Drawbacks of Working on a Cruise Ship | #shiplife

Living on a ship is like living in a different world. It’s a wonderful experience but like everything in life there are two sides to everything. This is not me complaining but showing that there is more to this than just travelling the world. I love what I’m doing and I’m so grateful for this experience. I don’t have “pinch me” moments but rather “punch me” moments haha. xoxo Huong

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Ayana Guy says:

hi so you stop working on the ship?

David Nguyen says:

what the cruise ship that you working… I’m Vietnamese and i would like to work on Star Cruise. Thanks for sharing good experience

Jason Robinson says:

I can’t 100% agree with what you said. I’m a 5 year veteran cruise ship employee and. When I first started I was the only person from my country on that ship. I kept my mindset on the job and made very good friends in the process.yes you had one or 2 ass clowns but it comes with the job. As for the fresh air we had a crew deck where we could have chilled , relaxed or go into the hot tub. You can’t judge an experience like that in 5 months we had 10 month contracts and if we didnt want to go back we let them know. I agree with the 7 day work week but there are some bosses who reward their staff with time off for doing good work which was motivation for us. As the time in port we used to hang as a group. A no man left behind mentality. Say if we go to for example senior frogs, there was always a group of us and we never left until we are sure everyone was accounted for and if someone left early someone was with them.

Sameer Kumbhar says:

Indian people should completely ban on ship, these people have turn cruise ship into hell.

Swopnil Timilsina says:

heyhuong to get job on cruise do we need our swimming skills??

george were says:

i would real love to work on a cruise can you assist?

vicky roxx says:

Hey, can i have your instagram?

Alana Delia says:

I like being alone too and having me time as Well!

123slither says:

I agree with you Huong. I use to work on a cruise ship but quit because of bullying,exploitation,poor pay and losing my health etc. You work 12 hour days/7 days a week,you only get 4 to 6 sleep a night if you are lucky and there is no time for friendships etc. I was so glad when I left.

Vegi Jen says:

What was your job? And are some or all employees treated unfairly? Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

Eric Jones says:

I did some contract work a bit ago for a new ship and saw the quarters crew lived in. Reminded me of being deployed. Smaller than a closet with two people in each room. 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I had hoped the pay was good but from what I was told it wasn’t anything crazy. Suppose it is what you make it. Enjoy those around you and any perks I imagine.. but definitely not for me.. already lived that life style! Best thing was the food though. Crew made some bomb ass food. Plus they could party 🙂

Alana Delia says:

what do you do on the ship?

Ernesto Rodriguez says:

It was not your type of job.

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