Which cruise ship is best?

Not sure what cruise ship is right for you? should you pick Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise line, Princess or Carnival? We take a look at what ship could suit you. We look at what cruise ships are best for families, what cruise ships are best for couples and what cruise ships are the best for first time cruisers.

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About Cruise with Ben & David:
Previously known as Honest Cruising, we’re now called Cruise with Ben & David. We produce the Cruise Ship videos including cruise ship tours, stateroom cabin tours, reviews, cruise ship food, cruise tips and tricks, cruise vlogs and live shows. We love to cruise, we bring you along on all of our cruise adventures around the world including the Mediterranean, Caribbean, USA, Australia and Asia. We love to sail with the best cruise liners in the world including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Cruises, Princess Cruises, P&O and Viking Cruises.

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Derek Allyn says:

What’s a dodge-um?

Darren Chichester says:

Great recap guys! Very informative. If you ever cruise thru Bermuda, happy to show you Around! Cheers

Vickie Waller says:

We went on oasis of the sea last yr. And we DID NOT LIKE IT !! And we got very board!! Not just that they were very rude. Js*

Dan V says:

OMG I love your vids guys

Preben Hansen says:

Try Celebrity;0)

X 33 says:

U gay?!

y mac says:

I love listening and watching the two of you:) So genuinely personable and you love what you do.. thanks for another great and informative video!! Cheers

Michelle Flynn says:

Great information. You must have cruised MANY voyages!

Emma Cruises says:

There isn’t as much thought in my planning! ‘Which ones cheapest?’ Okay bye! Haha…

Nicholas Anderson says:

Thanks for another great video gents! I am a solo cruiser in my late 30s and I love sailing with Holland America, they are starting to cater to a younger crowd but still elegant and luxurious. I cannot wait to check out the solo room on the Getaway in 53 days though and the rest of the ship after watching your vacation on board.

karateday says:

Nowadays, people, no matter how much the cruise lines include on their ships, people are bored and not entertained. This is not the fault of cruise lines, but of the people themselves. How many times have you seen people walking around with their cell phones, eyes glued to the screens? They’re waiting for instant gratification, well,it ain’t gonna happen. Put the phone in the safe, get your asses out on deck and mingle with people. Wake up early, have breakfast, get off the ship and explore , go to the beach, visit a local restaurant. Stop penny pinching onboard and hit a specialty restaurant, go to a wine tasting and meet people. Stop being caught in your shell of safety and live a little. My wife and I really appreciate your videos. You guys know how to live and we have taken your advice on a few recommended ships and were not disappointed. Keep up the good work guys, we luv ya!

Minna Moonsammy says:

Although I have been cruising since the 1980s  I am reeducating myself due to the changes in the industry.  Thank you for all of the current information and the research.  I enjoy blogging with you guys.  Stay happy.

John Scott says:

Another great video.

George Lopez, JR says:

Old at heart?? Haha

Deidre Weiss says:

Love your tips. Love your upbeat videos! Very helpful and a joy to watch.

Autobot Diva says:

Michael did press conference yesterday for rccl & said they need to get better for solo travel. I agree

Avod Kelley says:

first, we love your blogs and wish we had come upon them before our last, and only cruise! We are two gay physicians, I’m older at 63 my partner is 36. we enjoyed the actual cruising, and the ports of call, but shipboard a bit too much. we were recommended to take the Atlantis Mediterranean cruise! yikes! any recommendation as to itinerary, cruise line, or ship that might be a bit more comfortable for a ”normal” gay couple? If this is insensitive to ask, I apologize in advance!

Steven S says:

The more these giant ships build crazy stuff for kids, the less I want to cruise because I want to relax and not spend my vacation with a bunch of spoiled brats and snobby adults! I was told that Crystal Cruises is my type of ship but the average age there is 80 and I’m too young for that crowd! 🙂

Sarah B says:

Found you guys through searching Meraviglia, as were booked on that later in the year, but usually sail RCL or P&O, but are trying all different companies this year and are sailing on Sapphire Princess in July, and I see your sailing on that too… when are you sailing on her?? And when will the vlogs be up as I’d love too see them, as there are none at all on line!! Love your vlogs xxxx

Lee Weston says:

Hi Ben and David. Good video. You missed the all inclusive cruises. Ie Tui marella etc

Jo Dura says:

I wished I had seen this before booking our first cruise. We booked Norwegian Breakaway for January. My husband and I are both over 50 – actually he is over 60. But we do enjoy a bit of partying but not overwhelming.

Richard L. Fridrick says:

love your videos. You two are an absolute hoot!!!!! going on Mexican Riviera cruise on Princess on January 12, 2019.

Anthony Cammarata says:

I’ve been on the RC explorer, adventure, Liberty, and anthem of the seas, and the Norwegian breakaway and out of all of them my favorite was the adventure. It may have been the oldest, but it was such a relaxing yet fun experience. The staff was great and it was such a nice experience. The anthem and breakaway was great but it was a little too crowded and there was no main dining room.

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