Experience Quantum of the Seas, best Cruise Ship Ever built

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Think you have seen the best Cruise Ship ever built, LOOK AGAIN
Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, are expected to be delivered in October 2014 and spring 2015, respectively
Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas will feature game-changing firsts at
sea such as skydiving; breathtaking views 300 feet above sea-level in a jewel-like
capsule; cutting-edge transformative venues with bumper cars, roller-skating and more;
and the most spacious and luxurious staterooms — all designed to deliver vacation
experiences never before seen within the cruise industry and only found on Royal
Caribbean International.
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Thank you seen the best Cruise Ship Ever built, LOOK AGAIN


TrisTobiasLove says:

Cant stop being excited! Im going on March 13th 2015! YAY!

DMBboy2 says:

Most shitty ad I have ever seen.

Judy Adams says:

That’s a pretty useful video, thanks. Have you heard about the Brendt Incredible Cruise Ship Savings System? My neighbour told me how fantastic it was, so I had to try it and we saved $1700 plus got free airfare. I got this FREE Savings Guide too: http://incredible.brendtamazing.com/cruiseshipsavings/

Donald Starkey says:

this is best time to see it without the 500000000 people (mostly old)

TruKingTix says:

wonder if theres pornstars

SophiaNeedsALife says:

Please let’s see the price tag

redfoe77 says:

right. as if only a handful of people are going to be inside each attraction or venue. such b.s. The reality of it is you have to enjoy huge crowds and long waits on certain things.

LoveToSing〈3 says:

Went on this boat and loved it!

Jones Family Travels says:

Looks like you had fun!

johannsebastienbach says:

pornstar image

dyonne79 says:

If you’re in South East Asia, and you want to enjoy this Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas for free, tour to Belgium, London and Paris, I will tell you how to get it for free! msg me guys.

Larry Killian says:

You know, would be nice if they didn’t spend money on celebrities and actually showed a bit more of the ship itself.

Jon Peers says:

What a bunch of cunts! I actually want to hurt someone after watching these micky mouse acting wankers…….and im buddhist!


awesome parody 🙂

Jet Gamer says:

Every one to calm you guys down its an Australian only ship going on it next year or and a newzealend one

Rebecca says:

Omg her voice!!!!

Walnut Watson says:

I’m going on anthem of the seas does that count

Stephen Border says:

There is hardly any open deck space on this ship. Activities are nice but not to the extent you lose one of the best reasons to take a cruise. SUNSHINE !

Kirill Ryadchenko says:

Fat Buttery-oil marketing sales pitch. Yeakh! Entertainment indeed! “I just Like all that activities on the ship. So much to do it is mind blowing”. It is really worth going to sea to do bumper cars.

pwillia8 says:

Don’t like mixing with families.

Charles Legumes says:

lol i can alrdy imagine the long ass queue to the crane shit.

Jet Gamer says:

I am going on radiance of the seas to nzl this year / next year / new year /

HellRacR 888 aka Red October aka the last Macaw says:

This crap ad is so american its not even funny anymore just annoying.

Cyanight says:

give me a tour not a cringe show

Murdoc Niccals says:

the only thing good on this was Penn and Teller, these other people besides them are slaves to their employers who are brainwashed by stupid new life and illuminati bullsh*t so. Carnival is worse but this is quite a sh*t commercial except for Penn and Teller

Andre Spring says:

i live in the caribean i am so glad that i am not in the cold

Juan Carlos Luna says:


miguel garcia says:

It’s a great ship,and pretty good price,for board and meals 14 days only $13,468.))with airline tickets included. ….going again but this time going on the ocean of the sea!!!January, 4th, 2016…

Good Music says:

It looks like a cargo ship designed to pack in as many humans as possible. Weird promo. Hard to listen to. I might take a cruise if it was real cheap but probably not.

James Mc says:

Ship name?

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