Guy gets punched on Norwegian Escape in bar


Chris Dans says:

Silly little boy can mouth off but he can’t hit a man twice his size. Lesson 1, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Craig Robinson says:

Chat shit, get banged!

Danny russo says:

That the Norwegian breakaway? lol been on that ship 3 times. never seen any issues

BIG D says:

awwwww the security patrol was way over his head.

Erik Rudolph says:

She wants to dance with me!!

Bryan Clark says:

“What kind of man hits a marine”

Probably the kind that is fed up with taking shit.

Jarod Garza says:

That loudmouth was a real tough guy until he got smacked. Look how scared he was after he got hit…then turned back into Mr. tough guy again once everyone got between them.

colin958 says:

Men overboard..

juan6810 says:

Gotta love drunks!

Big D says:

I cruise often and everyone is there to have a great time.When people can’t handle their liquor it happens.The next day it’s forgotten I have seen a few fights.I was provoked on one ship it was 3AM the kid was in the bag and I knew the bartenders because I go often the same ship.The kid was shooting his mouth off security came I spoke to the kid he calmed down as much as he could.The next night he apologized and said he was hammered from that night he was no problem.In this video the kid was mouthing off to the older guy and the guy hit him I would have just walked away not worth it your on vacation.

Jeff Holland says:

Fastest way to get kicked off a cruise ship.

Mike says:

Cruise = 5000 chavs crowded onto a boat together. Why the fuck would anyone voluntarily go on one of these things?


Hes saying you aint no marine but he’s 16?

John Skogman says:

Love Rick A.

TheSpragz says:

looks like the big bloke was the one aggravating the situation. but nobody wanted to try move him on as they were scared of his size. even though he punches like a fag

Dab King94 says:

Id kick thoes chairs so hard at least one would break, throw that idiot in black back on his ass, then start throwing punch after punch at that faggot in White! Loud mouth retard!


That skinny kid is a dumb fuck

bren 70sss says:

playing rick astley didn’t help the situation 🙁

N M says:

The marine loudmouth was smart not to throw any punch, as now he can sue both the fat guy who assaulted him, and the cruise line for failing to provide enough security to prevent him from being assaulted. The real losers will be Norwegian Cruiseline and the fat guy if the marine sues for assault, pain and suffering and the broken chain on his neck.

dave says:

What’s worse than a drunken arsehole on a cruise ship?????? Two drunken arseholes on a cruise ship…………

Brian says:

1:29 – Love the facial expression

Stallowned Stallion says:

Millenials….all talk, zero rl abilities

Tom K says:

2000 people on a boat with free liquor..hmmm

Unknown says:

All that size and no power in his hands, smh.

Robyn B says:

I think bravest guy was the attendant, getting flung around but still put his body in the middle of it and he was the smallest there.

Juan Perez says:

Big mouth got his ass kicked

John Skogman says:

Miss the 80’s

Troy Davis says:

Oh yah. Let’s sue the cruise line. Stupid comment. Show the 20 year old the video and he would kick his own ass for being a loudmouth dumbass.

John Skogman says:

There’s the wife. Yikes

Jon Doe says:

Folded like a bitch

Gilly says:

i was waiting for them to break into same gay ass dance with that music

FSUfanOFtheBAND says:

This is one fuck ass situation. First of all, y’all think this was all shits and giggles until the situation escalated, then y’all wanted to get up and take action. That “security guard” isn’t worth shit, just standing there and not deesculating the situation. It’s easy to get one of them to leave the area. It’s definitely a situation when you have to call the ship officers to handle the situation when all you’re doing is standing around. Non of it is funny when part of the boat has to shut down to investigate a problem or the cruise has to stop and search for a missing person.

Evan Looney says:

You should have kept recording man. I wanted to see what happened next. I wonder who got kicked off the cruise and arrested.

Patrick Wagz says:

Where’s his *F$#@ing Cross* ????

john doe says:

Damn there was some weight behind that punch

chromatic1976 says:

remember the good ol days when shit just got sorted out and everyone moved on

travis bright says:

Talked a lot of little boy shit to a grown man hahaha

Marlon James says:

They should have called the security that’s the first thing that the crew member should do

itanimulli1111 says:

I’m a marine!! Ok Mr self important. Here’s your pat on the back

Scott Michael says:

Shit himself when he got clipped.. typical big mouth.

Daniel van Bruggen says:

I can’t understand the dumb ass mother keep standing there with her baby stupid ass lady!

keithm says:

Maybe the little shit head should learn to shut his cracker mouth!

Andrew Fagence says:

As soon as a couple guys come toward him he runs like a fag lol

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