My First Week Working on A Cruise Ship

For those wondering why I haven’t been uploading videos or blog posts, here is the reason why. I will try to upload new videos as much as I can when I have good wifi at my home port in Sydney. For now, make sure to follow me in Instagram @gypsy_inthecity to stay up to date with my latest adventures. Love you all so much! xx


Joey Kits says:

How’d you like it? I worked for Carnival and I will be working on MSC cruises potentially this fall. I came back to land 7 years ago and wish I stayed on ships!

Lavender Life says:

how fun! you are so sweet to post this so we could see your travels. thsanks for sharing

Adhari Edwards says:

hey Ada, keep the videos coming bc I certainly enjoyed this one. Blessings to you while you continue to be a true gypsy and see the world

Madi C says:

can u make a video about advice? And the interview process??

Malasia Bacchus says:

Your hair is pretty

Ana Vanessa Rodriguez says:

You’re a true inspiration. And yes, it looks a lot like DR. But I don’t know if it’s just me or your coworkers seem to be assholes. Forgive me if I’m wrong but that’s what it looks like. You’re amazing.

JoBabbiJo says:

Do you still work on the cruise ships??

Lawrence Coore says:

Wow i luv acsent

Arya Love says:

I want to work on a cruise ship someday.

Robert Greenhouse says:

So where is the working part?

Christa Geek says:

Would you recommend working on a cruise ship?

FuzzBuzz♡ says:

Wow, how inspiring! 😀

Bella Jae says:

+GypsyintheCityTV Wow, that was an amazing opportunity. Are you still on the project with them?

Tiffany Smith says:

This is AMAZING!!! I hope you are doing well and can’t wait to see more!!

Bella Jae says:

+GypsyintheCityTV the pictures are amazing, beautiful and I’m ready to go away too. Thank you for sharing.

Wendy Reyes says:

Hi Ada! Love your channel!
Questions: Would you recommend working on a cruise ship directly-hired by the cruise company or by an Art company with contract on the ship? As per your experience, which other positions inside a cruise would you recommend? Thank you kindly.

2kidsnhappy says:

So proud of you! Awesome sights and yes, it does look like DR.

TKOfightsMJH says:

You are Sexy good looking

Boat Lover says:

que lo que

Clara Martínez says:

Veo que tienes un tatuaje, yo tambien tengo uno en mi muñeca, voy a trabajar para carnival cruise, que hiciste con el tatuaje? pienso en maquillarlo.. ¿crees que tenga problema con esto?

Rocksi Rocks says:

Im a fairly new subby and just wanted to say congrats on your job. I’ll be looking forward to your vids cuz I can’t wait to see where you go! =)

ravi hiwale says:

Omg you are so cute. I have crush on you.
Please give me reply on whatsapp +917776060094

Betsy Ramos says:

Hey Bella, are you still working on the cruiseship?

Sylvia Fisher says:

she’s pretty

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