanks Marcus really helpful.

Gloria Koch says:

Looking for a cruise to Alaska this summer. I have been on both. We took RC to Alaska several years ago. However, we found the RC ship was practically deserted by 9:00 p.m. In fact, the first night we ended up at a “bar” where several staff were stationed and that was all that was there, just staff. They begged us to stay and dance, even offered to put all the booze away because we had 2 underage girls with us. We did have one incident that we were extremely unhappy with. They had a teen club (where all the kids were definitely pre-teens). They sent these kids out with Polaroid cameras to find “hotties” on board. Then they posted the pictures on a large board at the entrance to the club. Unfortunately, since these were pre-teens, our girls thought nothing about chatting and ended up getting their names and stateroom numbers posted along with their pictures. Not a good thing for the girl to do, but the staff should have supervised the activity better and not listed names and numbers. When the girls told us about it, we immediately when to the club and took down the pictures and information. Any adult could just walk in, as we did. The damage had already been done. We ended up getting calls at 2:00, 3:00, sometimes drunks. We tried to talk to the captain about our concerns but he refused to speak with us, designating another ship’s staff, the activities director, to speak with us instead. We weren’t looking for any monetary refund, etc., we just wanted the practice stopped. Our travel agent also contacted the company, all to no avail. So for several years now, we have been boycotting RC. There was another more minor incident. When we went ashore for activities and ended up buying something, I placed all the plastic bags in a separate place to take home as reminders of our trip. Our steward went into our cabin during evening activities, before our bags had to be placed in the hallway, went through all our drawers, and threw out all the bags! So I ended up with no bags! I have bags from every cruise I have been on but none from our Alaska cruise. The tip envelope for that steward contained a $1 bill! There are times when Service can be too good! I have never had a steward go through our drawers like that before. Also, the day bed the girls slept on was broken. It was never fixed the whole cruise! By the last couple of nights, the girls were sleeping on the floor on the cushions from the bed. Like I said, I’ve avoided RC since this cruise. We are taking 2teens on an Alaska cruise again, do the Carnival or Princess cruises have more night life on them? The RC cruise practically shut down after the evening show.

It's A Jones World says:

Going on our second Carnival Cruise and we like carnival but sounds like Royal is a more mature cruise line if you want a relaxed vacation without the extra frills of party atmosphere. I plan to try Royal at some point but I love carnival and what they represent and I also plan to try Princess which is owned by Carnival corp.

Travel Hub 365, Inc. says:

We love cruises!

The Floyd Family Vlogs says:

We just did the Allure too it was a little stuffy but it was a gorgeous ship! I am going to try Carnival in March.

Angie Horne says:

I enjoyed listening to your review.  I had the same experience with RC as far as the staff.  Although everyone was nice and very polite….Carnival just seems to make it their mission to make you feel special from the moment you board and I find that I really enjoy being made feel like a queen for a week!  I heard you say that you had cruised on the Carnival Dream.  We have booked our cruise on the Dream for next year.  What thoughts or tips can you give us?  I have read a wide variety of reviews and would like your input.

Lavender Butterflies says:

So far we have only done 2 cruises, both on RCCL and I have to say that as big and as beautiful as Allure of the Seas is, I enjoyed our cruise on Independence of the Seas a lot better. The staff was friendlier, the food was better and etc. I certainly enjoyed my cruise on Allure, but bigger is definitely not better. The funny thing is we are booked on Oasis of the Seas for later this year (2017) and it’s identical to Allure. We shall see.

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