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Today’s episode Princess Cruises tips and tricks was inspired by one of our subscribers who asks “I’m about to sail on Princess for the first time. Any tips or hints for this line?”.
Why yes, Jennifer we do!

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Stuart Arts says:

We had an AWESOME time:

Caroleannegar says:

Please some one help me we will be travelling on Golden Princess. We have not cruised before. Just two of us are travelling, Myself and my husband. We not suer wether to book anytime dinning or fixed dinning. We like to eat around 7:00 and 7:30 pm.Please can you advise me . Regards Pods

meinkephoto says:

As usual, a very helpful vlog!

Here are our Princess Tips.
1) If you have friends or family that live near the embarkation port, see if Princess is offering a Bon Voyage Experience. You will be the first group to board the ship after any In-Transit Passengers. Your company will get to board with you and spend about 3 hours on the ship. Includes a photo and lunch. Well worth the $39.00 per person fee as it can be applied to a future cruise.
2) We got the Princess Visa Card. Since cruising is our vacation of choice, we use the points to pay all of our excursions, tips and onboard spending. If you redeem more points than you spend, the difference is refundable.
3) If you can swing it, buy at least 100 shares of Carnival Cruise Line (CCL) stock. Depending on the length of cruise, you will receive a shareholders benefit. For example, you will receive a $100.00 (non-refundable) stateroom credit for a 7 day cruise.

SirLoneWolf says:

Thanks for the tips.

Richard Turcott says:

Is there any place to find out what movies are scheduled on princess ships before sailing.

China Addison says:

Yay! This video has got me pumped for my cruise on Princess in a few days!

SiouxzQ says:

I just found your channel. Hubby and I are taking our 2nd cruise in December on the Regal. It’s a belated celebration for my 50th this yr.

Light Life says:

Good vid

Nunya Bizness says:

You really need to ease down on the fake enthusiasm and cheesy emphasis. It’s ear-jarringly saccharine.

visualize2feel says:

I am glad to have come across your channel. I like your cruise tips. I’ll be sailing on the star princess for the first time next month to the Mexican Riviera.

jaime 1251 says:

the bathtub in the mini-suite also means you have a regular shower as opposed to a micro shower. There is an additional tv in the sitting area, too. love your blouse.

Golden Gamers says:

OMG im about to go on my 2nd princess cruise. And when I clicked on this video, Just OMG HOW IS SHE SO DARN HAPPY?????

Catharine's Life says:

I love Princess! Great video.

Sharon C says:

Which ship did you take when you cruised to Alaska? If Princess, which ship? We are planning a second cruise (even before our 1st!) and we want to cruise Alaska.

Cody Love says:

hey your video are supper helpful my grandma is taking my wife and I on the 12 day Alaska princess out of socal in 2018 any tips for longer trips or anything more on Alaska my wife and I are first timers to Alaska as well was such a long cruise

Stuart Arts says:

Great video! Here is our favorite moment of every cruise:

Robert Barnier says:

Also Sanctuary is a huge ripoff

Lillian James says:

Its a nice cruise ,was my first time and is looking out to go relaxing and good.

Joe Dutton says:

Princess is great in Alaska per Dutton Travel

tarf01 says:

Thanks, Sheri! we, too, are sailing Princess for the first time. Royal Princess, to be exact. We booked the mini-suite, as suggested, and after listening to your advice, glad we did.

James King says:

We have loved our multiple voyages on Princess! Feels like our second home onboard 🙂

Lyttle Starboard says:

are those anchors on your shirt?? 🙂

Kelley ONeal says:

What is Princess’s policy for carrying on non-alcoholic drinks?

TP Gaming Official says:

I’m about to board royal Caribbean liberty of the sea? Any tips for this cruise line? Thanks!

peaceonthis265 says:

THE EATERS VACATION. If I were not so trim I might feel tempted. Aside from that I have loved the ports of call, and all the other amenities.

Jasmine Rae says:

Hi I’m going on the carnival miracle do you have tips or hits I’m going to Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta thank you Sherry and sorry if I spelled your name wrong

steve read says:

Re #5 .. just to add .. at the International cafe, the food is complimentary


billjanetcsu says:

Excellent review. We love the International Cafe, and the coffee card. It’s a great place to meet people or just engage in people watching with occasional entertainment.

channa keshava says:

Hii ! I liked to work in princess Cruises can you help me how apply for this job .some consultants are asking to pay registration fees after paying they send flight tickets and visa it seems. Can you help me

Jeremy E says:

Great advice.  We’re returning to Princess after 10 years (previous was our honeymoon cruise) this upcoming January.  (Had been sailing Celebrity in between).  Here’s one I noticed on the “manage my cruise”:  you can pre-order a 12-pack of 500ml bottled water for $6.90 ($6 + tip) to be delivered to your stateroom.  In past cruises, I would haul in bottled water from the pier, since it’s expensive to buy on board and/or inconvenient to get a glass from buffet.  At 50 cent/bottle, that’s worth the convenience.  But I think you can only “pre-order” it, not once you’re on the ship.  Question:  Is the international café noshing included (I know the coffees require a card) in the fare?  Finally, yes, Ultimate Balcony Dining is terrific and completely worth it.  My wife and I have fond memories of it, and can’t wait to do it again.

prikljucak says:

all of you guys one thing: free stuffs!! that is a only thing that everyone looking for. they will do anything just to get smth for free!!

Ada Cotto says:

Princess is like being in a nursing home… Omg

Robert Kaufman says:

We are cruising to Alaska next Sept on the Emerald Princess. This is our first cruise on any cruise line other than Carnival, even got married on the Carnival Celebration out of New Orleans 18 years ago. The kids programs on the Princess ship looks more educational than Carnival, and also we are not partiers, so Princess seemed perfect for the Alaska cruise. Are the kids and adult programs as informative as they look? Kids are 12 and 14. Any other tips for Texans cruising in Alaska?

Robert Barnier says:

Got to say you are really overselling Princess – very ordinary experience on Princess

me me says:

hi ia there any way you can make a video about shore excursion in alaska inclusing the prices. thank you

Andrew Hibble says:

You are way too annoying to watch

Cheryl28100 says:

So Sanctuary is a pay extra adult only location….is the indoor pool area adults only as well? If so, do they have family time at the indoor pool for the cool weather sailings? Thanks in advance.

Evelyn Ceballos says:

Can u do a video like this for carnival please

mm11234 says:

Hi I’m cruising on the Emerald princess of C at all the 1st week of August. I have the unlimited soft drink package. To I just ordered drinks at any bar. Or do I have to use of certain cup they give to you. Do they still give out the travel cup ?.. Thanks if anybody could help and if anyone else is on the Emerald princess on the scene crews please give me suggestions comments or anything please

Luke Slavicek says:

Coffee cards include free hot chocolate

CruiseTipsTV says:

Here’s a link to my favorite Alaska pre-cruise book, which comes
with a map to hang on your stateroom wall:

Crazy Life says:

We always go for freedom dining becuase we can wait a long time for food so it is much better for us. However P&O offered us a discount on our last holiday for this year if we didn’t choose our dining or where our cabin was just the deck and type. so we won’t know what we have till we board!

Yvonne Li says:

Bali travel

Pamela Hicks says:

We are considering a New England/Canada cruise. Any info and tips for this will be welcome. We are older and are stuck in slow mode. We enjoyed our Alaskan cruise on Princess.

Elizabeth B SoCal says:

Very helpful video. Hoping to take my parents on Princess LA to HI in 2017. ~Elizabeth

Susan Alexander says:

I booked a cruise on Crown Princess to Southern Carribean. However I ran into a site that shows CDC sanitary inspection results. The crown princess got a below standard 84 on its April 2017 inspection. So… I am thinking I will probably cancel and book on another line. Any suggestions?

j parks says:

wow, too much ‘s’. seriously annoying and unwatchable

Christine Crawford says:

In addition to the Ultimate Balcony Dining, Princess also offers the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast.  Absolutely amazing way to start a Sea Day.  You won’t need lunch after this special treat which includes a half bottle of champagne.  Don’t forget you can supplement the breakfast with anything on the regular in-room menu so be sure to add orange juice (mimosas anyone?) or any other juices or milk.

Gnanamani Amburose says:

Can you please do a video about carnival cruises? I have heard rumors that it is not that good. And what about Mexico cruises? Which excursions do you like?

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