‘Disembarking a family is unprecedented,’ say Australian cruise ship owners

Carnival Cruise Line Australia gives statement following mass brawl aboard one of their ships. Twenty-six members of an unruly family were removed from the Carnival Legend after days of fighting 
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Kind Heart says:

Carnival is the absolute bottom-feeder of cruise lines.  Their “Security” staff was swatting away phones recording their feeble attempt at restoring order, their security staff was repeatedly kicking a guy on the ground, and NO PASSENGERS WERE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT ???  I guess the cruise package came with a First Aid Kit, a boxing guide book, and some ibuprofen for headaches and concussions.  Pretty pathetic Carnival.Carnival’s offer of compensation to “male things right” for those passengers who had their peace of mind, serenity and sense of safety destroyed on the cruise, was to offer the passengers who completed the voyage a whopping 25% off on their NEXT Carnival cruise !!!  Are they out of their minds ???  Who would want to cruise Carnival ever again ???  Carnival Corporate Executives are completely out of touch with reality and warrant a Public Relations black-eye for their extremely poor leadership.

683dxwww says:

Lebeniese Muslims from Melbourne typical behaviour .

sprintpg says:

Good for the cruise ship! If these people can’t control themselves they are best being out of the vacation environment.

Morag Roy says:

We were heading off on a Princess cruise when this incident happened. I do not see why the Cruise liner should be castigated for the ridiculous behaviour of one family. Good on them for putting the boot in. Those people work their butts off to make the cruise special for their guests…They don’t deserve to be pushed and shoved around by drunk arrogant louts. That family should have all been locked in the hold and left to work it out themselves…Whoever emerged alive should then have been sent to jail… They are just a waste of air!

richard c says:

The security officers of Carnival looked like a bunch of thugs, I dont feel safe cruising with them again.

Kyota Tsushima says:

What happened?

Malachy Mulhall says:

A cruise is prison you pay for …simple as .
What a load of white.

Joel says:

I saw the video on the news, and it seemed security was repeatedly kicking someone already subdued. Unfortunately, if these folks who were abused by Carnival staff were in international waters, there may be no legal recourse.

Francheska Andreus says:

They must be gypsies n then they wonder why they are never accepted 
in Europe, they always cause trouble

tackless says:

I used to go on Carnival all the time but not anymore. This Cruise Line is now a floating housing project. The ghetto of Cruise Lines Carnival.

Ethericrose says:

It used to be a dream of mine to go on a cruise ship vacation. No way will I now, this is more like a horror show.
And the fact that the company is not reporting on the diabolical behaviour of the staff Is another reason I would no longer cruise.
It’s one thing getting upset and becoming fearful about roudy holliday makers, I’d be more afraid of the staff. I hope all those staff members that joined in get fired. If they don’t…I envision this cruise company sinking down under. (Pub intended)

Nimal Lems says:

I hope government officials will finally end up prosecuting that family and some of the crewmembers. Hope the company gets a big hit on this, these guys shouldn’t be run a single ship when they are not up to it. Most (bit more expensive) cruises are not nearly this way. A lot more professional, with actual security guards on board. Not idiots.

Philip Newkirk says:

The Captain of this ship screwed up really bad on this one ,but knowing Carnival they will make a statement to the effect of ,,Our security and staff were put in a difficult position ,but under the circumstances handled it the best that they could .NO ONE WILL BE FIRED ,Reprimanded ,or anything to merit any responsibility taken by any employee of carnival .

Hallands Menved says:

So, The Guardian, what happened, dimwits? This makes no sense whatsoever without the information about preceding events…

Calvo Tama says:

Ahahahahah, I’m from the suburb this family is frrom, not a single surprise there. It’s inbred bogan central down here

Scott Henderson says:

Another reason to never go on a cruise, if it doesn’t make you and everyone else on board violently ill, fall off balconys to your death, end up overboard, find yourself in the middle of a giant storm, now large groups fighting each other. Yeah, loads of fun.

Simiral Entertainment says:

I think, as honest and law-abiding people, we can offer a straitjacket and a double dose of soothing medication for particularly violent and not calm people, except, of course, heroin, because it will not be pedagogical and not legal from our side.

Donald Watson says:

They make it sound like they were doing the right thing. The right thing would’ve been to get the authorities involved on the first day of the families running amok forcing guest to lock themselves in their rooms. In addition, by doing it on the second to last day of the cruise just shows they didn’t really care. I won’t be traveling carnival anytime soon, not that I ever would use them in the first place.

Direwolf says:

3 days of fighting is not swift action. All normal for Aussies though.

S B says:

Must of been a pretty wild family.

Donald Watson says:

Swift action?…

what a joke, you waited till the second to last day of the cruise .

Mista FTM 739 says:

kill wops. wops useless. die wops.

Jeff Bingaman says:

Should have fed the sharks with them.

Save the starving sharks

rmwtsou says:

I recommend throwing them overboard.

PowerOf One says:

Idiots. Cruise ships number one priority is alcohol sales. Fact.

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