Bermuda cruise. Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas (July 2018)

All you need to know about Royal Caribbean “Anthem of the Seas”. July 2018 cruise review.
The Bermuda Triangle Cruise.


Стас Свиридонов says:

Саша привет! Ну красота просто! Корабль огромный! Лайк и подписка)))) Голос за кадром твой?

Gregory Power says:

Beautifully done video. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Very well done! Cheers!

Edward Kanitra says:

I agree with much of what you covered in your video, and disagreed with a few others. The only thing that I feel obliged to single out is your assessment of the wait staff in the main dining rooms. We’ve sailed on the anthem twice, and have a 3rd trip coming up this winter. If I thought the staff was sub par in any way I would not sail multiple times on any ship. I think that the wait staff on the Anthem was friendly, attentive, and professional, and look forward to seeing them again.

Beth MacDonald says:

We will be taking our honeymoon in this ship in December. First cruise ever. Hope we have a great time – sad to hear that there is no evening entertainment – we thought that there was dancing at least?

Icebergz says:

I went on this ship from Southampton around the mediterranean back in 2015, I think we were one of the first waves to actually sail on this ship for a holiday. It was great, I’d love to go through it again. Nice to see if it has changed much, doesn’t seem to have. Great video! I loved the surfing and the skydiving experiences. Crazy to do on a ship.

Scar Santino says:

Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Angelica Ventura says:

Great video, we will be boarding this ship in January 2019.
What camera was this filmed with?

JodyAnnC_xo says:

Such a well crafted review! I’ll be sailing away on the anthem of the seas in just two weeks and this video made me 100 times more excited for my birthday vacation! Thank you for this.

2Bit Rasputin says:

Attractive couple. Nice tour. It’s amazing to see how empty most of the boat was, in quite a lot of shots.

john kean says:

How much did it cost?

Kathmandu N says:

Cool, after my second cruise it was the same thing, is not exciting anymore

TLB says:

Although the ship is beautiful we were very bored every night. No entertainment at the pool, no food after 9:00 except for pizza. We were in bed by 8 or 9 every night.

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