The Overpriced Boat Show Review

I go take a look at a massive money hoon called the Sydney Boat Show


Eila McSweeney says:

fucking hellllll stop i love you

Ashole says:

Fucking no more mates

Cobb Knobbler says:

Irony of the century. “Why do you have to dress like a fuck wit to get on a boat?” Said why a compete and total fuckwit doing all he can to draw attention to yourself. Why do you need a bunch of ugly ass tattoos to go to a boat show?? Just curious. Your commentary has it’s moments, but overall you come off like a tool.

Sysadmin Syndicate says:

Cool channel buds.

Cobb Knobbler says:

I’d like to see a review of your God awful tattoos.

MrFapps says:

how the fuck do you only have 790 subs? your shit is fucking hilarious man

Seven. says:

youre trying real hard to be different. its sad.

Peter Kondouras says:

6:14 how unimpressed are those old cunts on the escalator

El Sea says:

Sex pest is now going to be worked into my every day vocabulary. Thank you so much XD

Peter Kondouras says:

The Celeb on the fantale packet has to be that Nat guy

Modified Adventure says:

Faith restored in the idea of being honest and funny

6r4metroman says:

Nice to hear such a positive review…..!

Matt Bailey says:

Just found this channel. Amazing.

Alyx-Fao says:

Holy shit this is funny

Alex Cusdin says:

Dying!! Can you do a plane show next?

Brad's Guitar Garage says:

Haha, Dylan.
Tip top videos, mate.

Tash Hewett says:

Bro, you’re my new anti-hero. Awesome commentaries ✌

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