why choose a princess cruise : things you must know before you cruise

why choose a princess cruise : princess cruise line review People always ask me why I like Princess cruises. so let’s do a quick princess cruise line review with some tips and tricks so you know why you should choose a Princess cruise for you next vacation. after watching this I think you’ll agree that Princess cruise lines could be the perfect cruise line to choose on your next holiday

I hope you enjoy the review of princess cruise line with things you need to know and some tips and tricks for cruising with princess cruise line.

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Movieboys says:

thanks for talking about princess. I’m looking to take an Alaskan cruise with hem next year. Can i contact you to talk about it?

hittingtax26 says:

Is your grandmother really only 75?

Ottawa Homes says:

They are a great line

CP140405 says:

Our first Princess cruise left LA the day after the National Guard hit the streets following the Rodney King riots. Princess handled the entire, “…get from airport, get onto ship…” process with good planning . Made a fan out of me… handle a difficult situation with grace, politeness and courtesy… what more can you ask?

Michael Nichols says:

Best cruise I’ve been on was the Princess cruise to Alaska. Only cruise that I would do again….Now have a Hawaiian cruise scheduled with Princess for January. should be fun….

John Herrera says:

I loved princess cruises for my 1st and 2nd cruise. Love the food. I want to explore other cruise lines but I want to go on at least one princess next year.

Earl I says:

Don, I share your preference for Princess Cruises to Alaska. We went in late June during the salmon run and the whales were feeding on them; all night long ( the sun didn’t set). Ready to go back!

Jennie Spooner says:

they know when you are sleeping they know when your awake …they know when…….oh never mind

NurseNancy says:

We have really been enjoying Carnival, and we are not party people; we are just very frugal. You make a good presentation for Princess and if we were going to splerge for an Alaskan cruise, I will definitely consider Princess cruise lines. Thanks!

Margaret S says:

I love Princess Cruises. I do some moonlighting as a dance instructor, and there’s a group of students & professionals I travel with on a regular basis on board the Princess ships. I don’t think there’s really anything bad I can say about it. They’ve always been super accommodating of our workshops… and the food… nothing like having amazing food after spending all day on the dance floor.

It isn’t my favorite though. I might pick Celebrity over it with my boyfriend because it seems to cater to a bit of a younger crowd, while still having a similar level of sophistication. But they don’t have the boats specifically designed for specific regions either… which Princess does so well.

When my dad started looking at boats to cruise on though (late 50s – but young at heart), Princess was my first recommendation to him. Princess really hits a nice spot with the middle aged crowd.

bluecardholder says:

On the whole we enjoyed our cruise on the Crown Princess from Southampton to New York. What we didn’t like was the constant upsetting that went on, and the quality of the food was meh. Had the buffet most of the time as we found that if we went to the dining room it was all a bit of a rush whereas you could take as long as you like in the buffet. What we find amusing is why North Americans put everything on the same plate – sweat and savoury – go figure.

southbound1969 says:

Now I feel bummed out. I recently did an Alaskan cruise. I had a choice between Norweigen and Princess for the same price. I chose Norweigen because that particular Princess itinerary did not go to Glacier Bay. While the Norweigen cruise was satisfactory your video makes me wish I had went on Princess.

southbound1969 says:

You sold me on Princess Don. Have you taken a Princess cruise out of Long Beach to Mexico? If so, would you recommend?

ExtraordinaryLiving says:

Gearing toward adult clientele, fewer noisy children running around making ruckus, enrichment programs, taking seminars to learn something, enjoying some culture and refinement and nature, good food, not having to encounter rowdy drunken people, yea, that’s what I would think a good, relaxing cruise should be.

Don, I was going to ask you whether any ship would have classical concerts as part of their entertainment lineup … imagine Princess would have those then?

I originally was going to cruise Celebrity for Alaska itineries, but now I will consider Princess Cruise Lines as well. 🙂

Disineyfreakz says:

sounds like a great cruise line

Jennie Spooner says:

sounds like I would really enjoy this ship

hittingtax26 says:

Are there any cruise ships with 24 hour buffets?

Tim Miller says:

I am thinking of taking a cruise however, I do have one question; I have a drone and I would like o use it for photography. Can you tell me if there is a cruise line that will allow the use of a drone.

Linda Tyler says:

You convinced me.  We are taking the Grand Princess to Alaska this spring! Thank you.

Voice of reason says:

another great video explaining this cruise line thanks. I like how they think when deciding where to place a ship

Gail Abert says:

I have been on Carnival, RC and HAL. I liked HAL, but definitely go with Princess for the cost , their service, their itineraries out of Calif. and because they feel more like my style. 🙂 Thanks for the review…I totally agree!

QualityChildcare1 says:

Nice! I think cruising is going to be my new thing. I want to try several ships. Definitely want to go to Alaska!

tmh08 says:

We have only been on 1 cruise and it was on  the Crown Princess in march of 2017. The ship was nice except for the shower in the cabin, It was a fixed showerhead unlike what most of the ships have now. The staff were very friendly and the food was good. They even gave everyone a free meal in the specialty steak house. It was a traditional English fish and chips meal. It never felt crowded onboard except when we embarked/disembarked. That was in Ft.Lauderdale and that part of the cruise was terrible. We arrived at the port when we were told to(11a.m.) and got on the ship at 4 p.m.That was a long time to stand in line. Thanks for the videos Don. Tony.

Thagirion9 says:

Thanks for the tips. I am considering them for Alaska. I would love to go some day. One thing about your videos. They are kind of hard to hear. I have to turn up the volume. Other than that I really like the videos you make.

jason B says:

never knew these things about princess

KarrenK says:

very cool video

Noel Dillabough says:

Never been but then again I have a brood of tiny children so Disney (if I could afford it lol) would be the obvious choice. Carnival is my sweet spot for now!

Tim Miller says:

Thank you for the information, that just means I can’t take my drone. Again thank you for the information.

Valerie Foster says:

This sounds right up my alley, cerebral and peaceful, that is what I think of when I’m planning a vacation.

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