Pacific Princess World Cruise review – Princess cruise lines world cruise on the Pacific princess

Pacific Princess World Cruise review. A 111 day cruise to 41 ports and travel 35000 miles. This is one of those bucket lists cruises for sure. Let’s talk about the good and bad of taking a world cruise.


Disineyfreakz says:

111 days ouch

Summer says:

I would have thought it would be more than that! Per day, not really bad at all. But, still can’t afford 🙁
Maybe someday!

bonnie bergstein says:

Oh how I wish I could! I wouldn’t even care where the ship was going – just to be on a cruise ship for 1/3 of the year!!
I was on the original Pacific Princess many, many years ago!! And I didn’t meet Julie or Capt. Stubing!

Mimi Cole says:

My favorite line in the summation…” you’re going to get to know EVERYBODY “…Hilarious! This would be pretty amazing as a life experience, I must say…

Peorhum says:

I think Don looks like Gopher.

Seems you need a year’s income to sail around the world…for a year.

Michael says:

New meaning for bucket list!

Marigold14 says:

i could never afford a world cruise! XD

Canadian Vlogger eh says:

i dont know how i would be on a small ship for that long

Let'ssss says:


Chris Helms says:

Wow….thats incredible……dont know if I could handle it

Bob Smithereens says:

How much?

Sam Fung says:

Hi Don- I have been watching your video’s for the last year or so and I find them very interesting. I notice that you don’t ever talk about the other cruise lines that’s out there and you mostly talk about Princess, and Royal. Is it because you only have been on those? I have been cruising for the last 8 years and I usually do 2-3 cruises a year but I’ve only been on Cunard, Viking, Royal, Holland America and Celebrety Cruises.
I was on Holland for the Amazon River Cruise back in November for 30 days on the Prinsendam and I was very disappointed on that ship because they didn’t have a club level. For that size ship I thought they would have one. The ports that we visited was great.
In March of this year I was on Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas. That was a very large ship and full of kids! With a ship that size you would think it wouldn’t be crowded but that was not the case. The ship was so crowded I thought it was the week before Christmas at a major mall with everything was 75% off. Needless to say that was the worst ship I have ever been on so far. The rooms were the smallest of any of the cruise lines that I have been on, and for such a large ship you would think they would have a club level or even an adult only section. No such thing. I was disappointed although my travel agent did warn me about them not having a club level.
A world cruise is on my bucket list also however I will only do it on Cunard Cruise lines. They have one out of New York for 113 nights. I would like to see you do a video comparison on all the major cruise lines out of the US and tell us what you feel about each of them. I think we may have to wait until you retire before you can really tell us how you feel about each of them since you are still working. Lol

Steven S says:

A cruise for 100+ days!? God help us if there’s a problem with the sewage system!!! 😉

Alex Burris says:

LOL! Love your sense of humour. Great video. Well one should never say never so might be a chance of a World Cruise in my future, perhaps not as long.

Fromthefuture says:

I’m out…but if it was The Oasis !!!

Newzchspy says:

I’ll pass…..not on my bucket list.

pomfret and pommes frites says:

On a per day basis the cost becomes reasonable for a couple. Probably cheaper than flying around the world to all those cities

mrsnetrix says:

Great itinerary all the same tfs x

hittingtax26 says:


Jeannine K says:

Yeah, World cruise is on my wish list of things I’ll never be able to afford but wish I could! I don’t know if I could be away from home that long ..I mean I could but my family would be lost without me!

Ian Clement says:

The pricing doesn’t sound right… Back in 2015 we did a segment of the world cruise on the Sea Princess and an interior room was $9300 for the whole cruise. (114 days from memory) How can they justify the price hike. At this pricing that is $266 per day per passenger. Way too expensive.

MrMpa31 says:

Id love to do this. Wish there were more younger people that cruised that wasnt a party cruise. Recently went solo, and the older crowd didnt seem interested in talking with me….

H A Bracken says:

Not only the cost of the cruise but you’re going to need about $10,000 for spending money.

Carolyn Gardner says:

Don never said never !

Sue loves cruises says:

i would love to do this

Tiara says:

Definitely on my list!

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