Disney Cruise Line – The ULTIMATE guide

We take a look at Disney Cruise Line stateroom cabins, entertainment, the different types of cruise ships and let you know all the details like what’s included and what’s not such as drinks and excursions. If you are thinking of booking a Disney Cruise start here!

We take a look at all the Disney Cruise ships including information about the Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder and Disney Dream.

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The Disney Cruise Line fleet consists of the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

Each of the 4 Disney Cruise Line ships features different designs and deck plans, as well as distinctive restaurants, entertainment, activities and pools on board to make every voyage a unique and memorable experience.

While features may differ, all 4 Disney Cruise ships offer an unforgettable experience you won’t find on any other vacation: world-famous Disney hospitality, enchantment and family fun in an environment of unmatched onboard comfort, convenience and safety.

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CL HanaGirl says:

Great video! As a platinum Disney cruiser, just want to say there ARE options besides room service and the MDR’s (main dining rooms, with set dining times). Cabanas, which is buffet for breakfast & lunch, but has table service at dinner and you can just walk in during their hours of service. No set times. Lastly, there are the fast food spots on the pool decks which have burgers, chicken, salads, sandwiches and all sorts of food options! 🙂 Again, very much enjoyed your DCL video!

Brittany Thompson says:

About to go on my 11th disney cruise. I have been on other cruise lines, and let me tell you, nothing compares. No one does customer service or entertainment like Disney. Also, for those who don’t know about this, if you are a travel agent and you take the Disney travel agent online class ( it takes maybe 45 minutes) disney puts out some special prices for Disney travel agents which is often much cheaper than the regular price.

Frank Dutkiewicz says:

I don’t know if anyone posted this, but the Dream and the Fantasy have Palo in addition to Remy.

CanadianWarMachine says:

My friend and I were looking into a Disney Cruise the other week. I still have to figure out my budget and when I can get off, etc, but after watching this and other videos and checking out sites, I really am considering it more and more. It should be able to tied me over until I can go back to Walt Disney World.

vincent87s says:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cruise liner. Holyshit !

Matthew M says:

i went on the magic was 4 and the winder when i was tecnickly 9 but relly 8

Alatina Thucklemuggin says:

adults only, because who has all the money??

akarli chan says:

I went on Disney and it is the best cruise I ever taken. I am a teacher and I have no choice but to pay the highest fare. I went with two other adults so we had no kids. We had so much fun and didn’t even notice the kids were around us. Kids are more engaged in activities on board and they have their own deck to go to. We love hanging out at the adult area and the food are amazing. It is the best out of the cruises I’ve been to. I love how we can go to different restaurants and not get stuck to one. Even inside the restaurants has so much to offer that we never get bored! I love Disney cruise line but I wish teachers get some discounts during those high seasons!

bomguy999999 says:

Dream and Fantasy offer 3 and 7 day cruises. The food is beyond awesome. The bigger ships offer two adult only restaurants. The kids clubs are amazing. Pirate night is awesome. Service is beyond reproach!! Look, Disney cruises are beyond amazing!!

女她 says:

Disney Cruise is good

caleb lloyd says:

Wow! I’ve been on 8 (going on nine next month going to Alaska!!!) Disney cruises. And this is by far the most accurate and professional review I’ve seen so far . People assume that just because it’s Disney it’s just for kids not true. Disney put a lot of thought into it and there’s something for everyone. Especially adults. Although I do feel that the teen club on the dream class ships are much better and updated than the magic class.

Boat Lover says:

I’m sure I’d love a Disney cruise but they are so expensive. The equation for me is…1 Disney cruise, or 3 other cruises! The ships always do look fantastic in port, never see any rust etc…

Scott Lowe says:

Great video guys! I was worried that as an adult I wouldn’t enjoy a Disney cruise, I’m feeling a bit less apprehension now. Thanks guys!

Emily Stobs says:

I must be the only person who wasn’t blown away by the food. I’ve been on a lot of cruises, and both times I went on the Disney cruises, I just found the food to be average. The best food I’ve had on cruises have been Holland America, Celebrity, and Reagent.

Dwight Turner says:

My first Disney Wonder cruise turned out to be a disappointment. I discovered that the size of first class stateroom was the exact same square footage as outside rooms that had a porthole. A first class room was several hundreds of dollars extra.

Patty Wood says:

You two are adorable. This is my first video of yours but I am definitely “cruising” around your channel for a bit afterwards 😉 I have NEVER been on a cruise and am thinking of a Disney Cruise as the next vacation for my son and I. Thanks for the excellent videos!

Nat says:

I’m confused,,, what does he mean by ‘you take your server with you’? @ 3:15

Wind Simba says:

If only you provided accurate information in this video. Both dream and fantasy sail 3-5-7-10 day cruises depending on the season. Both dream and fantasy have PALO and REMY.

Shiny Skies says:

I feel like Disney is ridiculously expensive and you simply don’t get much for all that money you spend. You can go on Carnival Vista for much cheaper and can get a lot more out of your dollar for anyone of all ages. I really don’t like how they don’t include any “my time” dining and how the buffet closes in the evening.

Now, if you’re a big Disney fan, have small children, or not a big fan of the X-rated shows, you’ll probably like it a lot more.

Kimberly Enriquez says:

I need that shirt wth the disney balloons. where can i find it?

econojon says:

What do you mean by modern? like tech or style? Because if we’re talking tech, Disney and Royal are lightyears ahead of Carnival.

whatsername1180 says:

I’ve been on 3 Disney cruises, on the Magic, Wonder and the Fantasy. The first time I went on a disney cruise, I was 17, I had so much fun, my sister was 15 and our mom took us on the Wonder. Not once did we feel “oh, this cruise is for little kids.” Far from it. For my honeymoon, we went on the Fantasy, we left our son at home and it was just us. They seated us with other honeymooners that were our age so we made some great friends on board. We never felt that we were crowded by little kids, the ship is so large and there’s so much to do. Lastly, we went on the Magic around the Mediterranean, this time with our son. I’d recommend DCL to any family. The food is fantastic, the customer service is even better, I love disney! Lol. My husband and I are talking about doing a cruise for our five year anniversary, but we know we can’t afford dcl, it makes me a little sad, but we are looking into Royal Caribbean. What would you guys say the biggest difference is between the two?

k. rich says:

Seems a little boring. I know everyone says its not but for me who doesnt want to see Disney characters and singing at every turn, it seems annoying and very kid focused and cheesy. I want to have FUN not be a character on a seven day musical. Dining options seem limited compared to carnival, royal, and norweigan.

Pauline Potts says:

Ben, I love your shirt. Where did you get it.

Evie 234 says:

Ahhh can’t wait tell I get to go

Dawn Brook says:

Put me off .. adult only restaurants that’s not ideal and not child friendly

Jim Gill says:

Guys, It’s pronounced Cay, like “key”. If you are going to do a review, you might want to know how to pronounce their private island. You also, said the Fantasy and Dream offer shorter cruises and it’s harder to experience everything. The Fantasy has 7 day cruises which is ususally the normal cruise length. The dream has 3/4 day cruises which is indeed shorter. You say the Magic and Wonder offer longer cruises. This is simply not true. Yes the Magic does have a few trans-atlantic cruises, but they are just a few. Most of the cruises for the Magic are 5 days. You would have been better saying they have varying itineraies. Also, as mentioned, your facts are off with respect to the passengers. Other than that, you got everything pretty close.

Platinum Disney Castaway Club Member

Aiden Teh Smol Coffee Machinn says:

*They have dole whip on ships now
*You can call room service for a mickey pop or something (it’s exclusive to the ships and isn’t listed on the menu)

Anthony Strunk says:

My first cruise was on the Wonder it was a beautiful ship, you would have never knew it was as old as it was it was clean and smelled great.

TamwiseTravels says:

Love you guys so much!
Did you do Disney vlogs? I might just have missed them 🙂

RAPtor Adventures says:

Great video! DCL is the best! Subbed & Liked. Check out our channel when you get a chance.

Joseph Dadey says:

Great review!

BartmanLA323 says:

Your info is incorrect, the Disney Magic/Wonder can hold up to 2700 passengers, and the Dream/Fantasy can accommodate 4300 passengers maximum. In addition the quick service food stations on my decks stay open until around midnight, that being said, Disney Cruises are family oriented and most have families on board who typically go to bed at 8-11pm so there’s on real reason to have any food service available other than room service. Also these aren’t “party” boats either, there is the disco and other adult venues that are open late but there’s no Casino so there’s no reason to keep many services open all hours.

Melody B. says:

I’ve been on the Fantasy 5 times since 2012, and I’m going in about 21 days (Its October 13th, 2018). Its one of the most beautiful places in the world and I’m proud to call it my home away from home! 🙂

Margaret Lewis says:

I’m a single traveler and have cruised on DCL 5 times. Oh what fun! The best cruise by far was the 14-day trans Panama Canal trip from Pt Canaveral to LA. Being single I never had a problem finding a cabin mate. My travel agent, a Disney Travel specialist, paired me with someone. One a Disney ship, you make friends with other travelers very quickly…practically at the Sail Away Party. The food is truly fine and spoiled me. The one thing I really liked: there is no gambling casinos onboard, something the video did not mention. There is instead so much fun. I’ve taken classes is gourmet cooking with learning all you would ever want to know about olive oils and balsamic vinegars, to gemstones and jewelry…being a bit of a rock hound that was very interesting. On the TPC trip, there were fewer than 250 children on board which made the cruise very quiet. Plus the adult areas really are for adults and I do not believe I saw even one child.
There are terrific little outdoor hideaways on deck 7 and 8 aft on the Magic and Wonder.
Plus the service is outstanding…from trip to trip my servers remembered me by name, greeting me with big hugs and kisses. The entertainment is sheer Disney perfection.
The Ships are so artfully done, tasteful, but pure Disney. I’ve traveled all about, but my very best vacations have been aboard Disney Cruise Lines where I’ve made life long friends, seen wonderful things, and eaten marvelous food. BTW: it is worth the coin to go to Palo’s for either Brunch or Dinner. The dining is superb.
As for cost, it is more expensive, but the quality of the experience and service is worth every cent invested. I got to skirt an out of season hurricane with crashing seas on one side of the continent on the way to Curacao, and wake up to see a red volcanic dawn (Colima) on the other.

VH-XZP Fan says:

Thanks and first

Margaret Lewis says:

While DCL doesn’t really have a “drinks package” they do have a wine package. I invested in it and received a bottle of fine wine with each dinner… my dining companions loved the fact that I shared the bottle with those close to me. It was costly, but wine selection was good. Perhaps what made it the best was I shared it with my dinner companions all of whom were personal friends, most of whom had traveled together to WDW and on other Disney cruises. It made the drinking of wine a bonding ritual as well as a true social event.
for more info follow this link, it is a pretty good summary. http://www.everythingmouse.com/disney-cruise-wine-package-is-it-worth-it

Aiden Teh Smol Coffee Machinn says:

Going in 2019 or 2020 and we are gonna book a suite since we tried a balcony sized room and god it has not been so cramps with 4 different people before

JGlennFL says:

If you book your next cruise while on board you get a 10% discount and a stateroom credit (for the next cruise). The caveat is you have to take the next cruise within 2 years, but it’s still an amazing deal.

Douglas Freer says:

Going on my first this Christmas. There were only a few cabins to choose and I didn’t care where I was located but in going with my parents and my mom wanted midship which was only available on deck 2 or on verandah cabins. We chose verandah deck 6 in the end because the cabin we were looking at wasn’t much of a price difference so we did the extra $90 for it.

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