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What is it like to drive the long-awaited Tesla Model 3 sedan? Director of Vehicle Testing Dan Edmunds shares his thoughts after spending a weekend in our newest long-term test vehicle.

Q: How much does the 2017 Tesla Model 3 cost?
A: They’re not yet building the $35,000 base vehicle with the standard battery. All 2017 Tesla Model 3 sedans have the long-range battery, so they start at $44,000. For the time being, the $5,000 Premium Upgrades package is a mandatory option, so the effective base price of the car is $49,000. This test vehicle was priced at $55,000 because it also has Autopilot ($5,000) and a paint color other than black ($1,000). Delivery and taxes are extra, of course.

Q: How far will the 2017 Tesla Model 3 go on a full charge?
A: Model 3 sedans built with the long-range battery are officially rated to deliver 310 miles of range. The base model will be rated at 220 miles when it debuts in the near future.

Q: How much power does the 2017 Tesla Model 3 have?
A: The rear-mounted electric motor produces 258 horsepower. There is no transmission because the Model 3 uses direct drive to power the rear wheels.

Q: How quick is the Model 3?
A: We have not yet brought our Tesla Model 3 to the track. Complete test results will be coming to Edmunds soon.

Read our review: https://www.edmunds.com/tesla/model-3/2017/sedan/review/

Follow our year-long test of the Tesla Model 3: https://www.edmunds.com/tesla/model-3/2017/long-term-road-test/

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Popeye Gordon says:

It’s time for this man-child to stop catering to vanity and selfish customers who want heavy over powered road toys that steal more than their fair share of resources from future generations. Even if you charge a Tesla straight from a solar PV bank it is unsustainable due to size, excessive nature suffocating infrastructure and parking spaces required, excessive tire and brake dust. It wrongly justifies and perpetuates the deadly selfish habit of 4000 pound steel caged climate controlled high speed lounge couches for personal transportation. Our personal vehicles must weigh less than 1000 pounds and have a sane top speed of 55 or less. Musk could corner the market in sustainable vehicles if he cared. Just look at my 100% self contained 160 pound solar/human powered vehicle, designed and made in the US. It collects 100% of my daily transportation energy directly from the 100 watt panel on its roof. I don’t wear down roads, require large parking spaces and I can pedal for exercise, something missing from all oversized lounge couch vehicles. I save so much every year by NOT owning a car, it fully paid for my clean vehicle in less than three years. We have a global emergency and Musk is tossing gasoline on the flames.

mrpmj00 says:

Dashboard ONLY comes in woodgrain…yuck, that’s for old guys.

Mario Rossi says:

it’s an longer awaiting list than historical long awaiting list for ferrari

bW9taeH4 says:

“Model 3: Steering wheel button updates For your convenience, we’ve updated the functions of the scroll buttons on the steering wheel. The right scroll button now lets you quickly adjust Traffic-Aware Cruise Control settings. To increase or decrease the set cruising speed, roll the right button up or down. To adjust the follow distance between you and the vehicle ahead, press the right button to the left or right. You can still adjust these settings from the touchscreen and press down on the button to activate voice commands.” That’s from the latest release notes.

Negosav Stosic says:

The ride is really bad over real world roads like in CA.  Make sure you drive or ride in one first.  This is not a $50,000 vehicle suspension.  The tire pressures are set at 42 psi, about 10 psi higher than on a typical vehicle.  This is done to maximize driving range.  No air suspension.  Put two and two together.  Very rough ride.  Drive it first!

Barskor1 says:

Please help a team use their graphene battery to drive a car 900 miles on one charge let us bring the future into the now.

Canadian baylor says:

Great video! Wondering what the road noise levels are like compared to other EVs?

David Will says:

Every review I’ve seen has the same complaints about the center display and lack of traditional controls/displays. Perhaps Tesla is looking forward a bit more than the reviewers and has a design that is more practical for an autonomous vehicle. Maybe they want to offer a vehicle that truly stands the test of time.

Jjg 1425 says:

Would love to get one of this. But i having second thought because they put everything in the middle. This looks painful to drive.

Joel Kaime Atterhög says:

Title: ”Tesla Model 3 Model Review”

Jay Torr says:

wake me when it’s completely self driving… otherwise, it’s just a car… like every other car. Not worth 40k and I’m a big fan of musk. in my opinion, Toyota and Honda will continue to rule for the next 100 years or more…

master of nothing says:

key word make they cant make the damn thing

valentin marin says:

Buena explicación…en Europa dudo mucho que lo vayamos a ver a este T Mod 3.

Jarnetti Fritjof says:

*Waddo:* stupid’car’. stupid’cockpit’. stupid’design’. *I’ll* hate (socalled..) *future.* – IF any other *CAR* makers ‘will’ and build similar: stupid’cars’.

master of nothing says:

why would they not make it where u can angle the screen think this car will be involved in a lot of accidents

Herbie Husker says:

I saw one of these on the road today for the first time. It is beyond ugly in person. This thing is not a good car. Tesla will be bankrupt pretty soon.

N?????? K???????? says:

I want one.

jimmyfly says:

putting everything on the screen was a mistake. I understand the direction…it’s heading toward total self-driving and “tesla uber” but still, they designed for what’s coming long after this car will be “the previous version” and people driving it today will suffer.

thomas says:

Buyer beware , Contract say battery warranty is guarantee for 8 years or 100 thousand miles. whatever comes first, that comes to a 34.4 miles limit a day over 8 years or just a tiny 17.2 dayly work route go and return Range. So if your route is 68.8 your 8 warranty has now shorten to just 4 years you made 100 thousand miles. the S and X have full 8 years and unlimited miles. I verified this yesterday at the showroom, it’s true no plans around this. The replacement battery Cost is 32 thousand and 10 thousand labor, battery could come down later but labor would go up. like battery for hybrids ,the car is blue book valued by the battery warranty and mileage, so 8 years old , 42 thousand is lost in deprecation , why dont the model 3 give full 8 years and unlimited miles ? He not taking the risk but passing it down to you, the car is for the rich, save for your kid college that going to double.by then.

WhAT dO I tHInK says:

on any vehicle you drive you have to take your eyes off the road to look at any information display, what matters is that you don’t have to change position just your eyes but if you’re used to looking at a front display I understand that it will take some time to get used to looking a few inches to the right, by the way is impossible to drive any vehicle just looking to the front only…. specially with all the controls we use when driving , radio, ac, navigation, etc

Ms. Connie Fang says:

You are hilarious. I love it

Zes says:

wrg, no such thing as monex or not, can b just worthlesx

JOE Z says:

I’ve seen tons of these here in LA, they look super clean, I like it very much but still something is missing about it.

An R says:

Get a Toyota Prius. Better, very reliable and excellent gas miles. I fill mine up with $20 us dollars and I get between 55 to 65 mpg. I don’t have to worry about space, plenty of it.

J M says:

Does it have a spare tire?

scottdpt12 says:

This car seems horrible. That screen would annoy me so much. Plus, having to use the screen for so many functions while driving seems absurd!

Tidal Yacht says:

The lack of a fake molded grill still looks weird with all of that unused front space.

Joe Bold says:

Can’t you use voice commands to get those functions adjusted that you “complaint” about being buried in menus? Would be odd, if Tesla wouldn’t give that ability for the driver to just say “Adjust side mirrors” and it brings up the controls for it; and same for other functions like “Adjust steering wheel”, “change whiper speed up”, “Turn Headlights on”, “Make it 2° colder”… You get the idea.

Ethan Kispert says:

Quick update, they put the owner’s manual back in the infotainment system in a recent update.

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