The Best Cruises From Four Major Cruise Lines

After 42 cruises, I take a look back at the best cruise I’ve taken with four major cruise lines: Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, and Princess.

You’ll find out what I think is the best cruise ship in the world, which cruise line I’ve sailed the most with, see the luxury cruise experience that can be had if you’re willing to pay the big bucks, and find out about the one cruise destination that was far more beautiful than all of the others.

Special emphasis on two very special ships: Anthem Of The Seas, and the Carnival Vista… certainly two of the best cruise ships serving North America right now.

This is an updated version of a video that I first published on YouTube back in May of 2016. People have still been watching that video lately, and I feel bad about it because it was two years out of date. Specifically, the information about Carnival and Norwegian needed to be updated since we’ve had some great cruises with those two lines in the two years since the original version of this video. So, this current version offers my honest opinions as of December 2017.

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#Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo says:

What about tui cruises and aida? For my taste the …of the seas line has no actual designline and looks incredibly improvized.

Liam Peters says:

Carnival dream has guys burgers and guys grill house

AKviper04 says:

I live in Anchorage, Alaska

Brian says:

How do you book your cruise. Me and my fiancé are looking for the best experience

Aviator0104 says:

I apologize if you have mentioned this in one of your other videos. But what cruise line do you recommend as the best? My fiancé and I are looking to book our honeymoon. We’ve been looking at Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

indemniman 162 says:

Very informative, and very well done, Thanks.

Ryan Deitch says:

What’s so good about Miami?

jimmy c says:

Jim this is one badass utube. Thanks!

Andrew Tilley says:


Susan Gartner says:

Can you pre-book the Havana area on the carnival ships.  NCL doesn’t allow you to pre-book the Vibe Club and it sold out before we even got on the ship.  It is like a mob scene running to Guest Services to try to get a pass.  I found it very frustrating.

captinaweosme28 ! says:


Edward Kanitra says:

Love those glasses on that 1st cruise, Jim!
I had them too. 🙁

mitch blum says:

Luv it,great work sirBut prices are so important to mention.

Jordan Jones says:

I had guys burger joint on carnival conquest it was amazing then I went on Norwegian getaway

Edward Ratliff says:

The comedians I saw last week on Carnival Liberty were horrible man. I’m not expecting top tier but good grief.

mattloveOHIOST5 says:

We went on the Norwegian getaway. It was really great

Eric Scott says:

Windstar cruises deserves your attention sir

MAJESTY1962 says:

Nice Job! I will have to take more Cruises to catch up!

Susan Gartner says:

I did enjoy your video very much, but it seems your reviews were based off of the upgraded class of suites, like the Haven areas.  It really is an unfair comparison of ships or cruise lines because so few people get to experience that kind of luxury.  We just came back from the Escape and found everything overcrowded and chaotic, particularly the only adult pool (other than the Haven pool).  We were unable to get theater or comedy reservations at all, except for one show for the entire week.  I met some Haven guests who raved about The Haven area.  They didn’t have to contend with the overcrowding at the pool, or worrying about dinner or theater reservations.  They were treated in the way of the by gone days when they actually got service.  The room stewards are overworked and no longer have much incentive to provide extra service.  I rarely saw my guy and when I did, I felt terrible to ask him for anything because he was racing around like a chicken with no head.  When I started to cruise almost 45 years ago, it truly was a luxurious experience, with several table attendants assigned to each table and there was always some in the hallways to greet you or direct you.  That is no longer the case.  I felt like a pack rat being herded around.  And even with reservations there was long lines at all the restaurants.  I also found it very difficult to find any quiet places for reading a book.  It seems like the passenger capacity far outweighed the public space.

James Decelis says:

nice video been twice on Rc liberty and harmony, whats next ? what do you recommend?

Mimi Cole says:

Question…Jim I am a new subscriber. Could you or someone tell me if Grand Princess will be of equal quality as that is the ship I was going to choose. I know this was another in Princesses fleet.

Riri bebe says:

Love this!

Pretty jackson says:

I just got back from a carnival cruise last week. I was bored..Been on two of them so far.

Olga Arenas Velez says:

Hey the carnival dream just flooded

Gene Williams says:

You’ve had experiences that I envy. It’s nice to have lots of extra money.

Sjoerd Bokma says:

Did you ever go on a European cruise?

Bellches100 says:

You stay in the haven (7k for a week in alaska) but you take over half of your cruises on carnival? I’d like to recommend. Holland america for you, it seems to fit your likings.

Av mommy says:

Love Disney cruises too

Tiki Gene says:

Great Narration by far against who knows how many others

Chase Doney says:

Royal Caribbean should go and cry in the corner with their specialty restaurants… their dinning room is so much better and is included. Their bar service is also horrible. Also a reduction of ports compared to Carnival, and pretty high prices. The Oasis (now) needs some TLC. I’m sure the symphony is spectacular though. But for the most part, they do it right.

Michelle Marble Halling says:

I’m sure you’re right about all of these things, but what about normal people? People that don’t have thousands to spend on a cruise

Canuck88 says:

love your vids Jim!! keep them up:) cant wait to go on our cruise in june 2019 – SYMPHONY OF THE SEA

Joy Holmes says:

I haven’t been on a cruise in years. This makes me want to go on one tomorrow. Last one I went on was Royal Caribbean to Alaska. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Alaska is so gorgeous.

David Corpuz says:

I’ve been on all the cruises you went on but for me my best cruise experience was on the Disney Fantasy it’s the latest ship from Disney Cruise Line

Peldyn says:

Looks like I need to book an Alaskan cruise. Beautiful!

MrRamyon74 says:

Thank you, very informative and helpful. We’re deciding between a Carnival (Vista) and Royal Carribbean cruise ( Ovation) right now…

Emilykate’s Blogs, beauty , art and more says:

You should try symphony of the seas

Richard Lamb says:

would love to see a review of the disney cruise line

Sandy Grogg says:

Alaska is beautiful!

Patrick Prendergast says:

Do you have to be 18 to go in The Havana pool area

G Glover says:

CARNIVAL always took care of us and made us feel appreciated! Great food/service for the money- affordable!
NORWEGIAN is expensive, but WORTH it! Pride of America to Hawaii- hands down the BEST cruise we’ve ever been on- their luau is OFF THE CHART- worth the money!.
ROYAL CARIBBEAN used to be our favorite but lately has been very undependable–nickel and dime you for everything- too crowded- don’t appreciate you much as a guest…it’s gone downhill lately!
PRINCESS- wonderful service, dated ship, just BAD food, bad cabin- very much of a disappointment.

catcat Sue says:

I remember that last year when I sailed with Carnival Visa.when we arrived in Cayman Island.She could stayed in the bay without using her ANCHOR at all.unbelievable and amazing.

whysosyria1 says:

Its nice for you to show the VIP areas but how about us normal folks in steerage?

*CECE* says:

Ive been on Anthem it’s AMAZING one my favorites too

둥날아라 says:

Love your explanation! One day I want to take the cruise you took on this vedio !!

SARAHKV1975 says:

Have you went on freedom

Why I like being scared of everything? Almost says:

I’ve a budget of $5000 which cruise would be best for me?

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