Saga’s Spirit of Discovery cruise ship review

Saga’s Spirit of Discovery cruise ship review. This cruise ship by Saga cruise lines has me very excited. Why you ask? How about being all inclusive for one. The other big news is 20% of the cabins will be for solo cruisers.

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Nick Berk says:

This is a pretty big travel company in the U.K. But they are for over 50s only. Important info you didn’t mention Don!

Sam Fung says:

You are right the this is going to be popular because I just check their site and the inaugural cruise has already been sold out and so has most of the other 2019 itineraries. Is there some place where you can sign up to get notifications of new ships being introduced and when they will start taking reservations?

whippet0 says:

This sounds fantastic. Do you know what the dining experience will be like? I.e. are there formal nights, or is it ok to wear jeans and a t-shirt? We love the the NCL dress code but it is not our favourite cruise line.

HappyZorro says:

Totally excited about it . I am a solo cruiser (more of a cruise canceler after I add up the cost).

mike joerger says:

This sounds great but I’m pretty sure the only way they’re going to be able to do this and maintain this is if this is a very expensive cruise

Carol Eisfeld says:

Thanks for the Info

Amanda Anderson says:

You caught my attention with the entire package!

Jonna Osborne says:

But how do the fares compare?  I would imagine with “all-inclusive” the prices might be somewhat higher.

Libby Shaw says:

Sounds like an anti social cruise ship. Dining room looks nice though.

Loretta Pressler says:

Sounds great but what about the people that are non drinkers, I only drink non alcoholic beverages! Otherwise sign me up!!

Michael Crisp says:

Sorry Don, it’s pronounced “Sarga”

deshon porter says:

wow! I would even cheat on carnvail if it was to come to the usa! this is great super news!!!!!

Jennie Spooner says:

ive see the tips im waiting for the tricks ….LOL

Evehsv says:

Wow impressive I’ve never heard of this cruise Line, I think really it’s about time they had solo cabins on all cruise ships I have an example about this very thing, we are going on a cruise next year and my sister and nephew wanted there own cabins for the trip but the cruise line wanted them to pay double fairs to have a single cabin which came to in a ocean view room $2800ea for seven days so they decided to bunk in together and split the difference we were all pretty disappointed they were forced to share both of them are not happy but had no choice about it due to the cost. So yeh I think this needs to be addressed by all cruise lines paying double fairs doesn’t get any specialist inclusions so it’s kinda not fair really. So I’m glad you brought this up Don. Maybe we should all email the cruise lines about it lol but I’m pretty sure they are very aware of it already.

Mindy Salsberg says:

Thanks. Great existing news. Ill check into it. I’m from Toronto Canada, where does this saga ship leave from?

Dominic Fong says:

It is so blissful to be able to travel solo.

Charlene Otoole says:

Seems like it may be very expensive, but as a solo cruiser, its certainly worth checking out! Thank you Don!

Christina Mullen says:

I have to check this ship and prices out!!! Not a solo traveler but my husband and I love smaller ships! It would also be great to have that all inclusive kind of ship! We were also checking out Viking ocean cruises. But now I have another option. We are looking for a special trip in 2020… thanks for the great info!!! Can’t wait to research it!

Karen Chipman says:

Count me in! Don….what about a solo group cruise?

Geraldine Miller says:

Hi Don my husband daughter and I would love to do a group cruise with you but we can’t get to the states. Would you consider doing one from southampton England to maybe the Mediterranean or Norwegian fjords. We love your videos and advice. Xx

Edmund Mendez says:

What’s the catch Don? If it’s too good to be true, there must be a catch.

Laura Wilson says:

Ooooh, 15 nights. $6533. Out of Dover, so add airfare too. I’m out.

Libby Shaw says:

You got me interested but it looks like it’s for only those over 50:-(

Jennie Spooner says:

wow thats the ship for me !!!!!!!!

Valerie Foster says:

Don, I’m not even sure how you are a solo cruiser, I bet you have a huge fan club of singles that would be more then willing to sail off into the sunset with you! We adore you, and I have a beautiful single cousin set aside just for you! Well, she’s my husbands cousin, but more like a sister! Just say the word ❤️

J Nason says:

Super excited to hear about another line that’s catering to solo travelers! Thanks for keeping us well informed!

diane Sanders says:

Sounds great! Sign me up! I enjoy your informative videos!

Uphold the Constitution says:

Wow I’m stoked. All balconies. Nice. I saw another line like that but I can’t remember which, maybe regent? Anyhoo, this is awesome about saga!!

Dee McGregor says:

Yea that sounds incredible I’m about to go check it out now since I’m a solo cruiser

Jayne Hann says:

Game changer for sure.

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