2017 Harmony Of The Seas Cruise and Review

Royal Caribbean Cruise, Labadee, Jamaica, and Cozumel Itinerary. Please like and comment! I answer all comments and questions. 🙂


Pamela Wood says:

Loved the Video! Looking forward to our cruise in August. I am concerned about the dining experiences. Should we make reservations for every night at specialty restaurants instead of the main dining room that is included?

Dwayne Babiarz says:

Isdise Cove kid friendly

Greim Davy says:

Just one more comment. It is refreshing to see a reasonably long video that doesn’t have swearing in it. Many you tubers swear and use language that I teach my boys not to use. Just about every movie we see now has swearing. Anyway thankyou for an excellent video.

Greim Davy says:

Thanks for your reply Chuck. May I ask how many GiG you have on your phone and is it a late model one. and What programme do you use to to edit. You have some nice music you have added. I am all new to this but would like to keep a record of my trip. Incidentally, I am 70 years old next year so my 12 year old boys will probably be taking the movies and photos. Yeas New Zealand is a lovely Country. I was born here as was my Mother and father and their parents. A number of Americans are making New Zealand their home.If you are thinking of immigrating you will always get a job in the New Zealand Police Force. Regards

Philana Davis says:

Awesome video. Very informative and funny. My husband and I will be cruising for the first time July 8th. I was wondering about the extremely expensive alcoholic packages. Is it possible to share a drink package instead of buying two.

Netr@nger says:

Thanks for the video,looks like a great holiday.

inna coma says:

That video was bloody unreal mate. I am in Newcastle Australia, and have done a Royal Caribbean Cruise only once before. We would love to hit the ocean on the Harmony after watching you vid mate.

Trace Creek says:

Complaining not stop!

HalinaB says:

what kind of camera did you use to take your video?

S Fen says:

wow great vid keep up the great work

Kasim Fatmi says:

hmmm, the room service is pretty sad, I’ve been sailing Disney for years and their food and room service is beyond anything I’ve had on my last Royal cruise. As far as the shops being closed at sea, I have no idea, I know the shops get closed at ports to avoid local taxes and fees of wherever it’s docked.

Nick Brewer says:

Okay, first: GO IRISH!!!! I love that you were reppin the irish the entire video. I am a diehard fan and i live in florida. I’ve never been able to come up for a game. I wish i could. One day i will. *sigh* Till that day…

My wife and i were planning on taking our 10 year wedding anniversary (in 2019) on Harmony. Your video really helps keeps us with a grounded perspective. However, i have to say that i am a little concerned for us taking the trip now because of the need to make so many reservations and some shops being closed. Makes me wonder what the point of taking this cruise is when we are looking for a stress free vacation with a barebones itinerary. Less plans=less to keep up with=less problems. So, i guess my question is: are we really going to have to structure our cruise that much???

Peter Mautner says:

As long as you enjoy your selves.The staff are nice like you both are.

Nutrilook Malta says:

great video 🙂

Dwayne Babiarz says:

We were thinking about harmony of the seas but now we want to go on the symphony of the seas

AuntieVeraCharles50 says:

FANTASTIC VIDEO!!! Thank you for bringing us along. I must say, however… I’m not surprised at the problems with reservations etc… You’re traveling in a small city! 8000 people!!!!! I’d jump ship after 15 minutes! Man overboard!!! I love the smaller ships. You really feel like you’re at sea on them. But again… thank you for this great, comprehensive video!

Dwayne Babiarz says:

Is the cruise worth it

Dwayne Babiarz says:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how was the cruise

Dwayne Babiarz says:

Is Joel

Dwayne Babiarz says:

You said you were going on a cruise in January next year what ship are you going to be on

Maurice Ewing says:

What was the WOW band for? Is it for the deluxe drink package? Love your video, we are going May.

Bryan A.Cal says:

damn great video, hell of a lot of fun, just great, but whats the info the cost total/end taxes port fees etc… all the bells and whistles. i don’t drink, i eat three meals maybe four a day, but on trips/vacation i rarely eat just not interested sometimes to much going on. no suit and tie(maybe one-night idk) just sun, sea and beach/boat bum.

Dwayne Babiarz says:

Are you going on symphony of the seas Royal Caribbean’s new ship

ayuana bradford says:

Don’t take me being rude. Do u not like people from Jamaica because u say the place is untrustworthy and u don’t like poor people? Not that I care I’m just trying to see what u mean.

Carolyn Talley says:

Thanks for all of your honest review on things..We sail in a few mths…

Gotnacional says:

MAN!!! Awesome video here. Congrats for all. Im from brasil and i´ll sail this ship in july. Thaks for your video.

Dwayne Babiarz says:

I would love if you would make another cruise video

Jamie Massetti says:

nice one chuck any idea if this ship goes out from Miami?

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