Caribbean Princess review

Caribbean Princess review. It’s been five years since I was on the Caribbean Princess so I thought I’d better review the ship before my Holiday cruise this year. so has anything changed on the Caribbean Princess in five years? well the good news is the Caribbean Princess just had an major refurb. in 2017.

so let’s review the Caribbean Princess to see if it’s a good ship.

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Valerie Foster says:

It’s fun seeing you so happy!

Halsey Robert says:

I can’t wait to see videos from your trip

mrsnetrix says:

Looks brilliant Don. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Can’t wait for our sapphire princess trip on the med. I’m looking forward to the theatre shows too. We have only 7 ports I think perfect for me over 2 wks as mobility issues but want to really enjoy the ship too and take full advantage of days at sea. Enjoy

Sue loves cruises says:

love this ship

Gus Ferguson says:

very cool, 1st cruise in three years? I hope you have fun! We’re going on our 1st one in 10 years in March.

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

Yayyyy, I am excited for ya!!! Soooo wonderful to be able to do a holiday cruise and ring in the New Year on a beautiful ship. *This* will be on my bucket list too. 🙂

Ruth Kelso says:

Thanx for reviewing the Caribbean Princess. Princess is my favorite cruise line and you are my favorite guy to talk about cruising.

Jennie Spooner says:

Im so happy for you you deserve it ..relax have fun ..have lots of fun…..Is your nephew still going with you ?

Kawanna Hardy says:

Sounds fantastic!! I hope you really enjoy yourself. Can’t wait to see the footage!

QualityChildcare1 says:

Love this Ship and I am so excited for you too! Very well deserved.

Pam S. says:

Have a great holiday! I love ships at Christmas/New Years! Wish I could convince my extended to do a cruise instead of the tension filled, stressful emotional ticking time bomb two weeks on the calendar thing… ugh.

Ginger Rogers says:

You deserve all good things coming your way !!

L Chapman says:

A Christmas cruise is a good reason to get choked up.  It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to.  Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your fun cruises!

Movieboys says:

yes I can tell your excited lol

Disineyfreakz says:

I knew you were going to do this ship next lol

Virginia lohrey says:

Wish you the best cruise ever & the best of health. ….I would be totally excited also if I was going on a cruise for the holidays….

Jim Baxter says:

Have a great time Don. Looking forward to the videos.

Dina Autry says:

So exciting! I would love to do a holiday cruise! You’ve earned this one Don, your gonna have a blast!

KarrenK says:

looking forward to the footage from your trip

jason B says:

that’s cool it was redone just for you 🙂

madiantin says:

I’m pretty excited for you!  I hope you have a really great time.  Looking forward to your review when you get back. =)


Exciting alright. A lot of my fun is mostly to do with dance activities, so I look forward to finding out what they are on your cruise, especially given the age group factor. Some quick video shots at those events would be cool, if possible.

Ebba Lytle says:

This ship looks perfect for hubby and I as well… but I’m still fighting health issues so not quite yet. 🙂 I hope you have a truly wonderful trip and I’m looking forward to seeing the ship and trip. 🙂

Alex Burris says:

That’s a great adult-kid ratio. Book me Dano…I mean Don.

karthik raju says:

Your posts are very informative

I plan to take the same trip next year. I am from India and I am a vegetarian. Was wondering if there were any Indian/veg options in the buffet. Please post some info on that as well. Thank you.

Enjoy your trip and have a great time .☺

Voice of reason says:

I hope you have a great time after all you’ve been through the last few years

Terri Zielke says:

We were on this ship 6 years ago. I loved everything about it. It was a New England/Canada itinerary. We had such a great time, we’ve been talking about doing it again. Have a great time!

Ottawa Homes says:

looks like a great ship for adults

Cat Chat Fever says:

You deserve to be excited! I hope you have a fabulous time!

I Have Cancer says:

Now I know why it seems longer but thinner than other ships makes sense now thanks

balzirus says:

Easy there Don you animal! The level of excited you look I think is illegal in some countries lol.

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